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    Thank you Peterr. I really needed this today.

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    And I assumed your virtue gleamed with such brightness that it kept them at bay. :)

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    Hi eCAHN.

    How is it that the recruiters managed to miss you?/S

    Happy New Year!

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    Obama voters owe their allegiance to the policies they voted for, not the man who lied through his teeth to get their votes. O. campaigned on the need to renegotiate NAFTA. Not only has he made no attempt in this direction, but his top priority seems to be passage of the far worse TPP.

    If O had no idea of what being our leader would be like, that would be absolute proof that he is unqualified for the job. Personally, I think he’s getting a lot of exactly what he wants.

    I’m profoundly disturbed that so many obamabots give blind allegiance to the man at the expense of the programs he claimed to support.

    Please provide a link to the reading that leads you to believe O enthusiastically supports Elizabeth Warren to be our next president. I enjoy historical fiction although this sounds more like fantasy.

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    What is your problem? As eCAHN pointed out, the evidence that N. Korea actually made the attack is more an assertion than evidence. Do you find it likely that N. Korea, with one of the smallest internet footprints in the world, has the ability to take down Sony? Sony is a Japanese corporation. The Japanese government has yet to link N. Korea to the attack.

    In the past month O has forced through a continuing resolution that significantly weakens the reliability of previously earned pension benefits and repeals some Dodd-Frank prohibitions on big banks speculating on derivatives with FDIC insured deposits. He is “triangulating” with Republicans to pass the Trans Pacific Partnership. It’s hard to know what’s in it since it’s secret from everybody, including congress, except a few corporations. Apparently it would put a tribunal of business executives from 3 other countries above the US supreme court on issues of labor and environmental law.

    You often make substantive comments about major issues erik. This is not a rhetorical question. What would O have to do to cause you to give up this mindless hero worship? If O is playing chess, YOU are a pawn.

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    Somehow enough Americans were able to overcome their racism sufficiently to elect Obama president twice. It’s time to accept the racist element as a constant. The decline in support for O over time has more to do with the continuing decline in wages and benefits for middle class Americans. It’s increasingly obvious to his base that he’s just not that into them.

    O’s job approval ratings vary. There is no reason to believe the level of racism varies with comparable speed. You CANNOT use a constant to explain a variable.

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    I support Obama’s changes in immigration policy and relations toward Cuba. But it’s critically important to remember that his savvy business buddies do to.

    They like cheap immigrant labor and have watched with growing frustration the growing ties between European and Canadian businesses and Cuba. So O gets the applause and Republicans don’t take the hit in Southern Florida.

    The blue dogs who begged O to defer actions on immigrants lost anyway. On the other hand, an improved turnout among Latin American voters could have tipped a few congressional races.

    Then there is grand bargain lite in which heavy lobbying by O stopped progressive efforts to strip a frightening provision allowing multi employer pension funds to substantially lower pensions of current employees and even already retired beneficiaries. And if derivatives go belly up because of falling oil prices, the FDIC, banks not too big to fail, and taxpayers will take the hit while Jamie
    Dimon takes his raise and bonus.

    That’s Obama, working for the people who orchestrated his election 24-7.

    We know how STUPID you are.

  • :) But next time don’t hold back, tell us how you really feel.

    Moderator, their should be a hall of fame for truly outstanding posts. I nominate fredcdobbs for the original number 1 spot.

  • Right, he should stick to bailing out big banks and hedge funds and subsidizing the pharmaceutical and health insurance industries like we elected him to do.

    Besides, he likes to move forward and this event is already over, like torture and financial crimes.

  • Could you provide me with the name of a prison where the guards torture and sexually abuse the children of the inmates? I’ll read it in the morning.

    Good night to all.

  • I’ve seen more than enough relentless misuse of ‘Zionist’

    NOT BY ME!

    Now, if you have any interest in discussing or refuting the evidence of Israeli torture and sexual abuse of Palestinian children, I am willing to continue the conversation. Otherwise, consider your effort to hijack the thread a success.

  • The fact that the rockets did not kill more Israelis is a blessing. But it demonstrates the near total disparity of the two sides. The Israelis are a nuclear power with greater military capability than the rest of the ME combined, backed by the United States. The fact that the Israelis can torture and sexually [...]

  • I love the way you clowns toss around ‘Zionist’ as essentially an analogue to Nazis.

    Please don’t put words in my mouth. Feel free to examine my history. I never said anything remotely along those lines.

    Can we get back to the torture and sexual abuse of Palestinian children now?

  • Are you trying desperately to direct the conversation away from Israeli torturing and sexual abuse of Palestinian children or are you arguing that the behavior of adult Palestinians justifies the torture and sexual abuse of Palestinian children?

  • Stop confusing him with facts.

  • Read a history that wasn’t written by a Zionist. It’s recognized in Israel that 750,000 Palestinians were forced by Zionists to flee their homes in the period around 1948. Jewish Israelis have a peculiar notion of Palestinian Israeli citizenship. It makes Jim Crow look like utopia. They can’t even be confident of keeping their homes [...]

  • Even if your point were valid and it isn’t, (More media attention was devoted to ISIS in the past six months than to the torture of Palestinian children in the past six years.) would that wrong justify Israeli actions? They are directing overwhelming force to the destruction of the Palestinian people. Between $3 and $5.5 [...]

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    I truly enjoyed you post on Thanksgiving. I now do my FDL reading/skimming at the end of the day. You brought back lots of memories of large family gatherings. My mother’s parents and my great grandmother lived together. Thanksgiving was at their house with a huge extended family. We had the usual turkey, mashed potatoes, [...]

  • Our rulers are of an entirely different breed than us.

    I’m old enough to remember when we had public officials rather than rulers. It seemed to work better back then. I believe they were genetically similar to the rest of us.

    Off topic, but as long as we’re chatting, what happened to that trick you promised President Obama was going to pull out of his a hat last weekend?

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    I wrote 21 before I read that far.

    We’re constructing a new recipe for a vanilla martini with Amaretto instead of Frangelico. If it works I won’t be around to tell you about it. If it doesn’t, we keep working on it.

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