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  • Finally the falsehoods have reached critical mass. Our brave Pentagon warriors should be saluted for their brave service praising a bloody despot. Not really. But Total Information Awareness does mean the Pentagon lying propaganda is catapulted by their many mockingbirds.

    Abdullah has been one of the world’s greatest terrorists. And the terror profiteers at the National Defense University are protecting him and the Saudi terrorists who attacked the US on 9-11. So we can assume the war pimps at NDU are getting some money from Oil Companies and Saudi terrorists. And the NDU is aiding and abetting terrorists

    How corrupt has the American military become? General Dempsey is a liar. And Dempsey is guilty of treason against the United States.

    “This is an important opportunity to honor the memory of the king, while also fostering scholarly research on the Arab-Muslim world, and I can think of no better home for such an initiative than NDU,” Dempsey said in a statement announcing the competition.

  • Obviously, our electronic corporate propagandists have become total tools and totally unreliable. We expect political leaders to spread the lies and hypocrisy about a dead tyrant. But our so-called news repeats the same falsehoods. A real journalist would be telling us the people of Saudi Arabia and the world is a better place with this criminal dead.

    There are real journalists who do tell the truth, Jeremy Scahill. Glenzilla, Medea Benjamin, Jeff Kaye…But truth is censored by the corporations.

    “King” Abdullah was a bloody dictator. He has been replaced by another bloody dictator. The Saudi’s attacked the WTC on 9-11 and the Saudi’s, with help from Ollie North created Al Qaeda. Their Wahhabi schools are schools for terrorism. And the Establishment is in mourning.

    Glenzilla tweets:

    From all appearances, @FareedZakaria is genuinely mourning the loss of King Abdullah. Someone should send him cupcakes & flowers.

  • Who is Vickie Kagan terrorizing these days? Actually the whole Kagan clan of terrorists have a splendid record of creating mass murder and violence and destroyed lives.

    It is the President of Hungary that Vickie has been threatening with another Ukraine solution. Vickie gave a speech that is quite hilarious, talking about Hungary’s “democratic backsliding and corruption”. Then there is “restricting the press”. So as Vickie said to the EU also applies to Hungary. Fuck you Viktor Orbán.

    Anyway read Vickie’s criticism of Hungary for not bowing down to NATO and not bowing down to Vickie. It is the USA and people like the Kagans that are destroying Democracy. The USA has become a corrupt and Fascist Dictatorship whose only contribution to the world is war.

    In Central Europe today, I would argue, the internal threats to democracy and freedom are just as worrying. Across the region, the twin cancers of democratic backsliding and corruption are threatening the dream so many have worked for since 1989. And even as they reap the benefits of NATO and EU membership, we find leaders in the region who seem to have forgotten the values on which these institutions are based.

    So today I ask their leaders: How can you sleep under your NATO Article 5 blanket at night while pushing “illiberal democracy” by day; whipping up nationalism; restricting free press; or demonizing civil society! I ask the same of those who shield crooked officials from prosecution; bypass parliament when convenient; or cut dirty deals that increase their countries’ dependence on one source of energy despite their stated policy of diversification.

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    The author should not be astonished. The terror is a feature, not a bug by the assassins and spies of the secret police. The First Neo-Con False Flag Operation occurred in 1944. Or we could call it the first Operation Gladio, British government terrorism falsely blamed on the “left”. The British had occupied Greece after Greek [...]

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    More astonishing yet, almost all of this investment has visibly led not to the diminution of terrorism, but to its growth, to ever more terrorists and terror organizations and ever greater insecurity.

    There is something missing in this report. Al Qaeda, the Taliban, ISIS are terrorists created by the CIA and the Intelligence Community. The [...]

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    At least our brave military heroes are winning the Irak War at the box office with “American Sniper”. And we should honor our brave war profiteers, as they transition from warrior hero to military contractor.

    It is not just war pimping Generals such as Petraeus and Allen who have become wealthy from Irak Genocide. Even the Navy, including NCIS investigators, have found the forever wars are opportunities to get bags of cash from taxpayers.

    Dusek admitted that he hand-delivered Navy ship schedules to the GDMA office in Japan or emailed them directly to Francis or a GDMA employee on dozens of occasions, each time taking steps to avoid detection by law enforcement or Navy personnel. Dusek further admitted that Francis plied him with lavish meals, alcohol, entertainment, gifts, dozens of nights and incidentals at luxury hotels, including the Marriott Waikiki and the Shangri-La in Makati, Philippines, and the services of prostitutes.

    Dusek admitted that, after accepting these gifts, he worked to direct Naval ships to GDMA’s port terminals. For example, on one occasion, he steered an aircraft carrier and its strike group to Port Klang, Malaysia, a port terminal owned by Francis.

    In addition to Francis, GDMA and Dusek, five other individuals have pleaded guilty for their roles in the scheme to date: U.S. Navy Commander Jose Luis Sanchez, U.S. Naval Criminal Investigative Service Special Agent John Beliveau, U.S. Navy Petty Officer First Class Dan Layug and GDMA employees Alex Wisidagama and Edmond Aruffo.

