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    We are not even attempting to get “Federal Disaster Relief” …we are trying with no success to get the Insurance money to fix our homes..that we paid for!! Both Federal Flood that we paid for for years and years and years…as well as our Homeowners for Wind damage.. Which we paid high premiums for for [...]

  • flyarm commented on the diary post “No Help for You!” What If Big Government Acted Like the Right Wing Wants? by spocko.

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    Oh and let me add..just because one says they are going to be better to you..does not mean they will be..we still have 39,000 homeless families in NJ since almost 1 year later..don’t just listen to what they say..follow what they do..Just in the area I live…hundreds of homes sit empty and dark at [...]

  • flyarm commented on the diary post “No Help for You!” What If Big Government Acted Like the Right Wing Wants? by spocko.

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    It would look just about what it does now and still after Sandy???!!! Federal flood insurance is a covers nearly nothing..unless the house totally washes away! It is a nasty cam as those of us who experienced Sandy can tell you..but no one asks…now one month from a year to the date Sandy hit..I [...]

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    Many of us were well aware..we just didn’t know the extent of the spying ..or have full confirmation..that’s a totally different ball game than what we knew or surmised!

    And as a retired flight crew that still travels the world..let me just tell you..recently I returned from one takes their shoes off or belts or hair bands..and the machines one goes through are a joke..this spring I returned from one takes their shoes off or belts or hair bands or jewelry..or gets frisked…the only boobs that do it are sheeple Americans..with ZERO..need to..or demand to do such, thereby almost assuredly painting a bullseye on ones back!

    There is no such thing as true safety..there isn’t when you step in your car..there isn’t when you go through the fake bull at the airport..and there sure as hell is no safety tapping all our phones and data basing our phones and emails and god knows what else secret they are doing to us!

    And if you believe there is..I have lovely swamp land in Florida for you..and I will throw in these delightful , adorable alligators!

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    So how is Obama going to get back at China?? Pay back the Chinese loans to the US Government?? Stop shipping our Jobs to China? Hold back the oil from Iraq?

    Demand fair trade with China??

    Whoa….now that will wake up those dastardly Chinese!!!

    Do I need a sarcasm thingy??

  • 1. Obama is not a Democrat
    2. Obama was never a democrat
    3. You only kid yourself if you thought he is or was!
    4. Many of us screamed this warning only to be ignored or called trolls!

  • Indeed, thank you!!

    Why are those points so difficult for some to understand?

    No white paper trumps the Constitution..period..nor should it!

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    For several days after Colin’s speech..the Guardian Newspaper in London proved without a shadow of Doubt Powell did nothing But lied! They printed that Powell Plagarized a graduate students Dissertation paper that was ( if memory serves me) approx 10years old …as the Intelligence about WMD! I despise that man with everything in me! He [...]

  • Cost us billions and billions of $ and many dead and wounded soldiers to stop or get rid of some silly Iraqi’s with some gun powder and Cell Phones!!
    In one of the longest wars in our History!

  • Am I the only one missing the Cold War?? I remember vividly as a child ducking under desks and sitting in hallways with our coats over our heads…then being walked in line to Tin shelters..will children today be hiding under desks from our own Governments drones??

    The Statue of Liberty..has tears running down her face..but soon Blood may replace those tears!

  • You can start the Blame there..and rightly so..
    But Obama has gone so much further…and now has his White Papers to justify Murdering American and Murdering the Constitution! And Congress has no oversight!! Or presently has no oversight!

    Can we burry the Pom poms now???

    This sure is change..but I never had hope in this guy!!

    Constitutional Lawyer?? And I am the pope!

  • ????? I have no idea what you are talking about..sorry..

  • And everyone should turn in their guns, because we can trust the Government so much!! A government with a congress and senate that can’t even get a copy of the REAL WHITE PAPER!! And a President who wants to put “one of the authors af these white papers..or the executioner” in charge of the CIA.

    And those warning most about Tyranny get jeered and Laughed at by Democrats! Called nut cases, and worse!

    I just want to know..who decides what constitutes “Associated Force”. Is it one person? 10 persons? 20? Should they have to be elected persons? What the hell is Associated force? Typing on message boards? Questioning the president? Or Cobgress? Who defines Associated Force? That could be just about ANYTHING! Especially with the New definition of imminent!

    And to think the new boss is the same as the old absurd..this boss is much much more dangerous!

    Before they had to get you in a small plane or a weird car accident..or have you jump from a can come get you..if they don’t like you or like what your opinions are..and just shoot you dead..with no coverup nessesary!!
    And certainly with no Due Process!

    I never thought it possible during the Bush years..but this so called Democrat scares me way more than Bush!

