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  • fredcdobbs commented on the diary post A decent nation would have impeached Bush and Obama by joe shikspack.

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    A decent nation never would have elected them in the first place.

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    Thanks – and I agree but I would submit that in the triage situation of 2009 jobs and housing relief should have been the most imperative issues. Obama and the Dems gave us Mitt Romney’s health insurance scheme and austerity instead.

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    No you ignorant dumb fuck! Why don’t you learn how to fucking read and stop putting words into other people’s mouth?

    Where do you get that I said that people voted for Republicans because they wanted and economic recovery, etc. ? That’s just another one of your stupid straw man arguments that doesn’t follow at all from the comment to which you’re responding.

    I clearly pointed out that voters not necessarily aligned with Republicans failed to turn out because Democrats gave them little reason to do so – mostly by adhering the the dumb, Republican-Lite, Blue Dog policies favored by Obama (and you). At the same time voters ideologically aligned with the Republicans and that have been harmed by economic injustice and not helped at all by the on-going Obama/Democrat Depression had actual Republicans to vote for.

    What don’t you understand about that simple argument which was clearly stated in my post? Oh, right, I forgot – you don’t actually respond to actual arguments you just make up whatever shit you want and make silly gotcha arguments that would embarrass a grade school child.

    The fucking Republicans did not force that stupid, jug-eared closet Koch-sucker Obama to hire fucking Tim Geithner to “foam the runway” for the white collar criminals with a muti-trillion-dollar blow job while those who lost their homes were raped by the criminal mortgage-servicing industry and those who lost their jobs were simply disappeared from the economic statistics.

    I am not a fucking Republican you stupid jackass. Do everyone here a big favor and go play with your shriveled-up old cock or go choke on your own vomit and die – anything but continuing to post on this site.

    Mods – please, please, pleas ban this fucking troll.

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    No matter how much progressives want Democrats to start tearing down Obama rhetorically right now, they are not going to do it any more than they have already done it. And the Blue Dogs did a lot of that. And still lost their seats.

    False equivalence. The Blue Dogs (and let’s not forget that Obama counts himself among them) criticized Obama for not being more Republican (or for being too progressive – yes, I know, WTF?). Progressives criticize him for not being more in tune with what voters actually want – you know, an actual economic recovery, accountability for elite criminals, less economic inequality, etc.

    The Blue Dogs lost because they were too out of touch with the needs of the ordinary voter to inspire them to go the polls while not being right-wing enough to appeal to hardcore conservatives who had ideological compatriots to vote for. They didn’t lose because they were too progressive or criticized Obama for not being so.

  • You do realize that the line about Democrats being blamed is from Pluto’s post – I quoted it in mine. But following on to your argument, if the Dems will be blamed anyway then why would they worry about standing firm against this particular rider (or the other noxious riders in the cromnibus bill) at [...]

  • If Obama vetoed, the ensuing shut-down (or default) would be blamed on the Democrats.

    So who is the multi-trillion dollar bailout going to be blamed on?

    And will those whose lives are ruined by the crash really care which party suffers politically?

  • More lesser evilism. How’s that working out for you? You were afraid of a Medicare voucher but you voted for a guy who gave us Romney’s health “reform” plan and a Ryan-lite austerity budget – after bestowing a multi-trillion dollar blow job on Wall St (you know – the guys who caused the crash?) along with no criminal accountability. I’m not even mentioning the continuation of the GWOT (Bush/Cheney plan) and no accountability for the unauditable Pentagon budget and no accountability for the CIA torture program.

    Your free to disagree and continue in your lesser-evilism delusions. Be prepared to have the football yanked out at the last second over and over again Charlie Brown.

  • Actually, no it isn’t and Obama’s rollover on the FISA bill while he was still a Senator is a perfect example. Even if Warren doesn’t run for president her credibility as a Senator and potential leader of a “progressive” (I still think it will be faux-gressive) faction within the party is at stake. Its never premature to start measuring the distance between a pol’s words and actions. OFG is right.

  • Unless there’s a filibuster to stop this horrendous piece of shit bill then all Warren and Sanders are doing is making a lot of noise. Giving into blackmail now just to get a deal that the Republicans need just as badly (or more) than the Dim-o-craps is just plain stupid.

