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    Yes, Vector you have some very reasonable concerns. Like almost every other elected politician I think Bloomie would represent Israel over America whenever possible. And would Bloomie turn the same term limit trick on America? He’d have to overturn the Constitution. I wouldn’t put it past him in trying but I’d take that risk.

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    I’m a long-time New Yorker. Periodically, like every day, I pine away for the New York of my youth when there were art galleries, music clubs and drug dens where there are Duane Reades and Pinkberrys now. There are many reasons for this suburbification of NY but certainly, none are more in your face and [...]

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    I agree mostly but I wonder if the Big O is really trying to “look to get past partisan politics?” Privatizing Medicare and Social Security will probably guarantee him all the corporate funding he needs to meet his goals for the next election if he doesn’t have it sewn up already. Does he ever use [...]

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    Boy do I miss that cuddly David Paterson. From a report by the Fiscal Policy Institute , on the effects of current New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s  budget proposal on women and children, the Gov’s plan includes: * large cuts to nonresidential domestic violence programs and summer youth employment programs; * defunding of 105 New York City [...]

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    I met my State Asemblyman a few days ago and surprised him by saying I was as depressed about last Tuesday as I had been about the 2004 election. He was surprisingly critical of Obama for a Democratic politician, and he pinpointed the President’s decisions for most of the Democratic debacle but he didn’t share [...]