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    You will find almost no infectious disease expert who would support this move.

    Well there’s this



    Just saying …

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    Well no problem Rory. I never asked for the service of anyone in the GWOT so I don’t feel compelled to thank anyone for doing it. I would have preferred if they had not signed up or resigned in protest but I would concede that that’s really asking too much. And I don’t think your service [...]

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    Well Jon things aren’t looking good for the vast majority of people in this country. Why should the Democrats be any different or of any more interest?

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    Seriously what fucking color is the sky in your world?

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    But how does attacking Democrats who were blocked by Republicans and Bluedogs from doing more than Obamacare

    How, in your estimation, did the Democrats try to do more than Obamacare? They stood idly by when Obama barred single-payer from even being considered and Baucus had single-payer advocates thrown out of the hearings and arrested? They did nothing about Obama selling out the public option after using it to sucker dumb liberals (is there any other kind?) into supporting the ACA. Since no Republicans voted for the ACA it was Democrats and only Democrats who refused to do more.

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    If the extreme right, the fake Progressives, and the neo-liberals would just get the hell out of politics then all this crap wouldn’t be happening.

    Yeah, like the biggest lying, scumbag, pus stain, piece-of-shit, fake progressive neo-liberal prick – your hero Barack Obama.

    Compared to many other leaders though President Obama is actually doing a pretty [...]

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    Are you really this fucking dense? Aren’t you aware of how Wipro, Tata, Infosys and other Indian-owned outsourcing firms use the H-1B program to fuel their offshoring business? And its not a matter of the H-1B labor stealing our jobs its how employers in league with foreign-owned offshoring firms are exploiting this program to make [...]

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    This is the system working exactly how it should.

    Actually, no it isn’t Jon. Explain to me why a health-care worker who was in direct contact with Ebola patients in West Africa should not be quarantined for the incubation period of the virus before entering the country? Yes, the risk of infecting others is small but we don’t have 100% perfect knowledge of how the disease is spread. Otherwise how did the nurses in Dallas get infected even while taking vastly more (but admittedly imperfect) precautions against infection than anyone outside that setting would?

    The problems associated with after-the-fact contact tracing in a densely populated area such as NYC argue for a quarantine for those at high risk for exposure as a common-sense measure to avoid having to chase the horse once its out of the barn.

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    As long as we have a continuing jobs crisis in this country all guest worker programs should be severely curtailed if not eliminated. No guest-worker visas should be renewed when they expire. If the visa holders have not gained citizenship by that time they should be sent home. As bad as companies like Facebook and [...]

  • Hey Chris – don’t work so hard! The Democrats are doing a good enough job of suppressing their own vote as it is. They don’t really need any help.

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    To mindlessly claim that “we need a return to the Fairness Doctrine” is proof you are not paying attention – contrary views are constantly being expressed to counter facts based on facts being opinions.

    This is a really stupid argument (big surprise considering the source/snark).

    On matters of fact uninformed opinions that aren’t supported by facts do not deserve equal time and I seriously doubt that the Fairness Doctrine would have allowed them. That would be equivalent to giving equal time to the flat earth theory, the Earth-centered universe or the idea that the moon is composed of green cheese.

    Just because hack news outfits currently promote the expression of uninformed opinions contrary to established science merely because the opinions are ideologically compatible with the political views of the news outfit does not mean a sensible Fairness Doctrine could not be established.

    The misinformation and disinformation promoted by the news media which includes not only the right-wing outlets but propagandizing by tribal Dem loyalists like the Obama Cheerleading Channel MSNBC and concern trolling by so-called “centrist” sources such as CNN, PBS and NPR is a major problem. We can’t merely throw our hands up in despair and claim that nothing can be done.

    The real problem is corporate control and consolidation of the news media. When there were many independent sources there was less opportunity for coordinated disinformation and misinformation campaigns. Enforcing the antitrust laws and reviving whatever laws used to prevent media consolidation would be a good start but don’t look for your hero Obama or his DOJ, FTC or FCC to do anything about it.

