• No aircraft were involved prior to the destruction of the buildings. The US had scheduled an elaborate drill that had a large portion of fighters away from their usual locations. It’s one of the points people unsatisfied with the official explanation often cite.

    But the first fighters over NYC were F-16s from the VT Air National Guard. They were there within hours of the attack.

  • The F-35 is supposed to do some incompatible things. It has the added benefit of driving out any kind of competition. If it can do everything, why do we need anything else.

  • Army officers should be all for it. Soldiers die because the AF is not especially interested in the close ground support mission. The army has all those helicopters because the AF has limited the army’s ability to operate fixed wing combat aircraft.

    The A-10 was actually effective. (The AF didn’t want to buy it.) The F-35 will be the worst of the lot–high minimum air speed, small payload, limited loiter time, and vulnerability to ground fire. The F-35 may be the biggest boondoggle in the history of weapons procurement.

  • part of what lost her the primaries against Obama.

    She didn’t lose the primaries to O. She got more primary votes than O. She lost the caucuses, where a small number of people with high intensity levels can dominate.

    I think the Clintons are far too corporate-owned

    If you bother to check contributions in 08 you will learn that the financial industry and the pharmaceutical industry gave more to O than either H or Mc. There is a comforting myth that liberal voters rejected H and selected O. In fact, the PTB knew a Dem would win and did not want H. The only way to stop “Ms. Inevitable” was to take black voters, the most reliable segment of the Clinton coalition, out. The way to do that was with a black candidate they could count on. They did it and he paid off big time.

    Since Bill Clinton rejected Heritage/Dole/Obamacare as worse than nothing, the idea that Hillary is tied to it doesn’t hold.

    Afghanistan was O’s “right war” during the campaign. It where he planned to, and did, make his bones.

    Hilary Clinton is a 3rd Way Democrat, but even among 3rd Way Democrats you don’t find many to the right of O.

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    This may be one of those occasions where the left and the right can find common ground against the Powers That Be, much like opposition to the bombing of Syria. Conservatives do not look favorably upon the surrendering of US sovereignty to international anything. And quite frankly I’ll link arms with just about anybody who wants to oppose moving from the US judicial system, flawed as it is, to a Star Chamber composed of a rotating group of corporate lawyers on leave from their real jobs.

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    He really wants the TPP and the Grand Bargain. Harry Reid isn’t going to let the procedures necessary for the TPP come up for a vote at least through November. And Elizabeth Warren is doing her best to change the debate over social security to how much it should be increased. Finally, there are Democrats who would like to continue to be elected after O goes on to a life of post presidential splendor.

    I’m not sure he can deliver on his end of the deal without more Republicans. The PTB seem determined to increase the number of their kind of Republicans who aren’t going to worry about impeachment if O is delivering on his promises. I’m not sure it’s a bad bet for him.

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    You may be right, but conviction is a high hurdle.

    My guess is O gets the TPP and a REALLY Grand Bargain,thus achieving the objectives of his groomers oh those many years.

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    Looks like drone shooting could be a national sport.

    Expand your horizons. Drone shooting isn’t much of an advance over skeet shooting. We need ARMED drones. Think of the fun involved in launching a Hellfire missile. We could have drone target parks with easily reconstructed apartment complexes and manikins dressed like wedding parties. And a drone flying over the old homestead offers a much more effective defense against burglars than an AK-47.

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    Thinking of another vehicle to “save” is a joke. It is not possible for most people to “save” enough individually to support their retirement, especially with interest rates at .01-.25%.

    $5.00 every 2 weeks? You’ve got it! This isn’t a retirement plan. He must have had air time to fill. This plan doesn’t produce enough assets for somebody in the 1% to stoop to pick it off the sidewalk. Even if a lot of poor people do it, it doesn’t amount to anything. (If anybody has the inclination, calculate how long it takes for $130 a year {$5 every 2 weeks}to turn into $15,000 compounding at 0.25%. Hell, be generous. Maybe interest rates will go up. Compound at 0.5%.)

    This is a cynical ploy to give hope to people who desperately want to believe in the man and are financially illiterate.

    Your plan has my vote eCAHN. Nice job.

