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  • It cannot be emphasized enough. We do not know anything about ISIS because we are not supposed to know anything about ISIS. Except they are worse than Hitler. There are no reporters there. It is too dangerous. Of course the embedded Pentagon Mockingbirds report from the dee cee “War Zone” what the CIA tells them to report.

    Just as we are not allowed to know anything about the Irak and Afghan Wars, we are not allowed the true story about ISIS. We do know Turkey buys ISIS Oil and provides ISIS with weapons. And the terrorist Saudi regime assists ISIS. And the corrupt Chief of Staff, General Dempsey of the US military supports the Saudi thugs.

    Remember the Iraki army destroyed the babies in the incubators? Except it never happened. Believe nothing that our lying military tells us.

  • Actually, Crazy McCain does not actually want to “declare war” as specified by the Constitution. Crazy just wants to make war, in violation of the Constitution. Why does Crazy hate the Constitution? Because he is a war profiteer and if you declare war, then you must eventually end the war. There is no end to Crazy’s wars.

    But Crazy and Senile Senator John McCain is guilty of treason along with all the neo-cons. The 28 pages of the 9-11 Report are being concealed by our Evil Neo-con Warlords. The Saudi Arabian terrorists have been attacking America repeatedly since at least the 1998 Africa Bombings. The Intelligence Community has helped them. Our Secret Government is protecting and promoting terrorism all over the world.

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    I do not usually do recipes, because cooking is HARD! But yes, use Olive Oil, Virgin, for everything.

    Specifically, cut up a tomato (or as Dan Quayle would say, “tomatoe”). Cut up some fresh mozzarella, mix with a bit of salt and pepper. Then add some Olive Oil. Then eat.

    Who is attacking FDL? FBI? CIA? NSA? P4? Markos? Blackwater? Saudi Arabia? The Kagan’s?

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    The highest ranking officers are the biggest liars. Generals Petraeus and Allen maybe could have won the Irak and Afghanistan wars. But they were too busy chasing Jill Kelley and the other Tampa Twin. General Allen had an email correspondence of thousands of pages. The Army is now lying about that.

    In late 2012, Kelley’s [...]

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    Hawking is unusual even for a brilliant physicist with a chronic, debilitating illness. He is a best selling author, who has wandered into sometimes controversial public debates on science and public policy.

    We can argue seven ways to Sunday about the “Big Bang”. It is not an opinion, but is based on a number of different observations, especially the 3 degree background radiation.

    But Hawking deserves praise and support for his courage in opposing the Irak War. Not all Physicists have the guts to tell the truth about the pervasive National Security web of lies, both in the UK and USA.

    Britain’s most famous scientist, Stephen Hawking, has condemned the Iraq war as a “war crime” and said the US-led invasion was based on lies.

    The physicist spoke during an event in London’s Trafalgar Square at which protesters read out the names of thousands of Iraqis and coalition troops killed since the March 2003 invasion.

    “The war was based on two lies,” said Hawking. “The first was we were in danger of weapons of mass destruction and the second was that Iraq was somehow to blame for September 11.

    “It has been a tragedy for all the families that have lost members.

    “As many as 100,000 people have died, half of them women and children. If that is not a war crime what is?”

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    Politico is an amusing kabal of klowns reporting on other klowns. And Politico is owned by the Allbrittons who helped the Saudi terrorists attack America on 9-11.

    And the neo-con Allbrittons are good friends with the Bushies, including Jebbie, who has become, CHIMPIE 2.0

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    A second hard truth: Much research points to the widespread existence of unconscious bias.

    Comey is a totally hard core member of the secret government.

    Here is another hard truth that Comey conceals. The FBI has been confronting racism since 1919. That is the FBI was embracing, promoting and targeting African American writers and activists for almost a hundred years. This was the earliest known COINTELPRO. And the FBI also appointed themselves America’s thought police.

    With the help of informers, the FBI was able to review works such as Lorraine Hansberry’s “A Raisin in the Sun” and Ralph Ellison’s “Invisible Man” before publication. On the website where the public can access files, of Hansberry the site says, “FBI officials monitored the progress of Raisin even before it premiered on Broadway, and sent an especially literate undercover agent to a Philadelphia try-out at the Walnut Theatre. ‘The play contains no comments of any nature about Communism as such,’ this ghostreader certified in a sensitive review, ‘but deals essentially with negro [sic] aspirations, the problems inherent in their efforts to advance themselves, and varied attempts at arriving at solutions.’”

    J Edgar Hoover was one of America’s greatest racists and the FBI was and is a racist institution. Hoover hated African Americans, and he especially hated Martin Luther King Jr. We can assume the FBI assisted with the assassinations of King, and Malcolm X, and Fred Hampton and many others.

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    Emptywheel has another fantastic analysis of Operation Merlin.

    And Counselor to the Prez, John Podesta regrets not telling the truth about UFO’s. And it would be nice to get the truth about the Ukraine, Libya, Yemen, Irak, Syria, Fergusen…

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    Is Benghazi still used as a weapons transport facility to transfer weapons to Al Qaeda and Ukrainian Nazis and other US supported dictators all over the world?