    As for the “Warren for President” bullshit, get real. Warren was, until not too long ago, a Republican. She’s against single payer, all in on the GWOT and a first-class passenger on the AIPAC train. I respect what she’s doing on banking and finance in the Senate and I think that’s where she can have the most positive impact.

    And to the original poster – the contradiction between your story and the behavior of all of those Christians and Jews in the banking and finance industry just illustrates why those bullshit Iron Age fables are worthless nonsense. They long ago lost any meaning they had for most of those who profess belief in them (and don’t even think of trying the “No True Scotsman” argument on me) and only serve as cover (or even justification – see under Blankfein, Lloyd) for sociopathic behavior.

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    If the Democrats had just screwed over 50% of the people by messing with their employer benefits

    They did do this. It just hasn’t sunken it for most people with employer insurance. More and more companies are moving to private exchanges and shifting the risks and costs to employees and if you think employees will be adequately compensated for their increased you’re an even bigger lunatic than you appear to be (and that’s saying something).

    Want to talk about jobs? That’s the biggest issue people, even those who would ordinarily be Dem supporters have with Obama and the Dems. They lost their jobs after the crash and Obama and the Dems didn’t do anything meaningful to address this even as job losses continued during the Obama/Dem Depression. We are still missing millions of jobs and those of us who have been unemployed for more than a year may never get another one. So on top of the fact that you have no proof, other than your evidence-free assertion, that a single-payer system will cost jobs. In fact, one could argue the same thing about Obamacare.

    And what makes you think that doctors like Obamacare anymore than they like Medicaid or Medicare? There are plenty of stories about people having trouble finding doctors to take their Obamacare policies. Use the Google.

    Look, if you think your plan is so great, you should run on the issues for the Senate or House

    Actually, I think you should do this. You’re a big enough asshole to qualify.

    Your other “arguments” are too stupid to even try to address. My advice to you is to find a competent mental-health professional because you’re in serious need of some powerful anti-hallucinatory medications. I’m sure your crapified, don’t-get-sick Obamcare policy will cover that. Right?

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    So, you are saying replacing everyone’s employer benefit with Medicaid

    WTF? I never said that. Again, you are engaging in an intellectually dishonest gotcha argument – or, more correctly, feebly attempting to do so since a third-grader could easily see through your bullshit.

    What evidence do you have that progressives would have rallied the vote to increase the Democratic control in all legislatures and governors in 2010 to swamp the opposition to Obama and the modestly higher taxes in Obamacare?

    See above. And I have no idea what this has to with anything. Obama and the Democrats got their asses kicked in 2010 for the same reason they did this year. Failure to address the most pressing issue facing voters: the recovery, or lack of same, from the financial crisis (and 30 years of Democrat-abetted neo-liberal economic mismanagement).

    HR676 could not eliminate “profit” and shareholders from US health care. Not without nationalizing a lot of foreign corporations that provide medical supplies and drugs.

    Who, besides you, is making such and absurd claim?

    HR 676 creates so many losers,

    And our current system produces no losers? Get serious and don’t try to tell me that you’ve actually read all of the information supplied about HR676 and reasoned about it. All you’ve apparently done is regurgitate some bullshit talking points by some Obamabot hack.

    I have no more time to waste tonight responding to your inane commentary. Why you haven’t been banned from this site I still can’t understand.

  • fredcdobbs commented on the blog post The Study Health Care Reform Desperately Needs

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    Were you really born this fucking stupid or did you have to take lessons?

    Really, I’d like to know.

    Please point out where I advocated for a “free lunch health care reform program”. I’ll wait … What? You can’t? THAT”S BECAUSE ITS A TRICK FUCKING QUESTION YOU IGNORANT MORON!!!! I never advocated any such thing and neither did anyone else on this site.

    This “free lunch health reform program” you refer to is a silly, tired straw man argument you drag out for anyone who dares criticize the ACA.

    I notice that you have never bothered to address the real free lunches enjoyed by the Pentagon, intelligence agencies, Wall St, and corporations.

    Why don’t you actually read the links that marym has pointed out to you time after time after time. They address all of your points about funding and coverage.