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    And to add a bit to your point, Germany can pay its workers that much and continue to be export driven because German goods are valued in Euros. For Germany the Euro is a significantly undervalued currency. For southern Europe it is a substantially overvalued currency. So the Germans get the trade advantages of an [...]

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    I think that a policy of unrestricted trade, taking advantage of the willingness of other nations to send their real wealth to the US is better for us and also seems be what our trading partners want right now.

    Who is “us?” The costs and benefits don’t flow equally among us. The idea that a 50 [...]

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    You might want to give some thought to the context in which that young woman is spending her life. I’m not sure that hanging on street corners, playing touch football, listening to rock and roll and going to dances was the optimal use of my time. And I was surrounded by tangible evidence that if [...]

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    I don’t know that life was better for working people BECAUSE the mob was operating. It’s trivial to demonstrate that life was getting better for working class Americans when the mob was active and isn’t now.

    There is plenty of snark in my comment, but there is a real element of frustration under it. Why could the U.S. government learn everything about the mob and bring it down, but be entirely unable to prosecute banksters who destroyed the economy and the retirements of millions of Americans? Do you think the destruction of a quarter of West Virginia’s water supply is a non-violent act?

    I’d rather not have to choose between Jimmy Hoffa and the Koch brothers picking the president, but I see no reason my life would be better with the latter in charge. Fine, you broke up the mob, but your activities were used as part of what brought the union movement down. Union busting is not a non-violent activity. Today the lives of organizers are still threatened by thugs, For some reason the phones of the people involved are never tapped.

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    Maybe it’s me, but it seems that the Teamsters did a lot better for their members when they had ties to the mob. Has anyone seen the movie F.I.S.T.?

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    Others might want to get well and not be able to pay for it. I guess they go out and die.

    And the no witted think if we didn’t have health insurance the family doctor would pull a cat scan out of the old black bag for the price of a $5 house-call, $4 if you go to the office.

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    They knew. Nuclear carriers are designed to operate in a nuclear environment. The Reagan could measure the level of radiation to which it was exposed. There are nuclear engineers on a CVN. Do you think a sudden burst of hot air or a metallic taste would have no meaning for them? Additionally, the US and [...]

  • Hi PW.

    Impact Fees are not as bad as you make them sound. Absent impact fees, the taxes for increased school capacity, roads, sewage, etc. are not going to be paid by progressive income taxes. They are going to be paid with property taxes of people who live in the area. Impact fees associate the true cost of a new development with the development. And they partially cover the new costs. Impact fees may cover a piece of school expansion, but the cost of educating new resident children and current children will be blended together. Initial roads may be funded, usually in part, with impact fees, but they will be maintained by the larger community.

    Impact fees, if properly applied, also ensure that the costs of infrastructure for new shopping centers and the like are spread more widely than the town or county on which they are inflicted.

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    On economic issues I think it’s difficult, but not a complete waste of time. A majority of Tea Party members prefer tax increases to cuts in social security benefits or Medicare. Also, the coalition opposing bombing Syria was constructed out of the left and right without “many sensible people” of the center. And restraining the [...]

  • I’m sorry to come so late to an important conversation. I think the kind of transparency you’re talking about makes us vulnerable. You mentioned THE BUBBLE, which is in part about the ability of people with information about us to manipulate what we view. There is tremendous power in that. To take a trivial example, I’d like to lose weight, but I like to eat hot fudge sundaes. A restaurant that makes an excellent hot fudge sundae often sends me a coupon on Fridays. (It has my email address because I like the coupons.)I expect these coupons have some effect on whether I go out or stay home and microwave Lean Cuisine.

    Now take it further. How much can I be manipulated. Transparency doesn’t mean accuracy. Can government or industry magnify the worst of me for control or profit? They will know what I’m likely to believe. They will be able to stir my emotions. I search on DUCKDUCKGO less because I don’t want Google to track me than because I don’t want Google predicting the responses to my search.

    Thank you for this discussion.

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    I gather you are unaware of polls that have demonstrated viewers of the Jon Stewart show have a more accurate view of current events than viewers of major news programs with Fox news bringing up the fair and balanced rear.

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