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    Where are the anti-Obamacare ads from the left?

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    It does not help to declare that it cannot be done.

    Who declared that it can’t be done? Please point out those words to me in my post. Can’t find them? There’s a good reason for that. I didn’t write them ! There already is a lot of popular support for single-payer even among those who have probably [...]

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    There are currently 60 co-sponsors for HR 676. All of them, so far, are Democrats.

    So out of 191 Democratic representatives only 60, less than a third, have signed on as co-sponsors. My understanding is that Rep. Conyers has introduced this legislation every year since 2003. These facts perfectly illustrate why we don’t have an improved [...]

  • I don’t think Erik will be swayed.

    Not the point. I’m just trying to smack down his bullshit for the benefit of others who might be taken in. I couldn’t give a puddle of cockroach piss what his reaction will be.

  • President Obama’s Presidency has already been ruined enough

    And he’s primarily to blame. Did the Republicans put a gun to Obama’s head and force him to:

    1) hire Wall St toadies Geithner and Summers to “foam the runway” for the criminal organizations that caused the financial collapse while doing next to nothing for the commoners who suffered most from the crisis

    2) hire another Wall St. toady Eric Holder to turn a blind eye to the largest and most destructive white-collar crime wave in history

    3) put up an overly complex and fraudulent program to “help” underwater homeowners that not only helped very few people but was easily exploited by the mortgage industry to further screw homeowners including some that were not even behind on payments!

    4) adopt a hands-off, trickle-down stance to job creation after his initial inadequate and poorly targeted stimulus program ran out of steam

    5) compound problem number 4 by “pivoting” to an ill-advised and destructive deflationary policy of austerity including the Cat Food Commission and the sequester

    6) spend much of his political capital on a market-fundamentalist health-care “reform” plan after rigging the game against the more popular single-payer and public option plans

    7) continue and expand on the Bush-Cheney panopticon surveillance state and program of covert wars

    I could go on and on about the unforced errors made by Obama and his administration. That’s what has ruined his presidency which has been a failed and disastrous experience for tens, if not hundreds, of millions of Americans who were starving for intelligent, competent leadership in the wake of the Bush-Cheney disaster. Instead all they got were the platitudes of a con man and Reagan acolyte who wanted to exploit his racial identity in service of a continuation of the failed and misguided policies and ideas of the Reagan Revolution.

    The most charitable explanation one can give to Obama is that he’s simply incompetent and was not capable of fulfilling the political or executive demands of the job – and I think that much is clearly true. But the actual truth is much darker. Obama always intended to rope progressives into accepting a continuation of the ever rightward drift of the Democratic Party.

  • Rubber stamping? Its called a majority. The filibuster allows disproportionate representation of views held by a small minority of the population because of the undemocratic structure of the Senate. And the Democrats are not going to make use of the filibuster (not that they’d get the chance – the Republicans will eliminate it the minute they take over the Senate. Just as the Democrats should have done). What is the last piece of meaningful legislation or appointment that the Democrats actually prevented by filubuster? AUMF? Patriot Act? Patriot Act II? NDAA? Roberts or Alito nominations? Nope.

    Let Republicans take away the health insurance of tens of millions of people and end the payments for medical treatment of millions of patients.

    Insurance coverage, especially the overpriced, craptastic, don’t-get-sick kind provided by Obummercare, does not equate to actual health care.

    Let the Republicans legalize polluting the water and air. Let the Republicans make killing workers and consumers legal

    These things are already legal in any practical sense since regulation and enforcement has been gutted and castrated by both Democratic and Republican regimes. Deregulation began under Carter and gained steam under Clinton. Obummer and his hand-picked Wall St toadies Holder and Geithner bascially made financial industry crimes legal by their “look forward not backward” approach.

    Let Republicans cut Social Security and Medicare.

    OBAMA WANTS TO DO THESE THINGS!!!!! Its been his wet dream since before his first term!!!!!

  • Despite following politics professionally, I still find it tough to understand what the Democratic message is this year

    Let me remedy that for you. The message is the same as it is every year:

    “We’re not the Republicans, although we’ll do a lot of the same things your life will be just a small bit less miserable, or just as miserable but for different reasons, if you elect us. We really couldn’t give a shit about you between elections but we do appreciate your gullibility and blind loyalty as long as the polls are open.”

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    Obomber has shown himself to be a willing tool of the war industry and their legion of apologists, enablers and cheerleaders in government, the media and academia. The son of a bitch should be in the dock at the International Criminal Court under indictment for war crimes instead of being a Nobel Peace Prize recipient. [...]

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    I have written to them specifically on this issue. They always send a nice reply about how they’re happy to hear my concerns but they are Dem/Obama loyalists right down the line and will stick with the party line no matter what. They have about as much chance of losing an election as Stalin or [...]

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    Agreed. The problem is that the Democratic Party leadership wants nothing to do with HR-676 and Obummer’s new Secretary of HHS gave assurances that single payer would not happen on her watch.

  • It does seem though that overall the ACA is more likely to be a net positive as far as effect this November.

    And of course, that’s all that matters – the ACA’s effect on giving one side of the duopoly or the other an electoral advantage. The hell with whether or not it actually provides people with affordable access to health care, which is not the same thing as having “coverage”.

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    Well if I understand what you’re saying (and I’m not 100% sure that I do) you’re describing a possible path to qualifying for a subsidized Obamacare policy. Thanks but no thanks. The deductibles and co-insurance would still be killers in my current reduced circumstances.

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    The problem with Obamacare is not that no one is helped by it but that whether you benefit from it or are screwed by it and the degree to which you benefit or are screwed is practically a lottery. Moreover, you may benefit from it for a while and then get subsequently screwed by it [...]

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    If BHO had been running against any visibly sane and sober candidate…

    He was. Her name was Jill Stein. And its not that she was not “permitted” to run its that a candidate with a platform that is truly different than the Republican, right-wing extremist agenda would not be welcome in the Democratic Party because they prefer their only slightly watered down version of the Bush/Cheney/Romney agenda.

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    And of course two worthless, lying bags of shit like Obama and Romney are the only possible choices. Way to dig deep CNN/ORC. Ignore the real problem when its staring you right in the face.

  • A news station founded by Microsoft and NBC. What could possibly go wrong?

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    So Obama is in the McCain/Palin “drill, baby, drill” camp? What a shocker /snark.

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    LOL – Obummer’s “signature” achievement was a bad idea hatched in a right-wing think tank, first advocated by a Republican presidential candidate and first implemented by a Republican governor (you know, the same guy you tribal Dem, Obamapologists told us would bring about the end of the civilized world if he were elected president).

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    What I believe Clinton would have done as president, which the country needs, and which Obama failed to do, is to clean house in government. Get all the Bush cronies out of there.

    WTF? Are you daft? There are some Bush cronies for sure in the Obama WH but the real damage in terms of failing to address the financial crisis and the resulting on-going depression is the fault of all of the Clinton cronies and their acolytes hired by Obama.

    And by the way, its delusional to imagine that war-monger, WalMart board member, “free”-trade cheerleader and Wall St darling Hillary Clinton would have been any better than Obama even if you are probably right that Obama would have supported the AUMF if he was in Congress at the time. She’s simply a dog with different fleas.

    I’m not a Democrat so I supported neither one of these completely despicable individuals in 2008.

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