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  • Zuma is a distraction. Although the ex-guerilla has more personal credibility than his predecessor, pampered Mbeki the HIV-denier, their party the post-liberation ANC has devolved into bling-bling neoliberalism while continuing to cover for their crazy Zim uncle, Comrade Bob Mugabe. So did you really expect Zuma would speak home truths to Il Duce Geddafi? As for the African Union, it’s still the same dictators’ club which got a Geddafi-sponsored makeover a few years ago. History moves on, potbellied bigmen have been deposed by the scrawny unemployed of Tunisia and Egypt and this is only the beginning. Eventually the tropical part of the continent will get into the act, and then it will be the Maghribi population including free Libyans who will save the African Union rather than viceversa. The U.S. will continue to play its opportunist role, but “even a broken watch tells the correct time twice a day” so our government may occasionally do the right thing for the wrong reason…

  • eCAHN’s comment seconded!

    at best, sachs is now calling for charity to patch up the unfortunate victims of his preferred shock doctrines. this cosmetic makeover coincided with his hasty departure from harvard after a russian corruption scandal nearly got him (some context here.)

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    I was going to respond, “When finance capital phones in”, but then I realized that you are indeed correct.

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    Surely even our inept and overpaid intelligence establishment can work out that short-termism is a bad bet these days–even if the son of the founder of Operation Gladio is genetically programmed not to be able to see beyond his portfolio.

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    Robert Fisk, citing research by Nicholas Noe: For the past 2 years Wisner has been an employee of Egyptian govt law firm Patton Boggs. Does the power elite know how to spell conflict of interest?

  • …suffice it to say I have reason to believe that Zizek is, at times, full of shit.

    and clearly, also, reason to know that he is, always, full of spit.

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    Reportedly Ghana is not backing Ouattara at full volume, and this is disappointing, since the current President of Ghana owes his own victory in a nailbiting 2008 runoff to a no-fuss concession by the then incumbent party. Ghana’s aloofness may reflect cocoa interests, and the name Gaddafi also comes to mind based on some recent, nearby civil wars probably including Cote d’Ivoire itself. Gaddafi or no Gaddafi, arms and drug traffic is rampant in the vicinity. US policy in West Africa lacks credibility, having blessed too many army juntas and fake elections in the past e.g. for the sake of Nigerian hydrocarbons, and having at the same time pushed savage neoliberal cuts in public education etc. through the IMF &Co. So, the US suggestion to retire Professor Gbagbo to a quiet villa on Antigua or a midwestern U.S. university campus won’t help much.

  • From the same editorial:

    I no longer think that commentators such as John Naughton were exaggerating when they compared the Karzai regime in Afghanistan with the corrupt and incompetent puppet government that the United States put in place in South Vietnam in the 1960s and 1970s. By the same token, Washington and NATO are seemingly becoming increasingly mired in a campaign bearing uncomfortable parallels with the war in Vietnam.

    The devastating Nam=Afpak equation surely explains why Ellsberg jumped to defend Manning and Assange. Only difference is, now we have the smell of depleted uranium in the morning…

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    Too bad that Rahm’s annointed competition sports a record in the Senate which was distinguished (as widely reported, <e.g.) by unprincipled lobbying on behalf of Nigerian kleptogeneral Sani Abacha. So, Chicagoans get to choose between two machines, both colored green, ethnicity the only diff. Coke or Pepsi? MacDo or KFC? Either way, political diabetes awaits.

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    Manning is a patsy.

    Many ways this could be true. Some of my maximalist friends started right off suggesting that the cable leak itself was bait, but I think “the law of large numbers” rules that one out of court. Suggestions that Israel is grossly underrepresented in the <1% published so far could be explained in numerous ways, including media cowardice before The Lobby (or as Juan Cole prefers, The Lobbies), as well as hyperclassification of such material above the level to which Manning was qualified (= my pet theory). At the low end of the scale, Manning was the ill-fated target of a very fancy burn utilizing previously established assets in the media and hacker communities, simply with the aim to stop him before he leaked again. In that case, there was no preconceived plan to flip Manning or or misrepresent his interaction with JA to permit the latter's indictment/extradition/rendition/drone takeout. So yes, a patsy, but of which type?

    PS this seems like a good opportunity to contribute to the Marcy Fund, which I haven't done in awhile…

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    here is the correct link to the merged chat logs

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    Impressively BS-free. Was it really broadcast over teh television?

    Best moment is JA’s use of the term “civil”–enough to gladden an old Gramscian’s heart.

  • “Small and poor are both relative terms and neither describes Nigeria…”

    Nailhead is obviously hammered by his global-elite perspective. In fact, Nigeria’s citizens are among the most economically immiserated and politically degraded of population on the African continent. Translation for the reality-impaired: the vast majority of Nigerians are both poor and politically small — as opposed to Nigeria’s predatory class, alias big men, a good chunk of whose bling is bought with bribes from Shell, Halliburton and their partners in organized neoliberal crime. Dick was a heavy capo in this syndicate, and he would face the music if Nigerians could receive justice. Instead, it’s just another payoff.

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    us all

    who’s this “us” you refer to?

    wikileaks leaks for me.