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    They don’t need to blackmail him. He’s been their lapdog since before he got elected.

  • The irony of you making these comments is too thick to cut with a machete. Look in the mirror.

  • You know, the ones who vote based on Obama will take away your guns! or Romney will take away your birth control!

    They are not nearly as dangerous as the ones who voted for Obama because they thought he would reverse the disastrous approaches of the Reagan/Clinton/Bush era.

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    Well we could start by eliminating the Senate – a truly undemocratic and dysfunctional institution.

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    Hopefully President Obama pretty much just keeps a low profile

    He didn’t seem to have any trouble keeping a low profile with respect to investigating war crimes and abuses of civil liberties by his predecessor (most likely because he agreed with all that and wanted to do the same thing – which he has) or investigating the largest, most destructive white-collar crime wave in history, or helping distressed homeowners and workers who were decimated in the financial crisis, addressing issues of economic injustice and inequality (other than suggesting that we get jobs in Dickensian Amazon warehouses) or addressing the long-term unemployment crisis in a meaningful way.

    So your suggestion is that he play to his strength – playing with his dick in the Oval Office, blaming everyone but himself for his ineffectiveness and incompetence and pretending to care that the country continues to go down the shitter faster than when Bush Cheney was in charge.

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    Waaahhhh! Mommy!!! The big bad adults are assaulting my juvenile arguments with facts and logic!!!!

    Waaahhhh! My Obama fan-boy act is wearing thin on everyone!!!!

    it has been well documented that President Obama’s administration has in FACT been historic and unprecedented.

    Well this is one instance in which I can agree with you. Obama has been historic and unprecedented in his betrayal of the electoral base he purports to represent and the principles on which he purportedly based his candidacy as well as in his abject failure to meaningfully address the “historic” and “unprecedented” assaults on economic justice and civil liberties that have taken place on his watch (and in many cases with his compliance).

    You obviously are unable to counter factual arguments with anything other than your incessant, evidence-free cheerleading. Furthermore, you continue to assert the dangerous equivalence between support for Obama and patriotism. This is right out of the Nixon/Reagan/Bush supporter handbook.

    So go cry to Mommy and maybe she’ll kiss the boo-boo, put your jammies on for you and read you a story before bedtime.

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    More delusional bullshit and tiresome Obama-pologist propaganda.

    According to you nothing is ever Obama’s fault. It’s always his racist opponents (with whom Obama shares a belief in the absolute sanctity of (rigged) markets, austerity and a staunch commitment to destruction of the social safety net) or his underlings (whom he hired and stood by)who have “forced ” him to:

    -hire Tim Geithner to “foam the runway” for the criminal Wall St/banking kleptocrats who crashed the economy while reaping enormous financial gains while creating fraudulent Potemkin-village programs to pretend to help distressed homeowners

    - hire Eric Holder to prevent any legal accountability for the white-collar criminals mentioned above

    -hire Rham Emmanuel, who delighted in dismissing progressives as “fucking retards” as his chief of staff

    - hire Jay Gibbs, who thought progressives and leftists should be drug tested, as his press secretary

    - deliberately rig the health-care reform process so that single-payer could never be considered and a corporatist plan hatched in a right-wing think tank and first implemented by Mitt Romney (you know – they guy whose all of you Obama bot dickheads assured us would end western civilization) would be guaranteed to win

    - fail to meaningfully address the ongoing jobs and unemployment crisis with anything other than Reaganite, trickle-down policies

    - continue and expand on the Bush/Cheney covert war-without-end and Panopticon domestic surveillance state

    - stand by the genocidal and apartheid policies of Israel

    - submit to and support the fascist coup in the Ukraine fomented by the neo-cons in his own administration

    Obama has nothing to do with any of this right? It’s all a racist plot or a Machiavellian scheme hatched by his subordinates who “keep him in the dark” to protect him from legal accountability. Right?

    You may be too young to know this but your arguments are exactly the same as the ones that Richard Nixon’s deluded supporters made in “defense” of him during the Watergate crisis. Well, as we now know (and knew then), those arguments were intellectually dishonest bullshit – and so are yours.

    Finally, your argument that:

    President Obama is owed a degree of cultural respect not due to a lesser individual.

    is also intellectually dishonest bullshit.

    This lying scumbag cynically exploited his racial identity to sucker dumb liberals into voting him into an office he was not qualified to hold on the basis of experience or accomplishments. So he deserves nothing of the kind and in fact he is a “lesser individual”.

    If you weren’t such a deluded Obama cock swallower you would realize this.

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    Free markets have been the absolute bane of societal development throughout human history and these times within we exist are perhaps even a wildly more acute crest of this basic human flaw which has without exception proven to be the demise of every known human culture.

