• The FACT is that more of America’s people have ACCESS to healthcare services now than they did before President Obama took over.

    Even a congenitally stupid jackass like you should be able to understand the difference between health insurance and health care. Romeny Care Obamacare only provides (in some cases) access to the former. Heritage Care Obamacare prevents access to the latter by the use of high deductibles, narrow networks, limitations on even generic drugs and probably other things I can’t think of off the top of my head right now (but that marym and others will point out).

    Skeptics of the ACA are very much like Climate deniers.

    No, its you professional Obama-fellating dickheads like you that are like climate change deniers (no one is denying the existence of “Climate” you idiot) – hiding their heads in the sand about the adverse impact Romney Care Obamacare is having right now and will continue to have as even good, employer-provided coverage is crapified into the exchange shopping model.

    President Obama has faced more mean spiritedness and openly racist opposition to his plans

    Oh, boo hoo. Cry me a fucking river. What the fuck did he expect – roses to be laid at his feet as he rode into Washington like Caeser riding into Rome? It was his own political naivete and incompetence that caused him to piss away his original mandate for change by bending over backwards to try to play grab ass with the Republicans. It was his own idiotic “post-partisan” stance that blinded him to the need for strong partisanship in defense of what the people who voted him into office really value which is not what his elitist, technocratic coterie of advisers focused on. Do I really have to explain why “foaming the runway” for the banksters instead of acting in favor of distressed homeowners and the unemployed and underemployed was a bad idea?

    With time we can PROGRESS toward an even more perfect model.

    There’s no such thing as an “even more perfect” model or anything else. If something is perfect it can’t be improved on. And the ACA is anything but perfect – it’s a fucking incoherent mess. And Romney Care Obamacare was never intended to be a path to anything better or different. It was specifically designed to head off progress toward a single-payer model and kill off employer-provided health insurance with the goal of shifting costs to individuals.

    At least President Obama is trying.

    I wish he would stop trying because his direction is the wrong one.

  • That’s right – I haven’t.

    That’s what I meant by “some shitty employer-based insurance”.

    Obamacare may be a somewhat “better” deal than the worst individual or employer-based plans out there but that’s pretty thin gruel for a “signature achievement”. I’m not begrudging the benefit some people have experienced in moving from “terrible” to merely “bad”. But Obamacare is clearly a step towards the crapification of the best in employer-based insurance so the small benefit some people may be experiencing is not going to balance the harm done to what used to be an important and invaluable employee benefit.

  • What is needed is a paradigm shift to make the exchanges about insurers vs regulators not insurers vs consumers HR-676.

    Fixed it for you.

  • And especially people who never in their lives have had to deal with employer-based insurance that operates on the same principles.

    That’s some really shitty employer-based insurance.

    But the media are missing that very point. It’s just like employer-based insurance–and for some people a better deal that employer-based insurance.

    That’s funny – I’ve had employer-based insurance for nearly 30 years, with companies large, small and medium, and I have never encountered anything even remotely as bad as the ACA

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    Yes, I’m sure there many voters who reject Obama because of his race. OTOH what does she think was the main reason he was elected in the first place?

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    Brian Beutler is one of the many Obama-bot hacks and ACApologists that Salon.com somehow finds the need to harbor. Of course, Salon also features one of the all-time great Dem-bot Obama fellators in Joan Walsh. If it wasn’t for Thomas Frank Salon would be a complete black hole of deluded Obama-bot support (Yes, I know this particular article is from the NR).

  • Reminds me of LA Confidential where the police were taking over the rackets.

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    Not until we are able and willing to face the fact that Kennedy was publicly executed by the military-intelligence establishment and that the highest government officials and the media conspired to cover it up.


    That is, unless you are a medical profiteer health insurer, legalized financial scammer Wall St trading firm, or shylock bank ….

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    What if someone in Washington were to speak? What if the unspeakable were made speakable?

    Well people, even in Washington, have spoken. And they’ve been doing it since 1963. The problem is that the official story (and that’s all it is – a story, and a rather unbelievable one at that) provides an easy cop-out: “Well, [...]

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    Just remember, if you wanted Democrats to eliminate all the Senate rules McConnell used, then you want Democrats to have zero power if a repeat of 2002 to 2006 occurs, so privatizing Social Security, voucherizing Medicare, eliminating unemployment and food stamps, repealing voting and civil rights, repealing clean air and water acts, eliminating Osha, EPA, HHS, etc, would all sail through on straight Republican votes.

    LOL, the last significant thing the Democratic Party filibustered was civil rights legislation back in the day when the southern segregationists were in the party. I guess I must have missed the Dem filibusters of the AUMF, Patriot Act (I and II), the Military Commission Act, Telecomm Immunity and all of the other noxious legislation passed in the name of the GWOT not to mention the Supreme Court nominations of Scalia, Thomas, Roberts and Alito.