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    LOL – a perfect illustration of the “no true Scotsman” fallacy.

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    Plus no matter what he says there is no way the Rs in congress will ever vote for it, anymore than some of his Ds. I could say a lot about his race too. But best leave it alone.

    Bullshit. The Republican obstructionism excuse doesn’t explain Obama’s first year in office when he could have at least pushed for a lot more instead of pre-conceding to a minority on every single issue. Don’t forget that at that time Obama was swept into office because even Republicans were sick of Republican extremism. Obama deliberately chose a team and a course that pulled what should have been his best punches when what was thought to be his opposition was not only on the ropes but almost down for the count. The reason we don’t have more of what we wanted is because Obama and the Dems aren’t, and never were, in favor of it.

    And I’m sick and tired of this meme that Obama really wants to govern as a progressive but is restrained because of his race. That’s just dumb Obamapologist bullshit.

    I mean here we have a guy who cynically exploited his racial identity to con dumb liberals (is there another kind?) into voting for him. If he had been just another white guy his thin resume would never have vaulted him into a position to run for President. He never intended to be anything other than the well right of center, market fundamentalist, toady to the MIC and national security state that he always has been. Live by identity politics and die by identity politics.

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    Well for those of us who have been disemployed its a little hard to to take comfort in the fact that other nations are doing worse while our lives and careers are being destroyed. At this point I personally don’t give a shit about what’s going on in countries that I don’t live in – I live here and need to find work here.

    As for the rest of your silly arguments the US does not practice “free-market capitalism”. It practices corrupt crony capitalism, that is, socialism for corporations, the wealthy and well-connected and high-tech feudalism for the rest of us. Even if your argument was true you can’t just say that everyone affected by this ongoing crisis that has not been meaningfully addressed by either party has to accept their lot until we can replace free-market capitalism.

    And who, besides naive juveniles like you really gives a shit what Obama would be “pissed” about. And why would he be “pissed” if the Republicans win the Senate? That just gives him more of a built-in excuse to do nothing except scratch his balls in the Oval Office for the next two years and pretend that he cares.

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    Talk is cheap. Obama’s MO is to give lip service opposition to things that his actual actions zealously protect and defend. If he is so against Trickle-down economics then what the fuck were we doing with Turbo Timmy – Mr. “Foam the Runway” – as Secretary of the Treasury for Obama’s first term?

  • Sometimes I would get called for jobs that were so new the software just came out a few days or a week ago and get rejected. I would like to know where they found the person that knew the stuff.

    They didn’t. The fix was in and the job posting was a sham to justify either an internal hire or foreign guest worker. Those people didn’t know the new software either but the requirement was used only to screen out any other applicants and demonstrate to any regulators who might look (probably none did or would) that no other suitable applicants could be found.

  • Those workers were paid pennies on the dollar, and yes, they may have been “indentured” to the originating company who got them the initial visa, but MANY of those workers are NOW citizens here, still living in Silicon Valley and having brought over their families, too.

    So what? What does that prove? What about the American workers they displaced? What about their families? Sorry but this country does not owe a living to foreign workers. Let them earn a living in their own countries, just about all of which have strong barriers to entry for foreign workers. Legal immigration, within reason, is one thing. But guest worker programs are not needed here and should be banned and rolled back when millions of qualified Americans cannot find work.

  • Its not enough that they make the same wages. If they’re not citizens they are not as free (or not free at all) to be hired be any employer. That’s not true of H1-Bs (sponsorship required). We have too many qualified Americans that can’t find suitable work to justify bringing in an army of foreign contract labor that are indentured to either their foreign-owned staffing firm or their American sponsor and don’t have the same rights or require the same benefits as American workers.

    In the tech field, foreign labor is used to undercut wages and displace American workers by discriminating against them not only on the basis of gender or race but also age. There’s an entire industry built around this practice of “insourcing” which is a gigantic free lunch to the techno-liberturdian John Galts of Silicon Valley and corporate America in the rest of the country.

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    The Dems haven’t produced (yeah, I know; it’s because of the TGOPers, yadda-yadda)

    No its not.

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