• They lied.

    See here for all the details.


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    Don’t need to add much commentary here…

    Except that perhaps whomever came up with that hashtag needs to invest in a good dictionary.



  • i am not sure why she is allowed to do these things, but it was pretty clear from our interaction with her that she was most likely schizophrenic.

    According to this article she suffers from schizophrenia (untreated?) but states that as long as she is not a danger to herself or others there is little any agency can do unless she is willing to request help.

  • No one is saying that “pink slime” isn’t safe in terms of e. coli — but why should consumers unknowingly purchase a product made from the scraps off of the slaughterhouse floor that has been treated with ammonia — and think it’s simply ground beef? It’s about informed consumer choices, something that Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad seems to have a problem with as he defends the pink slime industrial complex, saying it has been “slimed” by consumer advocacy groups.


    Um, hell no, I like meat; the governor and the USDA need to understand that the public has no earthly idea what kind of processing is going on with this meat — from the industrial farms to the processing plants to the grocery store. The “pink slime” story is about what we don’t know — it nasty tip of the iceberg. People are consuming products that might as well be Soylent Green at this point – it’s certainly not your local butcher grinding real, fresh meat from a real side of beef that has no hormones or additives.

    I would say that the majority of the meat consuming public do not care what is going on behind the scene in the meat processing business. All they want is cheap meat. They don’t care where it comes from or how it is processed and as long as it is fairly cheap there are no questions asked. And that is what the meat industry has been giving consumers. I predict that once higher prices for hamburger hit the supermarket shelves, and they will, then the public will without fail and quite hypocritically start to complain about pricing.

    Oh, and I have read that Hy-Vee will be carrying hamburger with LFTB and also without LFTB. It will be interesting to see which product sells more. (I’ll give you a hint. It will be the cheaper stuff.)

    Also, there are so many other foods you should try and avoid that are far worse than meats that contain LFTB.

    For instance, the FDA approved “unavoidable defect” levels for peanut butter consist of the following:

    Insect Filth: Average of 30 or more insect fragments per 100 gram
    Rodent Filth: Average of 1 or more rodent hairs per 100 grams
    Grit: Gritty taste and water insoluble inorganic residue is more than 25 mg per 100 grams

    The levels represent limits at which FDA will regard the food product “adulterated”; and subject to enforcement action under Section 402(a)(3) of the Food, Drug, and Cosmetics Act.


    As long as peanut butter manufacturer’s do not go over these limits then it is perfectly fine to release the product to the public for consumption.

    In other words, that PBJ sandwich you’re eating is a finely ground mixture of peanuts, insect filth, rodent filth, and grit. All approved by your friendly neighborhood FDA. And nobody seems to care.

    Perhaps Jamie “I was banned from the Los Angeles school district ” Oliver would like to start a hysterical overreaction to peanut butter. LOL

    As Julia Child would say, “Bon Appetit!” :-P

  • That would probably explain the oddities. I don’t own an iPhone so I can’t experiment to see if I can reproduce the anomalies in the photograph. I’ll mark this one as mystery solved as it does sound like a reasonable explanation. :-)

  • Caught a couple of other oddities:

    On the right side of the picture the child in the yellow t-shirt has a double exposure of his hand. And the girl in pink just to the right of the woman in black. Notice how the arm of the young person right behind her has the pattern of her dress superimposed over their arm.

    That’s got to be some really weird iPhone malfunction to only affect a couple of areas and not the whole picture. But as I said before I’m no expert.

  • Information included on photo:

    1:37 PM – 8 Mar 12 via Twitter for iPhone

    I would suspect that if an iPhone camera was to malfunction it would either just not take the picture or would take a picture and save it as a corrupt file that was unable to be displayed. I would not think it would add very specific things to a photo. (eg. a third foot)

    But I’m no expert on these things so I could be wrong. :-)

  • Could someone please get a confirmation that this photo has not been manipulated in any way? I ask because if you go to the large version of the photo and examine it closely it looks as if they lady in the foreground in the black dress has three feet and is hovering over the asphalt. Also if you look closely one of the yellow parking lines seems to be visible through the back of her dress coat, the edge of which is quite oddly blurred.

    And now that I look at it, the image of the child in front of the lady in black (in blue jeans and turquoise shirt) doesn’t seem right either.

    Does anyone else see this or is it just my paranoid delusions acting up again. :-p

  • How low can the Komen Foundation sink before it dies off?


