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    Haven’t come across a plan for that yet, though there are a few nascent ones visible. Decay of A-A empire & its frenzied color revolutions is causing Russia-China-Stans-Iran to grow closer together.

    Interesting points. I think those are more related to elite interests coinciding which i think is far more frequent, I was considering more where those with “little” political power banded together as larger movements. Think Ron Paul Abolish the Feds Libertarians marching with disenfranchised African Americans and Environmentalists. Can almost see the first two, but harder to get more inclusive without a deliberate policy,goal that can generally appeal. Maybe the best course would be to divide the elites like D/R divide Hollywood and chamber of commerce.

    Actually, w.r.t Pol Pot, I think economic issues will inevitably lead to people banding together. Problem is, those tend to be messy. When the peasants revolt they either get crushed, or crush. I have said a few times that TPTB are playing with fire. Dumbing down education, desensitizing violence, and police state mentality does not normally end well for the 1%. France, Russia, China, off the top of my head. FDR was a aberration, IMHO.

    The problem with economic matters is that they aren’t that important by themselves. But that’s the number one issue for Americans you’ll say. I know what you mean, but hear me out. If you can’t trust the governmental system then it doesn’t matter. If we don’t enforce our laws equally, if we say we tax wall street at 1%, but we really don’t, it doesn’t matter. That already happens with large enough corporations. How many laws were ignored to allow our economic crisis to happen, more than a few.. That’s the inherent problem with our system now. Economics is extremely important, but only if people think the system is fair will they buy in to it. Its also the one with the most powerful organizations and resources to fight it. While the NSA is sweeping up everything you’ve ever done (or can be alleged to do) and using it to destroy your character its going to be hard to get such a movement going. I would say even impossible. So while privacy doesn’t get much time in traditional Liberal circles, it can’t be ignored. By the same token you can’t fight for privacy without considering the economic angle. No one in Silicon Valley cared until it started costing them money. I am not sure that one is possible without the other. Well, food for thought anyway.

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    I agree with you but I am not sure it will work in practice. The “Liberal” infrastructure is just as heavily invested in dividing the masses as the 1%. They may do it for different reasons but the effect is the same. The suffrage movement for women and African Americans is a perfect example. Two repressed groups that desire equality, but they never work together. Its both extremely interesting and sad.

    There are all these liberal groups with their narrow interests and they can’t see how things are interrelated. Their pet projects are so much more important. I guess its easier to get emotional over gay,black,animal,etc. rights than just people rights or citizen rights. There are a few things that no one considers sexy (except maybe those crazy libertarians) that are fundamental foundations that every interest group should be pushing. Rule of law, equality under the law, privacy, free speech and government accountability. Instead we’ll trade someone who seems to be ok on a lesser issue like say gay rights, for the lesser evil as long as we think our pet issue will benefit. Think Hilary Clinton and Feminism, Obama and Race, Democrats and Environment, etc. The unions are happy to screw over new hires if they keep their benefits, etc.

    I don’t know how you get through to people. History doesn’t provide any guides I’m aware of. I’m sure that nothing will change until people start looking at the larger issues though. The only thing that matters about any movement in regards its success is its size. Any deficiencies can be overcome just by adding more stakeholders, more people invested in the outcome. I’ve not found many willing to listen to “broad” issues though. Its too threatening to whatever it is they feel applies to them personally.

  • But the movement does have very real demands and Obama heard them yesterday. They demand that the federal government use its power to prosecute police officers who kill or abuse people.

    We have a saying in Tennessee. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice.., you can’t be fooled again. Duh.

    They really shouldn’t be described as demands, they are really requests or suggestions. ‘Demands’ suggests negotiating from a position of power, this definitely isn’t the case.

    As Yates put it, the meeting was an “affirmation that this movement is working.

    This tells me they are falling for the same white wash as always. Its so sad to see desperate people fall for the same old lies. Doubly so because race has been used as the key issue to divide the disenfranchised since before the country began. As long as they are struggling for Black
    Justice instead of just Justice, it will never end. In fact, I’d bet it gets worse no matter the optics.

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    If it makes you feel any better try rural Appalachia. You can find injustice meted out to whites all day long.

