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    John was the leader….

    That was the understanding at the time (1960s).

    And it is also interesting that as 1970 began, BBC Television (British Broadcasting Company) selected three people for “Man of the Decade” honors. One was John Kennedy, the other was Mao Tse-Tung. The third was a 29-year-old Musician (and the only musician to make that list).

    It was John Lennon (chosen for his multifaceted impact, and leadership — both musically and intellectually) on the 1960s.

    It has only been after Lennon’s murder, during his absence, that there has been an effort made to cast all the Beatles members as effectively ‘equal‘, and especially to portray Paul McCartney in an enlarged way as “Mr. Head Beatle“, and much ‘deeper’ than he really was.

    While they were all talented, and no one denies Paul’s songwriting output, the truth is that John wrote The Beatles cutting edge & most creative material (with a few exceptions noted). He also pushed the Band into thinking more and more abstractly about Music itself (into psychedelic material), and popularized the use of surrealism in music, and also wrote all their big “message songs” (“All You Need Is Love”, “Revolution”, etc.). In short, he was a true ‘original‘, and transformed The Beatles into something more significant than just a very successful music act. He also was the one who was the most passionate & outspoken, and used his position in the Band as a public platform to challenge authority, to think for yourself, and speak out for various causes (and reject War)…or as Lennon himself might’ve put it: “To Change The World“. And he did.

    You can’t really be more of a leader than that.

    Paul, while talented, was always a conventional, down-the-middle, pop-oriented, and commerically-focused writer. Unlike Lennon, he did not take big risks, or try to rock the boat too much. This was important also to the Band, as Paul helped to smooth off John’s rougher edges (otherwise The Beatles might have only had a cult following).


    It is interesting to contemplate how things might be different today had Lennon remained alive. He certainly would have had something to say, and a presence to be felt, about the Reagan “greed is good” years (Central American warfare, Iran-Contra), and a lot of to say about the decade of War & Torture, and Police-Statism that we are all going through now. No other Rock figure, even other 1960s heroes, have been able to mobilize and create a large populist backlash in our culture — with memorable music — during Lennon’s absence.

    Perhaps that’s also why he was killed (CIA)

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    This was no “suicide”, and it is hard to take……

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    Michael Ruppert , investigative journalist and author of Crossing The Rubicon” , as well as a former Los Angeles Police Department officer with U.S. intelligence expertise, has been murdered! Ruppert was in good health, and only 63 years old. Of course, they are officially calling it a “self-inflicted” suicide (gunshot). This happened after he was recently heard in good spirits, [...]

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    Shillary Clinton is nothing like Bill Clinton.

    Shillary Clinton is just Dick Cheney in drag: a Warmongering, Neocon-Club-insider who never met a War, War Crime, or U.S. created Murder and Violence that she did not love, seek, and directly participate to help happen.

    She is also a chronic liar, and propagandist, and laughs out loud (literally) at issues of injustice and death. She is one of the most repulsive people in all of politics.

    She must be stopped! She does not represent any of us, or where the Party should be going.

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    I’m not saying our behavior is as bad as Putin’s, I just wish we weren’t even in the contest..

    The behavior of the U.S. is worse….far, far worse than Russia and Putin.

    We have invaded how many Nations? Iraq, Yemen, Afhganistan, Libya, Sudan, Syria, Pakistan, etc.., with direct War, War Crimes, and physical Violence. And the CIA has orchestrated a coup in the Ukraine, and in Venezuela (and are still working at it with a $5 Million Dollar budget in Venezuela). And We have perpetrated Human Torture, and Detention Camps where you are guilty until … (there’s no until).

    After as we are the World’s greatest perpetrators of violence, murder, and destablization of nations on the planet — we say to Russia that they are breaking international law??.

    There is no contest here.

    The U.S. is the most anti-democratic Country the World. Not only does it woefully fail election standards, bill of rights standards, freedom of press standards, whistleblower standards, health care standards, and international law standards, but it also systematically and aggressively works to obliterate and overthrow any Country, whether democratically elected or not, that ever tries to assert any independence from its tyrannical control.

    There is no worse example on the face of the Planet than our corrupt (and totally dishonest) U.S. Foreign Policy. It is pure insanity on a 24/7 basis (and at the cost of Trillions of dollars).

  • Woah…wait a minute folks.

    Obama has not changed here (or brought “change you can believe in” either).

    He still philosophically supports the Social Security cutbacks, and he has a track record dating back 6 years that show that very conclusively (and very consistently).

    He has simply deferred implementing this SS cutback right now, because 2014 is the year of Congressional Elections in just another 6 months. He knows that there would be a massive counter reaction that would hit the ceiling once a budget like passed so close to a major election.

    So his goal of Social Security cutback have simply been deferred for now. But just watch what he does at the end of 2014, and all throughout 2015. Obama’s Chained CPI Social Security Plan will be back once again.

    And with Obama, you can believe in that!

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    Hugo Chavez (killed by the CIA from cancer bioweapon), and now Nicolas Maduro have been winning the fight against imperialism and foreign control of their Country. Good for them. They serve as perhaps The World’s only examples of Liberals who fight for what they believe in, and call out their attackers (US-CIA, US-Corporations) by name, [...]

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    I remember when Pelosi also “came out” for not passing any Health Care Reform without a public option, then obediently did whatever the hell Obama and big business told her to do.

    Remember Pelosi was also going to end the Iraq War too way back in 2006 (and then aggressively pushed through each and every War funding bill that came along with zero resistance).

    Pelosi just does what she is told to do (which is why she was placed in the Democratic Party “Leadership” position).

    There is no leadership to be found.