    Don’t you ever get tired of posting your lunatic rants that have only a passing relationship with facts and reason?

    Why hasn’t this pathetic piece of shit troll motherfucker been banned from this site?

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    That’s absolute bullshit. FDR had an inclination to do the right thing. Obama never has. Also, Obama’s big appeal, practically his only qualification for high office was that he was supposed to be above crass political considerations. Now that was always bullshit and many of us (me included) didn’t fall for it. Its real chickenshit for Obamapologists (like you) to fall back on the “c’mon he’s just another cynical pol, what did you expect?” argument now. Those of us who tried to point that out six years ago were denounced as racists by you Obama-bot dickheads. Hate to say we told you so but WE TOLD YOU SO!!!

  • Then you still ended up with evil, and in fact, the more effective evil because the Democrats are perceived to be on the side of the worker.

  • This is why EVERY AMERICAN should do EVERYTHING THEY CAN to rid our country of the lying, dastardly, despicable, black-hearted bastards that are today’s republican party. This is exactly what their benefactors want. Lots of cheap labor.

    And of course there are no Democrats who are complicit in promoting cheap labor schemes like the H-1B program and the tax-favored export of jobs to low-wage regulatory black holes in the Third World. Didn’t Obama hire Mr. Outsourcing (Jeffery Immelt)as the head of his Economic Advisory Board?

    The Republicans are a distraction. They merely serve as a convenient foil to take the focus off the anti-labor practices of the Democratic Party leadership.

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    So the bottom line is that Obummer will rarely, if ever, do the right thing unless he’s publically pressured by a highly visible interest group that forces him into action by political calculation.

    By the way – IMNSHO he did not do the right thing last night. He’s merely offered a “not illegal” status to some the undocumented (it remains to be seen how many will be able to qualify) that still leaves them without the benefits of citizenship or a path towards same. This still leaves them at the mercy of exploitation at the hands of employers. That, along with his ill-advised expansion of the H-1B program, makes Obama’s proposal another anti-labor action by a president who talks a good game about supporting workers but doesn’t live up to his words.

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    What the fuck are you talking about? Webb is a well-known quantity – there are no surprises to be had there.

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    Is Obama not supposed to care about his party or its objectives?

    Where is one fucking shred of evidence that he ever fucking cared about the party or its objectives or anything other than his own self-aggrandizing, narcissistic agenda?

    People blame the President for a bad economy

    And why the fuck shouldn’t they? The motherfucker has had the job for nearly six years and in that time he hasn’t done dick to improve the economic fortunes of the non-oligarchic population. All he did was:

    - pre-compromise on an insufficient stimulus program that was heavily skewed towards tax cuts despite their recognized poor efficacy as economic stimulants

    - pass fake programs for foreclosure relief that only benefitted the scam artist mortgage servicers at the expense of distressed homeowners

    -presided over a multi-trillion dollar bailout of the white-collar criminal element that caused the financial collapse while putting everyone else on an austerity program in an effort to play grab-ass with an opposition party that wouldn’t even cooperate with him when he promoted their own policies (like the ACA and the Grand Bargain)

    - his “Justice” Department failed to prosecute the white-collar criminals and instead rewarded them with tax-payer financed sweetheart settlement deals while they enriched themselves by resuming the same egregious practices that led to the 2008 crash

    Under Obama a larger portion of the economic pie has gone to the upper strata of the population than under George W Fucking Bush.

    or bad international situation

    Yeah, his drone warfare, Afghanistan surge, resurrection of the Iraq War and acquiescence in the neo-con Ukrainian coup have been a smashing success on the international scene.

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    Agree with Coach Bill and TCU. Another Blue Dog selling kumbaya with the right-wing extremists. No thanks. Are guys like Webb really too stupid to understand that the Republicans do not want to and will not work with anyone from another party? They even oppose their own policies (like the ACA) when they are proposed by the Democrats.

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    And of course you’re all for the “individual responsibility” of corporations to pay their fair share of taxes on the trillions of dollars in profits they’re holding in offshore tax havens courtesy of accounting tricks that they’ve legally bribed politicians like Landrieu to write into the tax code. And I’m certain you’re all for the “individual responsibility” of banks and Wall St firms to conduct their business according to the securities laws and do their time when they willfully break the law and not rely on taxpayer-financed bailouts to save their bacon when their wild, speculative quasi-legal casino capitalism schemes go bust.

    Oh, wait. I forgot. You subscribe to the Leona Helmsley philosophy that “only little people pay taxes” and by extension only “little people” are subject to criminal penalties when they break the law and only “little people” have individual responsibility when it comes to government assistance.

    Instead of writing these inane posts why don’t you do something more useful like choking on your own vomit.

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    but there are differences. Great big wollywocking differences! For reals.

    Sure, the Democrats will kiss you first and use more lube.

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