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    Not if the DA didn’t want one, no.

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    I’m not sure what to say about this case. There tends to be an extreme reaction to any, as you say, Michael Browns’ that comes and go. Justice doesn’t seem to matter to any of the commentators, which is just sad. The left leaning blogs all describe Brown as being shot in the back. Only the fatal shot was from the front. Now the story seems to be there were no shots in the back. Maybe it doesn’t matter, but it doesn’t help an outsider get a better picture when it doesn’t seem like there is an unbiased source of information. The law enforcement PR isn’t any better, I’m not casting stones on that angle. I’m just whining because I don’t see anyone concerned with the Truth or Justice. Its all part of a larger cause, racism, police brutality, tribalism — but those very causes are a determent to Justice.

    The only thing I can take from the episode is that the JD handled it poorly (I would say obviously corruptly). That “grand” juries should not be secret, or that there should be any secret evidence after the fact. Perhaps that there should not be grand juries at all if they only serve as a rubber stamp for the prosecution. Certainly all police shootings should be investigated by an outside group.

    So your rhetorical questions are duly noted, but I think the real “questions of Ferguson” are not those. I’m more concerned about what if Wilson is really innocent? Is there anyone concerned about that. Had the same thoughts about Zimmerman and came away convinced he was, but the smart people could never see past the racism part. We’ll never do anything about racism until we can control our biases.

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    My sincere condolences. Its difficult to be physically away from family, especially during life milestones, much less the early passing of a loved one. I’m sure he was proud of you, all of your work that I have read has been exemplary. I think you honor him through your shared goals and values. It’s great that he tried to connect with you and your work. He sounds like a great dad and a great guy and the world will be poorer without him.

  • Nice article Kevin, and may I say, welcome to the Gray Side. Its a little smaller but the company is good. The good news is that today’s society is so interconnected and specialized that it won’t take riots in the streets.

    The money changers are more vulnerable than they have been precisely because they have put themselves at the top of some sophisticated pyramids. Get the same number of people who decided not to vote, not to go to work for a few days and it could crash the whole system.

  • If what they wanted was to serve the 1% then that would align nearly perfectly with their actions. Their policy goals have never really changed, they’re the same as the Republicans. Its like two different advertising companies trying to sell the same product in different ways.

    Their PR is running out of steam because you can only lie so many times to the same group of people before they figure it out. So the R will win a few cycles, with the same basic outcome as if they hadn’t, until the populace forgets how corrupt the Democrats really were. The biggest impact will be on the D shills who have been riding the roller coaster up hill all this time screaming about the lesser evil.

  • Good work as always kevin. I do have a quibble with the Mayor’s statement that voting would fix things in Fergusion. Want change, vote it in. Somebody should tell Obama..

    I think having the police live in the town they are policing is a smart move. Good pay and training are also important. Its hard to shoot someone you saw grow up no matter how “scary” they are. Its also why foreign occupations almost never work out well, which sounds increasingly like what Ferguson is.

  • Obama has to ignore it. He could stop have stopped it at any time, so he is as responsible as anyone. One thing Democrats aren’t good at is taking responsibility (who is?). Plus, he needs this to blow over so future protests can be handled the same.

    The local politicians might have to deal with the political backlash. Time will tell if they are sincere. The national governance structure has a lot invested in making sure the surfs don’t get too uppity. For them its not about racism or militarization, its about dissent which can not be tolerated.

  • I have a question. Does it surprise you to get questions or push back when you report on these things. As if its all old news and needn’t be covered, or if its “inconvenient” for whatever political flavor of the day need be protected. I imagine that most people, especially those here, are very supportive but I wonder some times if that is really the case. I’d bet a $100 that no one here would make comments about your work if it were still the Bush Admin. Do you find the professional left as hypocritical as I imagine them to be? Just curious. Great work, btw.

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    For every over the top offensive reaction, somewhere there’s an equally offensive counter-reaction, and then a just as offensive counter-counter reaction will occur somewhere else.

    I expect a certain amount of partisan hackery, but are you really equating the deaths of hundreds of people with destruction of property? Seriously?

