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    It’s disgusting that Congress, the president, and the DC elite have accepted a high unemployment rate for the foreseeable future. A 9% rate is what’s expected in a 3rd world country. I’m truly amazed we haven’t seen anything in the way of social unrest. A long hot summer could change that I suppose. BTW, hard [...]

  • Thanks for writing this. I don’t read Housing Wire very often at all, but it’s one of the links on Calculated Risk that I assumed was reputable. I can scratch that off the list now. The last time I read HW, last year or so, I sent an angry email to the writer because the story was so off base. Now I know why.

  • Not quite two years into his presidency and I’m ready for him to leave…and I volunteered and donated money to his campaign. I can’t believe how awful this administration has turned out. I won’t be surprised to see some cabinet officials and others leave the sinking ship within a few months.

    At this rate, I doubt if he could even win Iowa or NH against a credible primary opponent. The best advice for him is to not seek a 2nd term.

  • Sure Kennedy primaried Carter, Reagan primaried Ford, and Buchanan primaried Bush (in ’92) and all those sitting presidents won the nomination but ultimately lost the general election. I’m a little rusty on history, but has there ever been a situation where the sitting president lost the nomination?

    In each of those cases, it was a symptom that the base was not happy. 2012 will be no different but we need someone other than Obama to represent the Democratic Party. I’ll be ready to see someone from the left oppose him and beat him, because even if Obama should win against Palin or whomever, there won’t be much to celebrate.

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    Hey Jim, I grew up in OK (as my name implies) and my parents also grew up in OKC during the Great Depression. They were born in the early ’20s so they were young teens during the ’30s. But, we lived a good middle class lifestyle in the 50′s and 60′s with my dad as [...]