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    That Saudi Arabia or its royal family were complicit in an attack on New York and Washington is completely implausible.

    It must be a CONSPIRACY THEORY to accuse our noble allies!

    Moussaoui’s anecdotes about Saudi perfidy are not plausible. Anyone who has read his testimony can see that he is not mentally well

    Actually all conspiracy theorists are not mentally well.

    But the idea that the Saudi royal family—some of whom were actually vacationing in the United States when the attacks occurred, and all of whom owe their wealth in part to nice Messrs. Dow and Jones—actively colluded in or funded 9/11 per se is so unlikely a scenario as to be safely dismissed in the absence of smoking-gun evidence.

    I nominate this pack of falsehoods as a winner in General Dempsey’s contest, for the best coverup of Saudi involvement in 9-11 and whitewash of the Saudi dictators and thugs.

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    Yes, but battle tanks are obsolete…

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    This kind of mockingbird is not delightful. It is a bloodbath, a murderous crime created by neo-con murderers such as Hillary Clinton and Vickie Kagan.

    As we see and hear the reporting about the CIA “regime change” in the Ukraine, it is almost all 24/7 Mockingbirds. All the tee vee corporate celebrities catapult is propaganda, that is meant to start a new or cold war. Either way, there is no reason to watch national tee vee news, other than to laugh at the lies.

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    Rachel Mockingbird

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    Brookings needs another war, because that is how they are paid. Support the wars, and the Thnk Tank Mockingbirds are rewarded.

    But why a new war? Is it distraction. New enemies are needed. Because the coverup of the 9-11 attacks by Saudi Arabia is falling apart. For 12 years, Total Information Awareness censored the truth about the funding of 9-11 and the Saudi agents who murdered 3000 people.

    There is so much treason by the military such as General Dempsey who thinks he can continue the coverup with a “contest”. The CIA commits treason on a daily basis and the latest CIA traitor is Robert Grenier

    Robert Grenier, the CIA’s former counter-terrorism chief, said Mousaoui’s allegations were “inconceivable”. A former top navy terrorism investigator, Robert McFadden, likened claims of official Saudi backing for the devastating attack to “a unicorn”.

    Just inconcevable unicorns. The traitor Grenier says accusing Prince Bandar and the rest of the Saudi thugs is just…wait for it…yes!!!..CONSPIRACY THEORY.

    Grenier, the agency’s senior officer in Pakistan during the 9/11 attacks and later director of its Counterterrorist Center, said Moussaoui was resurrecting a discredited conspiracy theory. Asked if Moussaoui’s Air Force One claim was plausible, Grenier replied: “Absolutely not.”

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    Another tool would have our intelligence agencies create a false terrorist organization. It could have its own websites, recruitment centers, training camps and fundraising operations. It could launch fake terrorist operations and claim credit for real terrorist strikes, helping to sow confusion within Al Qaeda’s ranks, causing operatives to doubt others’ identities and to question [...]

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    We should be wary of explanations that argue that the US and its national security institutions are the only ones capable of the types of operation that ISIS employs only because of the deep history of US involvement in regime change operations.

    Call it,”regime change” and it sounds so warm and fuzzy. When you describe it properly, [...]

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    Speaking to MintPress, Ahmed said that there is no way to prove “decisively that what’s happening now in the Middle East is all part of some grand scheme to manipulate the region and do everything that the neocons wanted.”

    We hardly need to prove it. The neo-cons have been promising a mideast bloodbath for years. PNAC [...]

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    “Unwitting” ? Hardly, and the war is a feature not a tragedy. So a quick Terror 101 lesson: Al Qaeda is a mercenary army created by Saudi Arabia and Ollie North. The CIA in Benghazi were supplying weapons to Al Qaeda. ISIS was allowed by the Iraki government to walk into Mosul and occupy the [...]

  • Bratton said the SRG “is designed for dealing with events like our recent protests, or incidents like Mumbai

    The NYPD Commissioner is not telling the truth. The attack in November 2008 was blamed on Al Qaeda by the terror “experts”. The Mumbai attacks were actually a Pakistan government ISI Conspiracy. That deadly attack was only one of many deadly attacks against India by the Pakistan espionage services.

    One Mumbai attacker Kasab survived, and confessed. CIA agent David Headley helped plan the attack.

    Or maybe Bratton is being honest. And the “SRG” is going to make a False Flag terror attack against New Yorkers.

  • Great idea! Teach the new generation of CEO’s how to create dual purpose corporations (who are people my friend). Dual purpose, publicly they can avoid regulations, poison the environment, bribe politicians and ripoff us stupid consumers. And secretly, they can imitate the Bill Gates Foundation, and Citizens United whose true purpose is corrupting the system, and attacking the most vulnerable citizens.

    And we taxpayers are subsidizing corporate criminality. And “law enforcement” is assisting corporate criminality. Is this a great country or what? Great for criminal CEO’s.

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