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  • So those chicken shit members of the ACLU are actually pretending to care about COnstitutional liberties. But do not worry. There is no organization less effective at fighting oligarchs, than the ACLU. Feature, not a bug.

    But the main goal of the ACLU is to support oligarchs.
    And the ACLU helped give us Citizens United Decision. The ACLU says billionaire’s money equals free speech, same as what the teabaggers claim. Do not donate to the ACLU. They are phonies. They sold out. Their $70 million dollar budget was helped by a generous $20 million dollar bribe from the Koch Roach Brothers.

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    The oligarchs are wallowing in our tax money. And the New World Order Secret Government uses some of its money to create mercenary enemy terrorists to kill more people. This is certainly additional evidence the the mideast wars were False Flag Operations created by the ONE PERCENT. Sadly, most of the mockingbird corporate propagandists are part of the Conspiracies. But Conspiracy Theory Theatre is expensive.

    Heroic James Risen continues to expose these US Government terrorists, and the bags of cash they send to Swiss Bank accounts. Risen also exposed the CIA nuclear terrorists who supplied nuclear weapon technology to Iran. Iran is another government of terrorists and the CIA helped them develop nuclear weapons.

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    Of course, the Secret Government created these Off The Shelf Self Sustaining Mercenaries. The NSA and CIA have been creating False Flag ops for decades. It is child’s play for the NSA to manipulate a CNN “poll”. And CNN is probably willing to fake its results anyway.

    And support for another phony war is justified by a CNN poll. The fools in Dee Cee think that has some credibility or value. The good thing is nobody believes the US Government or most other governments. Everyone knows governments are puppets of war profiteering corporations and the billionaires.

  • Michael Hirsh, just another CIA Mockingbird catapulting war propaganda for the One Percent. And Hirsh is part of the Secret Government COINTELPRO, trying to destroy genuine journalists.

    Total Information Awareness, suppress all negative information about secret wars, and only allow war monger approved news.

  • I have not always agreed with TBogg on every issue. But he has written a devastating report about the Genocide in Gaza. Specifically, he has noted the falsehoods and propaganda catapulted by the CIA/NSA Mockingbirds. It has been one lie after another supporting mass murder by Israel against people imprisoned in the Gaza Ghetto.

    The simple fact of that matter is that the American media is largely in the tank for Israel and people are afraid to point out that America is Israel’s best and only friend for a reason, and when Israel wants to barf up bombs all over the Palestinians, America will be standing there ready to hold Israel’s hair back so that it doesn’t get any on itself.

    And no one is immune to the lovesong of Israel, with Congress — which has failed to do much on anything for Americans this past year — shoving though a $225 million aid package before they head off on a five-week vacation.

    The “Gaza War” is not a war, it is just more war profiteering by the Military/Espionage Complex, using the hard earned money from the American taxpayers. More murder, more money for our Billionaire overlords. We cannot do much to stop the psychopaths in the United States Government from enabling the psychopaths in Israel. But we can at least stop listening to the Tee Vee psychopaths, and stop reading the newspapers where the Mockingbird psychopaths spread their toxic poison.

  • Why does this Secret Government corrupt everything? They pervert justice, they blackmail elected officials, and they create false history with false flag operations. They supply taxpayer funded weapons secretly to the worst dictators in the world. They destroy democratically elected governments.

    Why? Because they are the self-appointed sacred priesthood of secrecy that makes them our dictators. And they want to be dictators of the whole world. They use the cult of Top Secret to punish truth tellers, and they assassinate any inspirational leaders who promote peace, justice and freedom.

    Why? Because these Spymasters, such as Michael Hayden and Keith Alexander create phony private spy organizations. The spymasters can then pay themselves millions of taxpayer dollars while the rest of us, must sacrifice. The spymasters create the phony terror for their own power and benefits. They do not sacrifice anything because they are vile and depraved. They punish and destroy anyone who challenges their unconstitutional criminality.

    We must fight them as best we can by supporting the Resistance.

  • We knew that with Microsoft, everyday is a Zero-Day Exploitation, and Bill Gates operating systems are NSA honey traps. It seems the Apple systems are also full of NSA backdoors.

    The secret government is not searching for terrorists. They are searching for patriotic Americans to spy on, to neutralize and if necessary to destroy.

    The NSA and CIA represent a clear and present danger to the US Constitution, as they help the billionaires create wars, and poison the planet. This is not new. The rot began in 1947, with the establishment of the Secret Government and NSA.

    Last night on PBS, it was reported that by the 1970′s. the CIA had joined the Mafia. And the CIA may have murdered Jimmy Hoffa because he would testify to the CHurch Committee about CIA involvement with organized crime.

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    The US government has not been able to determine the origin of the money used for the 9/11 attacks. Ultimately the question is of little practical significance.

    The 9/11 Report claims the financing of the 9/11 attacks by Saudi Arabia is of little practical significance. Philip Zelikow, one of the most important new world order neo-cons, [...]