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    Hillary Clinton is much, much worse than Bill Clinton ever was on policy matters. She agreed with every reckless act of War, and all the War Crimes that Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld committed. She even defended the use of Human Torture right on the Senate Floor. And she defended her unwavering support in 2008 for the slaughtering over one-million Iraqis , [...]

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    In regards to ” if the evidence that Kennedy would have withdrawn..etc”, there really is no ifs, ands, or buts about it here. Kennedy’s formal, official, and documented policy in the fall of 1963 was for the planned withdrawal of forces from Vietnam. He also had refused the pressure for escalation many times (preventing a major buildup). [...]

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    The the alleged “missile gap” of the 1960 campaign which was referred to, was not part of Kennedy’s actual policy here. This was just hot air during the campaign when he running against Richard Nixon. Once in office, Kennedy engaged in World Disarmament, and not escalation. Once again watch the real history: Not to an Arms race, [...]

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    Video: A President Betrayed

    This is the real history.

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    William Blum is obviously a Bill O’Reilly-esque type of Kennedy character assassination, smear artist who is just peddling lies and propaganda here. —– John Kennedy was not merely ”

    giving speeches

    ” here. You want actions? Kennedy provided actions — serious actions — the type of actions that no other President has ever dared to do: 1. He refused to bail [...]

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    Your conclusions are totally wrong. President Kennedy had documented his policy in 1963 of withdrawing 1000 troops by Dec. 1963, and having all personnel out of Vietnam by 1965. Kennedy was pressured many times to do what Lyndon Johnson did but refused. There was no Land Invasion, no Air Strikes, and no War (as we know it) [...]

  • It’s a great idea.

    But there is also the unaddressed problem of how our Monetary System works (which is run by the same predatory Banksters). The “Federal Reserve” is not a federal agency, or public agency. It is a for-profit, private Monopoly owned and operated by the Robber Barons (Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Warburgs, Goldman Sachs, Morgans, Lehman Brothers, etc.).

    They (and the the government) control The Nation’s money. They create it (which it should be created directly by The U.S. Treasury at no debt), by correlating it with public loans, or government bonds. So every dollar that gets created, it an instrument of debt which must then have to be paid back by other money above the principal. Where does this money come from? From you and me (via taxes, and public debt).

    But it gets worse. Goldman Sachs creates our money (for profit), and then all the Banks are allowed to grant loans under the concept of Fractional Reserve Lending. This means for every $1 in existance, Banks will grant multiple loans on that same dollar and take back interest payments on non-existent money. The whole thing is a giant pyramid scheme (or ponzi scheme) that leads to a distortion of the U.S. Money Supply.

    This is why regardless of whether we are in a “recesssion” or not, and regardless of who is President or not, or who runs Congress or not, the cost of food at the grocery store and other (non-retail) fundamentals always goes up — no matter whatever else is going on. The Money Supply is contantly in a state of rapid expansion.

    And then the Federal Reserve in secret creates Trillions of Dollars, and in secret just gives it to Foreign Banks, Wall Street firms, and Foreign Governments. Who pays for that? Once again we all do, because the exponentially expanding money supply assures that the purchasing power of U.S. dollar will be less than before (in relative terms).

    Of course the wages of the working class can never keep up with this massive erosion of the purchasing power of the U.S. dollar.

    The phony “Federal Reserve” was created in 1913.
    The value of a 1913 U.S. Dollar is worth just 2 cents today.

    It is the most elite of the predatory institutions, and it needs to be brought to an end. President Andrew Jackson killed the predecessor of the “Federal Reserve”, The Second U.S. National Bank (which was modeled after the corrupt Rothschilds “Bank of England”).

    We need not to just audit the Fed, but to finally bring it to an end.

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    This is a sad commentary, not on the matter of polarization, but on the state of people who call themselves “Democrats”, and the number of these people who are approving of Obama’s (Bush-Cheney III-IV) policies.

    We know why republicans don’t like it (because they are spoonfed daily talking-points about Obama being a “socialist”). But the real question is why are “democrats” approving of Obama?

    All Obama has given us is more horrific Wars, more Secrecy, more criminalization of whistleblowers and truth-telling, more Corporatism, more poverty, more snickering and disparaging of the political ‘left’, more loss of our civil liberties, more “Trade Agreements” designed to hollow-out American Manufacturing, and more letting of Wall Street criminals and War criminals completely off the hook.

    A proper poll would have Obama unaminously unpopular.

  • John, I heard on a radio program that you were working on a new Documentary (about Garrison and Kennedy). Is this true? Any details?


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    > “Oh JFK was very much a hawk..” Absolutely false! Kennedy was under intense pressure by the Joint Chiefs, the CIA, Congress, and some elements of the Media to start an invasion with Cuba, start an invasion in Laos, use the Military in Berlin, and of course start a major ground troop and Air invasion in Vietnam. [...]

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    > ” The political characters you mentioned wouldn’t dirty themselves with operational details. ” I agree with you to a point, but some of the names that I had listed also clearly did have a history of dirtying themselves (Jack Ruby, E. Howard Hunt, Frank Sturgis, David Morales, Emory Roberts – the secret service agent seen right [...]

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    Yeah, this is just the tip of the iceberg. I put the blame on the CIA’s: Ed Lansdale, William Harvey, Allen Dulles, Charles Cabell, David Atlee Phillips, E. Howard Hunt, Frank Sturgis, Earle Cabell, Guy Banister, Dr. Alton Ochsner, Clay Shaw, George H. W. Bush, Averell Harriman, David Rockefeller, Ruth Paine, James Angleton, Curtis Lee [...]

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