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  • It does seem though that overall the ACA is more likely to be a net positive as far as effect this November.

    And of course, that’s all that matters – the ACA’s effect on giving one side of the duopoly or the other an electoral advantage. The hell with whether or not it actually provides people with affordable access to health care, which is not the same thing as having “coverage”.

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    Well if I understand what you’re saying (and I’m not 100% sure that I do) you’re describing a possible path to qualifying for a subsidized Obamacare policy. Thanks but no thanks. The deductibles and co-insurance would still be killers in my current reduced circumstances.

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    The problem with Obamacare is not that no one is helped by it but that whether you benefit from it or are screwed by it and the degree to which you benefit or are screwed is practically a lottery. Moreover, you may benefit from it for a while and then get subsequently screwed by it [...]

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    If BHO had been running against any visibly sane and sober candidate…

    He was. Her name was Jill Stein. And its not that she was not “permitted” to run its that a candidate with a platform that is truly different than the Republican, right-wing extremist agenda would not be welcome in the Democratic Party because they prefer their only slightly watered down version of the Bush/Cheney/Romney agenda.

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    And of course two worthless, lying bags of shit like Obama and Romney are the only possible choices. Way to dig deep CNN/ORC. Ignore the real problem when its staring you right in the face.

  • A news station founded by Microsoft and NBC. What could possibly go wrong?

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    So Obama is in the McCain/Palin “drill, baby, drill” camp? What a shocker /snark.

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    LOL – Obummer’s “signature” achievement was a bad idea hatched in a right-wing think tank, first advocated by a Republican presidential candidate and first implemented by a Republican governor (you know, the same guy you tribal Dem, Obamapologists told us would bring about the end of the civilized world if he were elected president).

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    What I believe Clinton would have done as president, which the country needs, and which Obama failed to do, is to clean house in government. Get all the Bush cronies out of there.

    WTF? Are you daft? There are some Bush cronies for sure in the Obama WH but the real damage in terms of failing to address the financial crisis and the resulting on-going depression is the fault of all of the Clinton cronies and their acolytes hired by Obama.

    And by the way, its delusional to imagine that war-monger, WalMart board member, “free”-trade cheerleader and Wall St darling Hillary Clinton would have been any better than Obama even if you are probably right that Obama would have supported the AUMF if he was in Congress at the time. She’s simply a dog with different fleas.

    I’m not a Democrat so I supported neither one of these completely despicable individuals in 2008.

  • Why? He’s a Clintonite water carrier who is just another faux-gressive. I live in Maryland and O’Malley is just fine with an economy based almost entirely on MIC and surveillance state contracting, government collusion with traffic camera operators (who knows what else they’re recording) and not independent at all from the corrupt, craven, dysfunctional party mainstream. He’ll spread his butt cheeks very wide for the PTB just to get on the ticket. There won’t be much daylight at all between O’Malley and the Clintons.

  • This is perhaps the stupidest fucking post you’ve ever written. You’ve truly jumped the shark in your tiresome defense of the indefensible. The geniuses who dreamed up the exchange systems couldn’t even guarantee that one everyone could actually log in to these sites and have their information communicated accurately in a secure fashion on a consistent basis. Now you want to expand their role into making a default selection that many people will still not be able to determine is in their interest to accept by requiring them to provide specific details about their private medical conditions? This doesn’t solve the problem of confusing choice that is baked into the Rube Goldberg nature of the ACA and creates a further risk of privacy violations and discrimination on the basis of medical need (which equates the cost to the insurer).

  • Since the exchange in my state (MD) was completely dysfunctional (and has since been junked entirely) no amount of “help” would have sufficed.

  • Its not only millennials that see a large gap between what health care reform should have delivered and could have delivered if not for the totally spineless betrayal of the Obamacrats. Many of us older folk also feel this way and are being impacted by the many foreseeable and preventable problems with the ACA.

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    Hey editor I called his views delusional nonsense – how the fuck is that a personal attack?

    Get a fucking clue.

    Civil discourse is expected of all users on Firedoglake. This includes you. -Firedoglake Editor

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    Don’t forget the hundreds of billions (trillions?) for the white-collar criminals who initiated the housing bubble and the collapse of same which led to this latest crisis.

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    I’ve been out of work for nearly a year now. The so-called “job market” is a cruel fucking joke. Although most of us who are long-term unemployed are in this state for not much reason other than misfortune and bad timing we now have a scarlet letter emblazoned across every job application we submit. Clearly [...]

  • I don’t know why President Obama has always surrounded himself with such creepy charlatans.

    Birds of a feather …

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    Well my former employer’s plan, which was not a “Cadillac plan” in any way, shape or form was canceled because it did not meet Obummercare guidelines. It was replaced by a plan that did not cover anything the old plan didn’t and had more, and in some cases higher, co-pays. The real kicker is that specifically and only because of Obummercare rules they were allowed to replace what were formerly group rates with individual age-based rates. What did this mean to me? Since I was participating through COBRA (and had 8 months of eligibility left) I was paying my own premiums which doubled as a result of these changes. Since I have been out of work since last summer I could no longer afford this coverage. Why does this matter? I am currently being treated for two serious health-care issues, neither which are the result of “failures of personal responsibility” as those who espouse your repulsive Liberturdian ideology are fond of claiming. I am now on Medicaid but I don’t know if I will be able to keep the same doctors or have to change doctors and transition treatment in mid-stream. Plus, if I do get a job that lacks health insurance (a distinct possibility) I will then have to buy one of those craptastic, “don’t get sick” Obummercare policies for which I will have to pay thousands of dollars in premiums not to mention huge deductibles and co-insurance payments.

  • Republican primaries are not general elections. Is that too difficult for you to understand? Republican primaries are contests between corporate whores masquerading as champions of right-wing purity (like Cantor) and truly batshit-insane right-wingers who don’t realize that they are participating in a completely Astro-turfed movement funded by billionaires and large corporate entities. It’s all kayfabe that may fool the rubes but in the end big money doesn’t have a glove laid on it.

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