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    “A criminal case,” defense attorney Edward MacMahon told the jury at the outset, “is not a place where the CIA goes to get its reputation back.”

    CIA? Iran? Reputation? Operation Merlin, an awesome success. In 1953 the CIA and Oil Companies overthrew a demoocratic and secular Iranian government. Another awesome success. The Secret Government installed [...]

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    What does this trial have in common with the Manning Persecution? These are both “Show Trials”, without any doubt as to the guilt of the patriots Manning and Sterling. And the un-Consitutional actions of the Secret Government become more treasonous. The Persecution of Sterling has secret witnesses behind curtains. “Mr. Merlin”, who may or may [...]

  • General Petraeus may be the worst General in American history. But Petraeus seduced the embedded war correspondents. The phony reporters were embedded up Petraeus rear end and still are mostly.

    Petraeus revealed classified information to his subordinate officer. This gave Broadwell propaganda for a book to idolize her “lover”, promote the war, and make war profits from a pack of neo-con lies. They all betrayed each other as well as the Constitution.

    Broadwell pretended to be a journalist as she got the secrets from her General. These people, psychopathic murderers, play victims, and reveal secrets and are protected and rewarded.

    Speaking of journalists, unlike the adulteress Broadwell, many have been targeted by Total Information Dominance. Chelsea Manning revealed the “Collateral Murder” video and was punished with 35 years in prison. This was an assassination of Iraki journalists, not emebedded, by the US Army. These Irakis were real journalists, and their murder was concealed by the brutal occupation army of Petraeus. Manning also revealed, Iraki activists, fighting corruption were imprisoned in the US Gulag by the US Army. Those Iraki activists were doing what we do here everyday. Their fate remains unknown, thanks to the monster Petraeus and the other monsters running the American war machine.

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    Why give Iran flawed plans for a key part of a nuclear weapon?

    These were not flaws. The CIA wanted an excuse for another war. They used this insane scheme of nuclear terrorism for another war. But Nuclear proliferation of weapons technology is a crime. Unless, you are a “5 eyes”, then you can commit [...]

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    And Dershowitz? Should we believe him? He does love his rough stuff, torture. So this pretigious attorney andtorture supporter, gets to show some visibility and accountability about his very own sexual crimes. Rape of a minor could be considered torture.

    My own view — which is controversial among liberal and conservatives alike — is that, on balance, visibility and accountability are essential to democracy, even if it means lending some legitimacy to an immoral and despicable tactic such as torture.

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    Those British Oligarchs are badasses. At least Prince Andy did not kill anyone. Several British “MP’s” are accused of murder of young boys. Many famous and important Brits such as Jimmy Saville had secret and criminal lives.

    But Prince Andy was pallin’ around with Epstein after Epstein was released from his Club Fed prison. And Virginia Roberts may need some bodyguards. Our pervert oligarchs in both the USA and UK may want to assassinate this victim of their perversions. Pictures included.

    The ‘slave’ who claims she had sex with Prince Andrew while under-age is writing a book that threatens to go into forensic detail about her alleged involvement with the Duke of York, MailOnline can reveal today.

    She also plans to name American politicians, business executives, foreign presidents and a well-known Prime Minister she claims Jeffrey Epstein forced her to sleep with.

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    Thanks. It was actually CSN&Y who released “Ohio”. Tin soldiers and Nixon’s coming. We are finally on our own.

    And Neil Young continues the tradition of fighting against the Wars of the Oligarchs. Living With War.

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    Stephen Stills, a great rock and roller and a great patriot. CS&N recorded and released the song “Ohio” a protest against the Vietnam War and the Government assassinations of Kent State students. “Paranoia strikes deep”, from “For What Its Worth” is more true now than ever, with 24/7 surveillance of “The Left”.

    Stills was part of “No Nukes”. It took Chernobyl, Three Mile Island and Fukushima to prove the hippies were correct about the nightmare of nuclear power.

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    The Drone Assassinations continue to win the war. The USA claims to have murdered merely hundreds of Afghans. That does not include the outsourced assassination by Blackwater.

    The operations were based on the lists maintained by the CIA and NATO — Obama’s lists. The White House dubbed the strategy “escalate and exit.”

    McChrystal’s successor, General David Petraeus, documented the strategy in “Field Manual 3-24″ on fighting insurgencies, which remains a standard work today. Petraeus outlined three stages in fighting guerilla organizations like the Taliban. The first was a cleansing phase, in which the enemy leadership is weakened. After that, local forces were to regain control of the captured areas. The third phase was focused on reconstruction.

    Sure, collateral damage does neutralize women and children. That is a small price to pay, to maintain highly paid murderers and torturers. As a extra bonus, our Special Op Assassins, guided by General Petraeus and his gang, also murders Drug Dealers.

    “The rule of thumb was that when there was estimated collateral damage of up to 10 civilians, the ISAF commander in Kabul was to decide whether the risk was justifiable,”…

    According to the NSA document, in October 2008 the NATO defense ministers made the momentous decision that drug networks would now be “legitimate targets” for ISAF troops. “Narcotics traffickers were added to the Joint Prioritized Effects List (JPEL) list for the first time,” the report reads.