    Funny stuff from a guy who unabashedly sings the praises of the market-fundamentalist prick in the White House.

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    It’s imperitive that we retain control of the Senate

    I hope that’s an editorial “we”. Not all of us count ourselves as members of your “we”.

  • The American people have f’ing had it with corrupt, pathological lying sociopaths in our government.

    Does that include Obama and most of his administration?

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    One certainly cannot blame O for all the R, probably racist, hate nor blame him for the planned intransigence of the Rs in both the Senate and the House. The Majority leader has acknowleged that goal.

    The Republicans are Obama’s best friends. He use them as a foil to keep moving the political discourse and policy options ever rightward because that’s who he is.

    Its not the Republican’s fault that Obama has always wanted to cut Medicare and SS or that Obama unilaterally barred single-payer from being considered, that Obama undercut the public option after using it to suck dumb liberals into supporting the ACA.

    Its not the Republican’s fault that Obama hired Tim Geithner to “foam the runway” for the kleptocratic Wall St criminals that crashed the economy while failing to provide meaningful help for home owners that had their lives destroyed.

    Its not the Republican’s fault that Obama hired Eric Holder to avoid prosecuting these same Wall St criminals.

    Its not the Republican’s fault that Obama adopted a policy of austerity after a botched “stimulus” that did not produce a real recovery and therefore handed the House to the Republicans. Obama probably planned this so he could have a built in excuse for doing nothing but playing with his dick in the Oval Office while pretending to care that the country has gone further done the shitter during his term in office than it was when he was first elected.

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    Ignorant Obama-pologist bullshit.

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    I think there is an excellent chance that we get one or more significant terrorist attacks soon and such events could actually have a very positive effect insofar as reigniting a sense of patriotism toward President Obama which would in turn favor allowing him to keep the Senate.

    Are you out of your juvenile fucking mind?????

    Terrorist attacks having a “positive” effect? Doesn’t that sound a bit insane to you? Doesn’t that sound very Bush-like to you? Oh, sorry I forgot – you tribal Dem Obummer loyalists are just as deluded as the GWB dead enders.

    Yeah, its really worth having some terrorists blowing up “some folks” in a shopping mall for the lofty purpose of allowing an incompetent, lying fraud and scumbag servant to the 1%, MIC and kleptocrat Wall St criminals to maintain “control” of the Senate for the purpose of accomplishing exactly what?

    And “patriotism toward President Obama”? Patriotism is support and loyalty towards a country not an individual. What you’re describing is the Fhurerprinzip – you know, the Hitler thing they had going on in Nazi Germany.

  • Hey everyone, mulp is back with his logical fallacies and lectures on how we should just STFU and enjoy our shit sandwiches.

    you want cheap gasoline and heating oil without paying for the wars that go with pillage and plundering regions of poor Muslims who blame the US and Europe for their poverty and like the West justify war with god’s blessing

    Does the term “false dichotomy” mean anything to you? Can you not imagine any other choices than draconian measures that would strangle our economy (even in its current half-dead state) or the ruthless, imperialistic quasi-colonialist policies we have pursued since oil was discovered in the Middle East? We could have made different choices in the past: for example less reliance on individual automobile transit and suburban sprawl, pusuit of alternative fuels, a more equitable relationship with the oil producing nations and not having unquestioned support for the apartheid, genocidal policies of Israel.

    None of the bad, shortsighted policies that have led us to this situation were inevitable although the likes of you is always around to promote that view. These policies were chosen because they benefited the oil companies, the MIC and the Israel lobby which tend to be among the wealthy, politically connected strata of society.

    But even if we were to buy into your false choice and have $10/gallon gas we would still have the enmity of groups like ISIL (ISIS?) because of our unbending support of Israel and because of the Iraq wars. Furthermore, when oil dropped to < $10/barrel in the eighties when the producers overplayed their hand we still failed to break our dependence on imported oil (or any oil) and the Middle East oil producers did not lose relevance. So your argument that reducing demand, and eventually prices, through carbon taxes would have that same effect is invalid.

    We should tax carbon but we should do it in a way such that the burden does not fall entirely (or even largely) on the common folk. And we should make sure that the funds raised by a carbon tax are dedicated to funding alternative fuels and other strategies for energy efficiency that provide realistic, affordable alternatives to private auto traffic so that it is not only possible but attractive for people to make the switch.

  • But Americans should be able to reasonably expect that the man elected to purge neoconservative policy from the presidency does not become a neoconservative himself.

    LOL – way too late for that!