  • According to the Post, “most of the people” caught up in the surveillance were not targets and “would not lawfully qualify as such.”

    That would be a feature not a bug. Actually “most of the people” are targets. Terrorists are NOT targets because the Secret Po0lice want continuing terror to justify their fascist attacks against the American people. The CIA and NSA support and protect the real terrorists, such as ISIS.

    The CIA and NSA have created a “False History” based on the “False Flag Ops”, such as WMD’s in Irak, and Sarin gas attacks by US supported Al Qaeda in Syria. The laughable attacks by both of the Underwear Bombers were specifically approved by the CIA. The United States Gestapo protects big corporations who poison the air earth and water.

    The real targets are most of the people, or should we say most of the American citizen patriots who fight for peace, freedom and justice.

    And maybe Linux users are also targets…

  • This Schindler teaches, but he is greatly ignorant of the history of the dictators Hitler and Stalin. And Schindler was catapulting false propaganda to pimp the Irak War, same as that other bastard, James Clapper.

    Schindler is running COINTELPRO aginst Snowden, but he apparently was running COINTELPRO against the American people. And this NSA spy wants some “free love” with a nontraditional marriage. I blame the hippies. Scindler is just another corrupt immoral, war pimp member of the American Gestapo.

    And all the spies are rotten. Notice the NSA, and CIA did not discover the Fall of Irak until it had fallen. They are too busy surfing pornography and photographing their “manhood”.

  • Is that a movie? I do not think I have seen it. And I failed to include the members of Bohemian Grove. These most powerful men from all over the world meet each year. They worship a 40 foot Owl as they make a mock sacrifice. I hope it is not the real ceremony.

    But seriously, you can sort of infer some members of the secret government. They make disaster after disaster and get promoted. For instance, the Kagan’s, with Vickie Kagan an outstanding epic failure who deserves special mention. But the CEO bilionaire shareholders certainly get included, Gates, the Google Guy, Walton’s maybe, Goldman Sachs, dee cee “think tanks”, a few of the Press Mockingbirds.

    Of course all the national security corporations, Blackwater, Stratfor, etc. are just CIA fronts. It is fun to make a list!

  • McClatchy Newspapers reported equates “leaks” with “espionage,” encourages snitching and instructs employees to be on the lookout for individuals suffering from “narcissism” or “antisocial personality disorder.”

    Narcissism or antisocial personality disorder? That would include our fascist spymasters, Clapper, Brennan, Keith Alexander, Michael Hayden and of course former CIA director and serial adulterer, General Petraeus. But the spymasters will be allowed to lie to the American people, as Clapper lied about nonexistent weapons of mass destruction in Irak.

    And of course President Obama is not really the Commander-in -Chief. So Obama or any President will be under 24/7 spying by the secret government. Obama is just a sock puppet for the secret government. He admitted that he cannot reveal classified information.

    And I have to abide by certain rules of classified information. If I were to release material I weren’t allowed to, I’d be breaking the law.

    Who can reveal classified information? Who controls the secrets? Who really rules us? The Bilderbergers? The Rothshilds? The Koch Brothers? The Illuminati? Reptilian Aliens? It is secret.

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    Let us praise General Petraeus who led the United States war in Irak. This heroic General took time off, from his mistress, Paula Broadwell, to train the Irak Army. One thing the Iraki army has learned, is to retreat faster than jack rabbits.

    And the other Middle East experts on Irak still have to decide “who do you bomb?”

    This could be a receipe for things going poorly. Or it could be a recipe for disaster. Neo-cons do know who to bomb. Bomb them all and let God sort it out.

    “You’d see some guys driving around in a Humvee carrying AK-47s, or USM4s, and you don’t know whether they’re ISIS or guys going to fight ISIS. Who do you bomb?” said Austin Long, a Middle East expert at Columbia University. “It’s a recipe for things going poorly.”…

    Even in areas where the U.S. military has comparatively good intelligence — such as Afghanistan — the risk of mistakes is great: On June 9, a coalition jet called in to ward off a Taliban attack killed five American service members in southern Afghanistan.

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    People dislike the KochRoach brothers. That is what one Kansas Republican State Rep, Scott Schwab says. And a small KochRoach lobbyist, Jonathan Small, agrees, nobody likes the greedy billionaires.

    The KochRoaches, who have $80 billion dollars, are trying to eliminate solar and wind energy in Kansas. One Republican has criticized these Fossil Fuel fools. The Roaches are going after him, by supporting a Teabagger in the Primary election. They have also targeted several other Republicans who are stifling the Roaches attempt to turn Kansas into a Fossil Fuel only State.

    According to Schwab, many businesses in areas with wind farms and wind-related jobs testified against the bill, while the only groups speaking out in support of the bill were out of state think tanks. After the committee hearing, Schwab says that Koch lobbyist Jonathan Small informed him Koch Industries was pushing the bill.

