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    This is OT but you do have a tag “I touch myself”. And Breitbart .com is part of this. That is, this, TBogg is becoming serious punditry. He is so serious people are stealing his material!

    Breitbart.com’s Joel Pollak explained that the ‘Forward’ “borrows…from decades of communist iconography.” Pollak checks off a litany of scary historixcal world leaders whose lineage Obama is supposedly following, from Marx, Stalin, and Mao, to Benito Mussolini, to Thabo Mbeki, the former president of South Africa. “Communist leaders frequently used — and still use — the word ‘forward,’” he notes.

    The Washington Times also sees a “rich association with European Marxism,” quoting at length from Wikipedia to prove the point.

    Meanwhile, ever-hyperbolic blogger Jim Hoft went straight for Hitler, writing that ‘Forward’ was a “marching song of the Hitler youth.” He added a helpful illustration of Hitler Youth wearing Obama pins.

    Most of us did not make the connection of Obama and the Hitler Youth. But, a historian such as Pat Buchanan can connect those dots.