    I’m sure some Obot troll will chime in that Obombya has to go along with the neo-cons so he can be a “non-threatening” black man (that is, non-threatening to the MIC and war monger foreign policy establishment; wrt to the “folks” he’s going bomb he won’t appear so “non-threatening”).

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    In terms of context, there are about a gazillion things that trap Obama every day. Having to be a non-threatening black man is a huge hassle, to say the least. Maybe that is the core issue that keeps him from challenging anything. Post-racial, my ass, in other words.

    This is a steaming pile of Obama-pologist horseshit. No one held a gun to Obama’s head and forced him to hire Geithner, Summers and Holder as well as retain some of the key players of the Bush-Cheney national security team. He did that shit because he wanted to, because that’s who he fucking is and always was.

    I’m really tired of hearing this “non-threatening black man” bullshit. If Obama was afraid of being “threatening” to the PTB then he shouldn’t have sought the job. It may be heretical around here to say this but IMO electing an black president just to say we did was not the most pressing issue facing the country in 2008, Nor is it now.

    We needed to fix the crisis, right the ship and put the white-collar criminals who caused it in jail for a long, long time. I really don’t give a shit about the race, gender or sexual identity of the person who is willing to do that job but the absolute last thing we needed (or need now) is someone who would succumb to timidity because of fear of how that effort would be perceived because of racial, gender or sexual orientation reasons.

    But there’s really no evidence that this was Obama’s motivation at all. He’s a guy who really doesn’t need to be intimidated into suppressing progressive goals or giving aid and comfort to the plutocrat rentier class, the national security/surveillance state and the warfare machine. Even fucking George W Bush wanted to have some conditions attached to the TARP bailout. Obama didn’t hesitate for a fucking second to undercut that policy and if you read Confidence Men or Bailout you would know that it didn’t have a single fucking thing to do with wanting to be a “non-threatening” black man. It had everything to do with personal ambition, arrogance, disdain for the public who elected him and an unlimited desire to be the ultimate toady to the ruling class.

    The 2008 campaign made me tearful with hope and spirit.

    So you got sucked in by your own gullibility. Some of us did not.

    They disbanded the whole organization immediately after the election and no one could understand why. I wonder about that.

    You have to wonder? Really?

    I think the people around him, advising him, are horrible.

    Who fucking hired them? Who is listening to them and attaching credibility to their advice?

    Still, they are the people he trusts and finding people to trust in this day and age is a big challenge.

    There was, and is, no shortage of people who would have given the correct advice and direction. They were deliberately ignored or marginalized. Obama went out of his way to seek out Clinton-era retreads like Robert Rubin, Larry Summers and Rhamm Emmanuel. Just to give one example, Bill Black, who was instrumental in the Reagan-ear S&L prosecutions would have been an excellent guy to be involved at Justice or the SEC. Was he ever even consulted?

    Obama’s failed presidency is a direct result of the many serious unforced errors he has made in personnel, policy and politics. Blaming it on timidity, the “challenge” of finding good advisers or any of the other apologia you’ve mentioned is just making lame excuses.

  • The type of data can be used to significantly advance the public good, like redesigning streets to reduce accidents and deaths. Or for relatively bland for-profit motives, like determining the best location for a new store.

    It can also easily be used for extremely nefarious ends by governments or companies. The insight which could soon be gained makes the monitoring done by Orwell’s Big Brother seem childish by comparison — a truly mythic level near omniscience.

    Both are reasons why I don’t use social media, own a cell phone or use things like EZ-Pass.

    Yes, I do use the Internet and e-mail but I do whatever I can to limit the exposure of my personal information. The privacy solutions short of things like Tor (which I haven’t gone to yet) are imperfect but I figure don’t give the fuckers anything I don’t have to and make them work for whatever they do get.

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    I only vote third party or write in at this point but here in latte liberal land (Maryland suburbs of DC) there’s no practical effect. The tribal Dem, O-bot loyalists have no chance of losing an election. Saddam Hussein never had it as good as these people in terms of an electoral sinecure. If you write them about your concerns you’ll get an answer 6 months later complaining that the Republicans won’t less us do it (and thus we’ve stopped trying).

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    Slash SS and Medicare for everyone but the over 60-65 mostly Republican voters and through the majority of workers under the Wall Street steam roller?

    Obama wants to do this!!!!

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    Just a “small” counterexample you deliberately may have overlooked:

    The ACA passed by simple majority using reconciliation. No Republican votes or super majority needed. Too bad Obummer, Pelousy and Reid wasted it on a market fundamentalist idea that was hatched in a right-wing think tank and was first implemented by a guy whose election the O-bots assured us would cause the end of western civilization.

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