    To be fair I have not seen any confirmation/denial from either the website or the Seattle branch of the Komen Foundation that has been published so I cannot say that it is official endorsement or not.

    But really … WTF?!???! I thought the KFC endorsement was a little dubious but this, if an officially endorsed product, just takes the cake.

  • Selling off church assets was only done after the church’s liability insurance was exhausted and insurance companies refused to renew the policies at any price.

    And don’t forget that some diocese simply declared bankruptcy to avoid making any payments at all. You can see all the dirty details here .

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    Wouldn’t make a difference if you could get through the firewall as all I get is the following:

    This file is temporarily unavailable because there are no resources
    available under the owner’s account.

    Is there any other place we could get this file?

  • They seemed to like the vast sums of money that they made when kidnapping and selling infants.

    Children were removed from the homes of politically suspect parents, or from single mothers or the unreligious, and transferred to good Catholic homes.

    The investigation reveals the practice operated like this: after the mother gave birth the child was removed from the room, then some time later the mother was informed of its death. The mother was usually denied permission to view the child’s body.

    Source: http://www.irishcentral.com/story/ent/manhattan_diary/spains-stolen-babies-scandal-132044333.html

  • And even when the law has been decided against the Catholic church there are legislators who are more than willing to try and enshrine bigotry into the law of the land.

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    Yeah, but it’s fun to find the perfect picture for said crackpot. I personally like http://blogs.ocweekly.com/navelgazing/JohnEastman9.jpg . Sorta has the deer in the headlights look to me. What do you think? :-P

  • So when this guy quoted Paul Cameron, he lied. I guess that means that he’s goint go hell.

    No. no. no. You’ve got that all wrong. As long as you are lying for Jesus then you will always be forgiven. Haven’t you learned that one yet? :-P

  • Sorry, I had it formatted a little better than that huge blob of words that it became and evidently I cannot post links. :-(

    I’ll try again. The information came from http://www.ncleg.net/NCGAInfo/buildingrules.html

  • I was just perusing the Rules For Use Of State Legislative Building and found this:


    1. General. The following organizations, groups or agencies, and no others, are authorized to meet in and use the Legislative Complex:

    (a) The General Assembly; its two houses, members and staffs, for official legislative business.

    (b) Committees and subcommittees of the General Assembly or either of its houses, and their staffs.

    (c) The Legislative Services Commission, its committees, subcommittees and staff.

    (d) The Legislative Research Commission. its committees, subcommittees and staff.

    (e) Special study commissions or committees authorized by law or joint resolution of the General Assembly to meet in and use the complex and, between legislative sessions and as determined by the Legislative Services Commission, all commissions and committees established by the General Assembly and whose membership, whether public or legislative, is composed in some portion of members of the General Assembly appointed by the Speaker of the House of Representatives and the President or President Pro Tempore of the Senate.

    (f) Party caucuses and committees of legislators.

    (g) The Governor’s Legislative Counsel and the Counsel’s secretary.

    (h) The President of the Senate and his legislative staff.

    (i) The Institute of Government’s Legislative Reporting Staff.

    2. Press or News Conferences. No person, other than officers and members of the General Assembly, may have a press or news conference in the Legislative Complex. An interview among two individuals shall not be considered a press conference.

    During the legislative session, the rules committee chairmen of each house shall jointly schedule the use of the Press Room. Between legislative sessions, the Legislative Administrative Officer shall schedule the use of the Press Room.

    There shall be no obscene or vulgar material placed on the bulletin boards or walls in the Press Room.

    3. Student groups sponsored by members of the General Assembly. Groups of students who wish to study the General Assembly as a part of a continuing program or special project may be sponsored by one or more members of the General Assembly. In such a case, the Legislative Administrative Officer is authorized to assign space in the Legislative Complex where a group may assemble for briefing or critiques, but such assignment shall not interfere with the routine operations of the General Assembly, its committees, or its members.

    4. Use of Legislative Complex by Non-Legislative Agencies. In individual cases, and upon a showing of compelling need, the Legislative Services Commission may grant special permission to any of the non-legislative agencies of State government to make temporary use of the facilities of the Legislative Complex. Requests for this permission shall be made to the Legislative Administrative Officer and may be granted upon the specific approval of the Legislative Services Commission pursuant to G.S. 120-31(a).

    This seems to indicate in rather final terms who can use the legislative building for meetings and press conferences. Perhaps someone could ask the Chair of the General Assembly who gave the Reverends Hunter and Fozard permission to hold a press conference that clearly violates the rules of the Legislative Services Commission.

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