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    You are absolutely correct!!!

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    Only the President of The United States Of America oath of offices states to Preserve, Protect, and Defend the Contitution, so that means officially he doesn’t have an option. However, we really need to put the pressure on him to, make those responsible pay the price, that includes those elected officals that helped make it [...]

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    Until we, do more than post a comment, or just whine about what’s wrong, the efforts of a few (regular folks)on the front lines will be in vain. Most of comments, are right on point. However, people in power don’t give a shit about what you think, but it does make a difference to them, when that is matched with the doing! I’m respectfully saying is, we’ve got plenty of room on the front lines for you, to join us, the cause matters not, just come on out, just by the opinions posted, many of you add information to my motivation to stay on the front line.

  • Here’s our chance to establish our own tea party, give it a name, and abandon the democratic party. Thanking those 14 democratics from Winconsin. If Democrats on the national level wasn’t so very quite, this crap would be over. Most Americans know more about two and a half men, then whats going on in these battle ground states. But then again, I don’t agree with most voters apathy, I can understand, maybe it’s me, that’s delusional, for thinking we can get pissed enough, to change this political system.

  • It’s sad, but true in my opinion!!!

  • As General Smedley Butler told the jingoistic American population, to no avail, “war is a racket.” As long as the American population remains proud that their relatives serve as cannon fodder for the military/security complex, war will remain a racket.This the primary reason why we are going broke!!!

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    2011-02-24 13:49:41View | Delete We should not let this issue die, this exposes just how these people operate, this dude considered creating trouble to advance their adenda. This not a trivial matter!!!

  • The powers in this country by whatever name we call them, they all know, play the fear card. The fear card, stops the masses from critcal thinking or rationality. They know, if they throw in a boogey man, it’s a done deal. However, what they don’t know is, many of us are maxed out in the fear department. Just like the people around the world, fear is losing it’s mojo. Pisstivty is in, and raising fast. It’s raising from the bottom, and those at the bottom are starting to feel very crowded, because of the millions of new members in the last ten years,No need to apply, just show up! Although being broke is not a prerequisite, it does validate your worthyness of being in the soon to be majority.

    Some, in our wildness dreams, never thought we see such growth in the broke club, not in America, the land of milk and honey. Hell, we all thought, it was our fault, that we’re here down on the gound because we didn’t apply ourselves. Here with the drug user’s, drop out’s, shell shocked veterans, the mentally challenged, unwed mothers, the list is long, most none club members, used to just refer to us a loser’s. And we were mostly invisible.

    Some of those new members are fresh from the middle class, and they are starting to except their new reality, and it ain’t pretty. But I must confest, it’s fascinating to listen to their stories, going from zero to hero, actually, livin in the care free world of television stuff. Livin that American dream, big house, 2 or 3 cars, vocations to exotic places.

    However, those of us that’s never had any of those things share their pain. I, and others like me, are hoping they’re able to get back to the world they’re accustom to, because it seems as tho some believe, because of the steady growth of the poor and broke folks culb. That we’ve got to much, and they need to cut spending. But sadly, I don’t think they, realize, that family, that moved out of their home in that really nice neighborhood, with the great school, and attended one of their summer BBQ’s, they’re now regretable members of the broke club, just like that! It’s them, that needs the most help in making the tansition, not us, who never were able to raise up. We never got out of poverty. We are experts at doing without, but that American dream comsumer, that you helped create, that’s the one you need to worry about. It’s been nice chatting with you, now I must go and greet more new members at the church. Poor folks always understood compassion. We never had much of anything, and that anything, we’ve always been willing to share. Please excuse any grammatical errors, I didn’t want to wake my former middle class, jobless college educated new friend up to proof read it. Perhaps, that’s a silver lining, we’ve got, many educated people here now,kinda like a sub city, at the very least, we’re not as invisable anymore, maybe that’s a good thing!!! Then as my old friend Al would say,”Look, where has those so-called, super smart educated fools has gotten us?” He would also say,”I ain’t educated enough to tell you, what will work, But dammit I’m old enough to tell you, what won’t work!”

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    The Bottom line, David Brooks and his kind are paid very, very well to write the opinions he writes, just like the rest of them. Guess why he’s paid so well, it’s because his audience, which happens not to be you, are able to site his BS as gosple. And they do, he will be quoted by some talking head on TV, then the echo chamber will pick up the premise of his opinions. The echo chamber will tweet it some, to satisfy their audience,(trolls). David Brooks and his kind are paid to frame the issues for downline misinformation, disinformation purposes that’s his job! Concept contruction, if it appears to be total BS to you, that only means you’re not his intented audience. One man’s BS is anothers Gospel according to David, in that order!!!

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    I can empathize with the union workers,however until the American people, regradless of party affiliation demand with public demostrations, to take all the mountains of money out of our election process, absolutely nothing will change. It’s no longer a secret, it’s a pay to play system. The more you pay, the more you get to play, it’s just simple. Can anybody prove me wrong?

  • You are absolutely correct, And I’m a life long democrat, well that is until this year. Independent is the way to go!!!

  • “Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will. Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have found out the exact measure of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them, and these will continue till they are resisted with either words or blows, or both. The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress.”
    Frederick Douglass

    Maybe we as a people regardless of your politics, need to recognize where we’re headed. Opression regardless of it’s form, is opression!