    Of course, since you aren’t really interested in learning anything and only want to engage in intellectually dishonest argument I’m guessing that you just won’t bother.

  • fredcdobbs commented on the blog post The Study Health Care Reform Desperately Needs

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    So, why haven’t you run for office in a Republican or Democratic primary on the promise of hiking taxes on everyone to pay for the unlimited spending by everyone on their choice of medical care.

    No sensible single payer plan allows for “unlimited spending”. That’s only reserved for wars, the surveillance state and tax subsidies for multi-billion dollar corporations who then compound the problem by using legal accounting fictions to hide trillions of dollars of profits in offshore tax havens with the full complicity of Democrats and Republicans.

    Or are you going to advocate no choices, to cut costs, with your technocrats deciding what everyone deserves and where and how they deserve to get it

    This is exactly what happens now and has been happening all along with insurance company executives playing the role you ascribe to government.

    Or simply calling for the Fed to print money and just pay all medical bills because adding $15 trillion in money to the economy every five years will not cause inflation in a $15 trillion GDP economy?

    Your economic ignorance is exceeded only by your irritating nature.

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    Single-payer like HR676 which addresses all of the non-points you raised and as has been explained to you ad nauseaem on this site.

    By the way, Medicaid is a major part of the ACA so including it in your criticism is stupid (but I guess I should consider the source).

    Medicare would be a much better deal than most ACA policies even with its 20% co-insurance and other costs.

    The NHS, before it was subverted and undermined by neo-liberal hacks who have everything in common with the Dem hacks you worship, was a much sperior alternative to the ACA and even now probably still is.

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    If, contrary to my informed predictions, the results of such a study find a majority of people on did a very good job selecting the best policy for them, I will strongly reconsider my positions.

    So, if people did the best they could in selecting the least worst, crapified, over-priced don’t get sick coverage you would consider that success?

    if such a study shows most people did a poor job of shopping for insurance on the exchanges, the public should demand a mea culpa from President Obama, his administration, and the Democratic party leadership.

    So, no mea culpa for pre-emptively ruling out a superior solution (single-payer), selling out the public option in a sleazy backroom deal after cynically using it to promote the ACA, crippling an already flawed law with “features” designed to lure Republican votes (which never materialized) and satisfy an ill-considered austerity agenda? The only apology the public deserves is for not being “smart” enough to comprehend the awesomely brilliant, eleventy-dimensional plan devised by Obama, the party elites and industry lobbyists?

    Alrighty then.

  • free-rider-and-moocher-mongering is the hallmark of industry shills

    And such people always exempt their own free-riderism like companies with billions of dollars safely sequestered in off-shore tax havens through accounting tricks and Wall St criminals exempted from prosecution and able to offload their civil penalties to taxpayers with the full cooperation of the government.

  • No problem.

  • Yes it is most satisfying when someone else pays to cover most of your costs. Medicare costs are largely born by current workers not by Medicare premiums paid by the oldsters.

    Its been explained here my marym and others many, many times over that “Medicare-For-All” referst o HR676 which provides a comprehensive funding mechanism including a financial transactions tax. If you were paying attention you would know this and not make such an absurd statement.

    Moreover, all forms of insurance involve “someone else” paying for the costs of those who file claims. Get a clue.

  • ‘Keeping your plan’, ‘keeping your doctor’, ‘signing up is easy’ – all substantially true false.

    Fixed it for you – unless you would like to substantiate your evidence-free claim – asshole.

    Holding them to 100% perfection in all their statements

    100% perfection? They would need fucking warp drive to even be able to get to a place where they could even see 100% perfection with the most powerful telescope ever invented.

    And, by the way, its entirely fair to hold the lying, scumbag con-man Obama to his bullshit advertising claims like any other cheap salesman.

    Now go back over to Daily Kos and get out a tweezers and magnifying glass so that you can jack off over a “Yes We Can” poster.

  • And as far as Americans not liking it, you know that is mostly ignorance and the media buy-in and promotion of republican lies and disinformation.

    Oh sure. And there hasn’t been any ignorance (mostly of the willful sort) among the Obama-bot ACA apologist pundits in the media (I’m looking at you Dean Baker and Paul Krugman).

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