  • It is not a VA problem. It is neverending wars problem. It is year 15 of the neo-con attempt to imprison the world with corporate capitalism using the US military. Of course the leadership of the VA is corrupt as are all our government leaders. And the Generals are the most corrupt of all.

    Another example of the corruption is a $600 million dollar new VA hospital near Denver. The VA mismanaged the project which is now greater than a billion dollars. The VA was declared in breached of contract and more than a 1000 workers sent home. The VA was forced to pay the contractors and the project will be directed by the Army Corps of Engineers. How corrupt are they?

    The Afghan debacle and corruption is directly the result of General Petraeus and General Allen and the other Generals who are crooks and liars.

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    FNAB. Feature Not A Bug. The neo-cons broke Irak but they will not pay for it. They get paid by the taxpayers for their forever wars fought by Ghost Armies.

    We also had Ghost War Correspondents. These are the embedded journalists who were rewarded for praising the war and the war makers. That is much easier than actually reporting the facts.

    The Ghost General Petraeus and the other Ghost Generals, were idolized by the embedded Ghost journalists. The greatest General ever, was winning the greatest American victory ever. And Petraeus trained the brand new Ghost Irak army. And Petraeus gave weapons to this Ghost Army.

    The Ghost Army created by Petraeus turned into ISIS or ISIL or Al Nusra or Ollie North’s latest secret terrorist army.

  • Let us not forget the American citizens targeted and assassinated by the Secret Government, probably by the thugs of the NSA, and CIA. John F Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr, Fred Hampton, Kent State and Jackson State assassinations, and Pat Tillman among others.

    And we can speculate on other suspicious and strange strange deaths such as John Lennon and Sen. Frank Church and Sen. Ted Kennedy. It may seem extreme to accuse the American secret police of mass murders. Remember the CIA assassinated about 50,000 Vietnamese in Operation Phoenix. The CIA even murdered Ngo Dinh Diem who was the “leader” or American Puppet Leader of South Vietnam.

    We are all targets of the criminal Secret Government.

  • “Torture is invariably about shame and vengeance, humiliation, power, and control, not gathering information.”

    Amnesty for Torturers! There was a time when the American Civil Liberties Union defended the Bill of Rights. And the ACLU was an adversary of the Secret Government. That time is not now. First, Romero leader of the ACLU wanted Amnesty for the neo-con torturers and assassins. That position was not popular with some of us. Next Romero wants a “Special Prosecutor”.

    This is just another method to protect the neo-cons who used torture as justification for this or that war. A Special Prosecutor delays a real investigation while evidence and witnesses can be disappeared. The Special Prosecutor for Iran-Contra protected the conspirators such as Robert Gates and Oliver North. Many of these same Iran-Contra criminal conspirators are responsible for the torture and False Flag Ops that were used to justify the Forever Neo-con Wars.

    Sadly, the ACLU is catapulting more propaganda to protect torturers. The ACLU claims the Torture was “pointless”.

    One of the most important takeaways from the Senate Intelligence Committee’s torture report summary is that senior CIA personnel – which the report refers to as CIA headquarters – knew from the very beginning that torture was unlawful and learned quickly that their brutal program was pointless…

    We don’t know who at CIA headquarters approved the torture plans and told the interrogators to keep torturing, because their names are redacted in the report. A special prosecutor, however, should be able to figure it out.

    A Special Prosecutor will be part of more Coverup. We know who many of these monsters are. Much of the program is well-known except to the ACLU and Romero. It was far from pointless. The Neo-con Torture program was specifically designed to obtain False Confessions. Those False Confessions were used to promote the Irak War. Also, the Torture was used for a form of MK_Ultra Mind Control of victims. That assumes they, the potential Zombie Spies, were not driven insane by the Torture. Another profitable point is the excessive financial rewards the Spies paid to themselves by becoming “Private Contractors”, as they provided government sponsored Cruel and Unusual Punishment.

    “This is the guidebook to getting false confessions, a system drawn specifically from the communist interrogation model that was used to generate propaganda rather than intelligence,” Kleinman said in an interview. “If your goal is to obtain useful and reliable information this is not the source book you should be using.”

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    The ACLU was at one time a genuine defender of the Constitution. The ACLU is now a hijacked organization, same as Amnesty International. AI failed to defend Chelsea Manning and Julian Assange, and other patriots, who are political prisoners. Romero leader of the ACLU installed by Oligarchs, now promotes his Plan B, get a Special Prosecutor. The Special Prosecutor of Iran-Contra and Watergate were so very successful. Successful at protecting war criminals.

    So we could pardon, Darth and Chimpie and the corrupt treasonous Generals, such as Hayden and Clapper and Alexander for their torture. But should we pardon these monsters for the False Confessions from torture used to justify all the other wars, Irak, Afghanistan, Syria, Ukraine, etc. Of course the neo-cons make war against America people who want to know the truth.

    Jeff Kaye
    and Jason Leopold revealed the reason for torture years ago. The torture was used by the military industrial espionage complex, a criminal cabal of assassins and torturers, to create perpetual wars.

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