    And I warned people about him in 2008.. As well as 2012…and I was laughed at by were anyone who knew this guy was equally or way worse than Bush!

    His tyranny is not new..

    And anyone turning their guns in is insane!
    And I have never believed in guns ..but my opinions on them have changed drastically in the past years!

    I lived through the LARiots…( what were called the Rodney King riots) most of Korea town was spared ..because the store owners were armed and stood their ground…those riots I believed from the first moments the Police were not convicted ..were incited by Papa Bush..and the Republican Mayor of LA ..for Papa Bush…because Bush was way behind in the Primary..and he needed Calif to win..especially Southern this day..nothing has changed my opinion of how and why those riots were Incited!

    I was not armed…and was in fear of my child’s life and mine as well!

    Today would those riots be considered Associated Force?? Could drones be flown over any or all of us..and they just randomly shoot any of us down with immunity??

    What’s in the White Papers we know nothing about? Congress knows nothing about!

    And since when do we have so few that decide without due process who is guilty and who is not….I always believed..we the people..were the silly of me!! What a silly premise!!

    Now we have God sitting In our White House..and maybe not just one god??

    Anyone else notice lately the Pictures of Obsma..are just like what we pointed out about pictures of Bush..where it looks like he has a Halo over and around his head?? I have been seeing lots of it lately!!!

    No the new boss isn’t the same as the old boss..this new boss is much more dangerous!!

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    Oh and for the 67 pigs that voted No to our Flood insurance money today…we Northeasterners have Very very long Memories!!

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    The money appropriated today..was not was the Federal Flood Money that FEMA manages..that we in the North East have Paid Premiums for!
    Many of us haven’t even gotten adjusters to come to our wrecked homes..because FEMA did not have the Flood Money we paid for for decades, and they don’t have enough adjusters, and those that are there are overwhelmed and there are not enough of them and it will take months for them to get to our paperwork!

    But even if they got to our paperwork, they didn’t have the money to pay us or settle with us!

    Today’s money was not aid..we paid for the Flood Insurance that was finally appropriated today!

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    Election theft fraud…and then add …from the State that brought us MKULTRA..and the Franklin Coverup!
    Perfect choice by the chosen one…his masters don’t even try to hide anymore !

  • I watched that so called “interview” soo frustrated to the point of anger.i wished my TV was interactive and that I could cut Erin out completely..or
    Have my TV stick a sock in her arrogant mouth!

    But by the end of the so called interview..Jullian had it was a prize fight.
    And Erin was exposed as a tool and fool! And a lying sac of garbage for the new world order boys..she merely exposed herself by her behavior…without a shadow of doubt. Anyone with half a brain..could see what she was doing.
    It really was nauseating watching Erin..

    Jullian wiped the floor with her!

    It was really exposed when she carried on about his upper respitory infection..she came across as a damn clown, that she is!
    And CNN wonders why it’s ratings suck?

    I certainly hope when the new CEO comes on he recognizes ..we the people.. will no longer indulge in this bullshit propaganda network of Wolf the master Propaghandist..and these simple minded bubble heads!

    I only watched to hear Jullian..I haven’t watched CNN since my husband and I watched one day..when a “staged” guy sat in a corner..pretending fear..then said bodies were everywhere ..and he and someone with a camera went into what looked like a bombed out building saying bodies were everywhere..the room was like rock rubble..with blankets laid out like they were covering bodies..then the camera man lifted Three blankets..and there was nothing but ROCKS under the blankets…then Wolf went on to keep repeating..there you have it ..,you saw dead bodies! My husband and I sat there with our mouths agape…I then asked my husband..”what did you just see?” He answered..”DEAD ROCKS”.,I said..I saw the same ” DEAD ROCKS”

    I then made my husband aware of how the propaganda works. Needless to say it Angered my husband..who never questioned much with the so called media.

    The fake news on CNN is no longer palatable to a good percentage of Americans.

    If CNN worked on truth as much as they do Propaghanda ..they might..might get viewers back..but at this stage..their brand name is more than tarnished… It’s trash !

    And that bubbleheads Erin..needs to be fired the day the new CEO comes on the job..along with Wolf and Piers and Carol Costello!

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    I used to feel like you did sitting on the Pacific…I live on the Gulf of Mexico..for 5 years the same Pelican used to come and perch on my woke me in the morning sitting on the porch outside my bedroom.. I would lay on my bed and talk to the beautiful creature..with yellow [...]

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    How many women have been exposed to dangerous levels of Radiation during mammograms? I want to know and I want to know what the levels were!

  • Oh, and I would bet those who have lost their homes..don’t see it either!

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