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  • fnord commented on the blog post Maps

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    Hey, Andrew Exum and Max Boot says everything is going according to plan. No fears!

  • fnord commented on the blog post Journey To The End

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    Whats this shit, Spencer? Aiding and abetting the witch-hunt?


  • fnord commented on the blog post Time To Settle All Debate About The Surge

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    Late night drunk anarchist comment: I have faced the nazis a few times, but their evil pales in signicance compared to that of the Masters of the World. Give Wikipedia that, sometimes even the president of the united states will have to stay naked.

    Damn, Foust is right. http://www.registan.net/index.php/2010/12/16/an-appalling-act-of-dishonesty/

  • fnord commented on the blog post Time To Settle All Debate About The Surge

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    Did they bother to interview any Iraqis at all? And does it go into detail on the silent acceptance, even aiding and abetting of the shia torture/death squads as an instrument to drive the sunni insurgents to the negotiating table? Or their subsequent betrayal?

    Surprise me and tell me yes?

  • fnord commented on the blog post Why In The World Is Larry Korb Helping Jonathan Pollard?

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    Bah, they are just doing a victory lap. They have broken the Obama admin completely, to the point that they feel they can get anything out of it. If they dont get Pollard, theyll sic the lobbies on him again in 2012. Wich they will do anyway.

  • fnord commented on the blog post Indefinite Detention Executive Orders We Can Believe In

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    Basically, it just confirms the notion that the aspects of democracy no longer functions. The democratic party and the republican party are both beholden to the same financial and political interestgroups. Why those people insist on indefinite detention I dont understand, but it seems that mr. Obama is no more than a puppet for various lobbies. Wich means that the democratic party needs its own Tea-party movement, wich it will never get because democrats are never able to organize. Theyd much rather blog.

    As the wikileaks-cables have shown us, therich and powerful see themselves as a class above the law and above democracy. Its terribly unpopular, but Marx is being proven right in the US these days. But class thinking dies with the Soviet Union, right? Hoho.

    Whatever happened to Phil Carter of Intel-Dump, by the way?

  • fnord commented on the blog post Really, Helen Thomas?

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    Hmm, I wonder why its a firing offense to speak shit about the Israeli state (wich is what she was doing I recall, calling for its end) but its perfectly acceptable to be, say, Robert Spencer? I have been “trolling” a bit at M Tottens site at Pajamas Media, and the times I have been a anti-semite joo-hater, I cant count em on my fingers. Marty Peretz: Good. Helen Thomas: Bad. Is it that simple?

  • fnord commented on the blog post Happy Thanksgiving: al-Qaeda Is Having Fun With You

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    Workingclass: Its a war of attrition where only one side has to consider macro-economic implications. Al Quaeda has won by about 2000 billions to perhaps 200 millions, wich makes the score about, umm, very very big in AQ favours. Its the war of the cockroaches, they hope that by trying to get rid of the pests the owners will destroy their own house.

  • fnord commented on the blog post But This Time, We Call It “Awe And Shock!”

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    Seems to me that someone is starting to consider securing the perimeters of some bases. I cant see tanks maneuvering real well outside the “uncontested areas”.

  • How many planeloads of hundreds did he get away with? (Anyone else read Spook Country by W. Gibson and go “aaah”?)

  • It would be almost funny if it wasnt so sad. According to Jpost the Israelis are considering accepting this desperate cry for help on the condition that Obama swear in writing never to call for a settlement-freeze again, and promises to veto any hostile UN resolution next two years. Meanwhile, Eric Cantor has publicly declared Nethanyahu his liegelord, promising to defend him at all costs against the president.Oh, and its still anti-semitic to say that the Israeli lobby has any power over the US political process. In fact, it doesnt exist.

    Just weird. Bibi assrapes Obama in public, and Obama is left trying to give his rapists gift for at least a little cuddling in between the rapes.

  • fnord commented on the blog post Pentagon Priorities In The Lame-Duck Congress

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    Hah, on a tangent from Assange, I found out that Im on a suspected terrorist list today. Turns out the US embassy in Oslo has hired 15-25 excops to profile all punks nd anarchists in oslo.


    Is there any way we can field a class-action suit for them breaking the law?

  • fnord commented on the blog post I Am Not A Human Being

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    Damn. Sorry for going OT, but here is Pam on SPJ after 9/11. Too little hate!

    “In case you‘ve ever wondered why you never got the straight story on Islam directly after Sept. 11, and still haven‘t, and why the media seems in the tank for jihad, here‘s a clue.
    The Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) issued a directive a couple of weeks after the September 11 jihad terror attacks about how to deal with Islamic jihad in news stories.1 For sheer propaganda, the SPJ‘s ―Diversity Guidelines‖ are hard to beat. In fact, the enemy who attacked our country in an attempt to bring it down may just as well have been writing the narrative”

    “The SPJ is telling journalists to throw Americans under the bus and kiss the adherents to the Islamic ideology who murdered our people and want to take over this country.”

    “And while we have no coherent strategy for fighting the enemy — hell, we can‘t even name them — they have a war plan that is so detailed and exact that every t is crossed and every i dotted. That we are not fighting back effectively is, in large part, because the Society of Professional Journalists is doing its best to make sure no one knows there is a war on.”

    Thats for you Craig-list folks, hehe ;-)

  • fnord commented on the blog post I Am Not A Human Being

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    Spencer, have you already forgotten why Gates fired a shitload of AF personel when he came to office? Does “christian militia runs nuclear base” ring a bell? http://www.airforcetimes.com/news/2008/06/airforce_moseleywynne_060508w/

    Oh, and check out Pam Gellers new book idea, a stunning expose wich shows that you, Spencer, is working for the Muslim Brotherhood! And me as well!