    “I told him if he wanted me to vote for the bill, then we needed some Kansas businesses to advocate it,” Schwab wrote in his email. “Because right now it looked as an anti-business vote.” Schwab wrote that Small told him that it was just Koch Industries supporting the move. When Schwab told Small that Koch should testify, Small said that if they did that, people would not like them.

    “My response was that people don’t like them anyway, so just be honest,” wrote Schwab.

  • More Damning Truths By The Day: Update On Surveillance of Peaceful, Domestic, Political Activists

    Nice! There is a shout out to Kevin for his Post from Bobswern at the Great Orange Satan. So I might stop calling them Great Orange Satan.

    First, this MUST-READ, breaking report just in from Kevin Gosztola, over at FDL (aside from the basic, outrageous facts of the story, the DHS’ employee’s statement, which includes a truly twisted, self-justified comparison to the FBI’s surveillance of Martin Luther King, is absolutely mind-numbing; and that’s just the tip of this iceberg-sized travesty)

  • Let us honor our brave military personnel. They help the corporations to oppress patriotic citizens and they help destroy democracy. The military generals deserve to be worshipped and praised for their great victories in Irak and Afghanistan. And they continue to win the the war against terrorists, year after year after year.

    This same militarism occurred during the Vietnam war years. Then, the CIA COINTELPRO needed “boots on the ground” to neutralize and destroy the millions antiwar Vietnam activists. Many careers were destroyed and perhaps some of the activists were also terminated with extreme prejudice by the military.

    Martin Luther King Jr was under 24/7 surveillance by army spies in 1968. But the brave troops of the 111th Military Intelligence Group, spying on King were unable to stop the assassination of King, or capture his assassin. Or maybe they wanted King to be assassinated.

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    CIA Mockingbird Jason Horowitz of the CIA newspaper, NY TIMES gives us more CIA propaganda. Horowitz and his CIA masters want us to believe the wars are wonderful and the Kagans’ are “congenial and well-respected”. Of course the Kagans are war criminals and pychopathic mass murderers.

    “A very nice family,” said William Kristol, a family friend and the founder of the conservative Weekly Standard

    After Obama has given the neo-cons everything they wanted for six years, the neo-cons especially Kagan, now accuse Obama of threatening the “global order”. It is imperative for America to stop “militants” as the warmonger militant Kagan family blames Obama for the “burgeoning disaster” in Irak. The Devil Spawn Kagan family includes Vickie Kagan who has helped create the burgeoning disaster in the Ukraine. The Kagan’s have been a main force to create these epic disasters.

    Robert Kagan recently depicted President Obama as presiding over an inward turn by the United States that threatened the global order and broke with more than 70 years of American presidents and precedence. He called for Mr. Obama to resist a popular pull toward making the United States a nation without larger responsibilities, and to reassume the more muscular approach to the world out of vogue in Washington since the war in Iraq drained the country of its appetite for intervention…

    To Mr. Kagan, American action to stop the militants is imperative, but a continued military presence in Iraq and action in Syria would have averted the crisis. “It’s striking how two policies driven by the same desire to avoid the use of a military power are now converging to create this burgeoning disaster,” Mr. Kagan said in an interview.

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    Do not believe any of these “embedded” chickenhawks who are being paid by the CIA. The US Gestapo has controlled the corporate phony journalists since 1947. Today’s tee vee mockingbirds are selling us more war, as always. They repeat the lies spread by the corporations that own the US Government. Actually these tee vee mockingbirds are [...]

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    Kansas-stan, brought to you by the KochRoach Brothers, and their $80 Billion dollars. In Kansas, if you want solar energy, you need to move to another state. Kansas, thanks to ALEC and their sock puppet Governor Brownbutt, will soon be a leader, in the production of carbon dioxide from burning fossil fuels, as directed by those ratfrackers, Charles and David KochRoach.

    ALEC’s “Electricity Freedom Act” is a full repeal of state laws requiring increasing electricity generation from clean sources, although in some states the model has morphed into a freeze of those targets rather than a full repeal. Kansas is one of those states.

    The bills running through Kansas’ House and Senate are co-sponsored by legislators who are members of ALEC. The Senate Utilities committee sponsoring SB 82 has at least three ALEC members and the House Energy & Environment committee that introduced HB 2241 has at least three ALEC members

  • As the disaster in Irak becomes epic, the attack against Hedges could be merely a convenient coinkydinky. Or maybe it is the start of more COINTELPRO against the patriots who said to the neo-cons, “Fuck your Goddamn war!”. Hedges is not perfect. He has done lots of reporting and so there is lots for those jealous of him, to use against him. But Hedges has earned credibility, unlike the little lying wingnut concern trolls who have attacked him here.

    Hedges criticism of the Wingnuts and their Great Irak Adventure is quite accurate. From eleven years ago, Hedges seems prophetic.

    “We are embarking on an occupation that, if history is any guide, will be as damaging to our souls as it will be to our prestige and power and security.”

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