    As if there is some balancing act going on here where anti-semites can run to paris to make up for any oppression Israel commits. The people dieing and the people rioting are totally different people. Just like the paris shopkeepers aren’t the ones pulling the trigger in Gaza. There’s no balance here, just destruction and suffering.

    Tribalism is far more damaging than any other ideology. Thanks for pointing that out,.. again. /s

  • An armed rebellion on US soil aimed at destroying the United States for the purpose of retaining and expanding black slavery is entirely equivalent to extra-judicial executions of Americans (and others) on foreign soil.

    I guess if you were in China you’d be telling us there was a threat to government property by anyone in the way of a tank.

    rocketscientist has a point. We’ve ignored the Constitution in the past especially for non-whites. Where he is wrong is that it’s never been a good idea no matter what justifications were used for it. The whole idea of a Rule of Law is that it always applies to everyone equally. Government is worthless without that. RS is using tribalism to deal with some cognitive dissonance. Its the tribalism that leads to the wrong conclusion i.e. justifing the murder of thousands of innocents to protect “unity”.

    So you can either stick to your principles or go down the path of countless countries (Germany, Russia, Italy, etc.) and yes we’ve (USA) been here before many times.

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    Maybe she’s just got a kick-ass knack for sarcasm. Either this is a poor misguided child who probably needs mental help (not jail), or my future soul mate and bearer of many children.

    Anyone who has the balls to tell the FBI

    she was training in military tactics through a non-profit youth group called the U.S. Army Explorers and that she hoped to share what she learned with Islamic jihadi fighters.

    deserves a medal. For what, doesn’t matter, how about Irony for a start.

    I’m afraid the end result is that we’ll witness just how idiotic a jury and our justice system can be. Maybe there should be a medal for that…

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    Ohh, the Evils of the Republican “base”.

    Please, make fun of the rednecks all you want, but don’t confuse it for anything more than mental masturbation. If you can find a way to feel excited about the suffering of others, well that’s probably a good survival skill that will come in handy. There is certainly plenty of suffering in store for us all.

    Just don’t think it will actually help anything. Holding on to your old partisian schtick isn’t going to accomplish anything and it never was. You can write as many of these Diaries as you want. Until the majority of us see the corrupt 2 party system for the scam it is, we are doomed. You’ve had control of congress and the executive and the 99% are still as screwed as we’ve always been.

    One post after another about how dumb those Repubulicans are, how gullible.. Gullibility is not limited to the South my friend. Its doing the same thing again and again, but expecting different results.

  • Yes, ma’am!

    Give everyone someone to hate if you want them to love you. I think its a sign of the stressful times we live in that such educated people can be fooled so easily just by giving them an outlet for their anger. All you have to do is justify their irrational rage, and they’ll love you for it.

    Left, right, and center. We all need someone to hate and fear. It seems that there isn’t much of a “line in the sand” that we wouldn’t cross for tribalism’s sake. The comments here, the articles itself even, show that to be true.

  • He *IS* the worst President. Any rational actor would have to conclude that. It is only deeply delusional partisans that can defend him.

    Murder without trial. Illegal wars of aggression. Illegal / Unconstitutional .. just about every thing. Reagan liked his death squads, but he at least pretended to not know about the particulars. Obama, like Stalin, perfers a hands on approach. His economic policies are crap. I can’t of anything good about the man in balance. Any decency he might have is far outweighed by the sheer evil he inflicts here and abroad.

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    Its not incoherent, at least in this case. There are many things that are “good” but should be moderated. Food, alcohol, water, etc. What I see are two charts that say we like immigrants and see the benefits they bring but we think the rate of immigration is too high currently. Given the economic situation I don’t find that particularly surprising.

    I think buying a house is a good thing, but that doesn’t mean I should buy one *today*. As far as polls go, this one might be the most coherent I’ve seen.

  • True, true. Either way he looks like an idiot. Former member of NSA, who apparently have a program to discredit those they disagree with using propaganda and social engineering — either falls prey to same tactics or is too dumb to know he has something to hide.

    If the NWC punishes him for inappropriate pics, considering what the military gets up to these days, I’m afraid the irony may obtain critical mass and unleash untold destruction or at least chuckles from millions of internet users.

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