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    I’m sorry, Kathryn, marriage does not need a team manager.

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    I don’t know where you’ve been, but it’s been a political issue for years. You want to use current grief as a shield for your point of view. That’s sick.

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    The NRA argues that if you have gun control, crazies will still try to kill people with other means. Today twenty-two people (including a lot of children) were stabbed by a psycho at a school in China, but no one has yet died.

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    Food: The best supermarket near her is Fairway at 132nd & Riverside (added bonus is cute firefighters shop there en masse all the time). But there’s no reason to cook. NYC is chock full of diners that serve everything and do it well for a reasonable price. Find your favorite diner and go there at least 4 times a week (“Seinfeld” was not exaggerating, people eat at diners all the time). Ask the locals (around school, work & home), they know all the best deals. For example, my wife worked near 9th Ave. in the 50s and she found out that area is full of cheap, wonderful Thai places. You can get a great lunch for $7. That’s the biggest secret of NYC: eating well doesn’t have to kill your budget. Avoid eating in Midtown east of 8th Ave and west of 5th — it’s bound to be a tourist trap and/or godawful chain restaurant. Avoid Starbucks, there’s a better alternative on every block (coffee carts in the morning). Don’t be afraid to try a food cart especially if there’s a crowd, they have some of the best cheap food. Best cupcakes are Sugar Sweet Sunshine on Rivington. Bagels are overrated.

    Services: everything can be delivered — food, groceries, dry cleaning, medicine, etc. If she doesn’t have laundry facilities in her building or even if she does and she doesn’t want to be tied to watching a washing machine, you can get your laundry done (they charge by the pound, fold it brilliantly and deliver if you don’t want to haul it). There are a million versions of every service, if you don’t like one use a different one.

    Parks: the best part of NYC in my opinion — lots of wonderful parks. Of course there’s Central Park, but every neighborhood has their own park. My favorite was Fort Tryon up in the 190s — beautiful views of the Hudson and the George Washington Bridge and a great botanical garden. You can walk the whole length of Manhattan on the west — there’s a path that goes from Battery Park to the top. Riverside Park stretches from west 78th to 158th and the part at 153rd is a hidden gem. And it’s not just sitting, a lot of the parks offer ice skating, soccer fields, basketball, etc.

    Transportation: subway, subway, subway (and buses). Use the subways to go up and downtown, use the buses to go crosstown (very few subways go crosstown). The subways are 24 hours, but the service is spotty very late (e.g., there might be one train every 30 minutes at 3:00 am). Cabs are ever present, but don’t use them during the day if you can (subway will be faster). Have your walking shoes ready because if you can walk to something in 15 minutes you will (in lieu of hauling your ass down into the subway). If you aren’t sure of where you are, stand out of the way until you figure it out. NYers biggest pet peeve and why they seem rude is they hate people stopping in front of them when they’re trying to walk somewhere. The city is a grid above 14th Street, have a map with you for anything below 14th. Get a subway map; it’s an easy system, but it will seem confusing at first. Know which exits at your subway stops close early/open late (e.g., if you get home after 10:00 pm, you may find that the exit closest to your apartment is closed). Some subway stops have limited access on the weekends. Broadway Ave starts on the west but as you go downtown it ends up on the east side. The FDR is the highway that runs up the east side of the island, the Henry Hudson (or West Side Highway) obviously on the west. For airports, obviously LGA is the closest, but don’t be afraid to use Newark if you can save some bucks (you can take a bus into the city). Avoid JFK if possible, unless you like 2 hour subway rides/long & expensive cab rides.

    Miscellaneous: Find bathrooms along your daily route — you are bound to have to take an emergency dump/piss at least once and you don’t want to have to bring a change of clothes; I think there’s an app/website about NYC bathrooms. Carry a small bottle of Poland Spring with you — a small bottle of good tasting water. Bring wipes with you, never telling what you may accidentally touch. The reason most people don’t make eye contact on the subway is people in NYC try to carve out any amount of privacy they can. Yes, you’re on a subway car with 50 other people, but just bring a book to read or headphones and go into your own space like everyone else. There are crazies, but there’s also cops everywhere (but be aware of your surroundings at all times). There are parts of every borough that are awesome (e.g., if you didn’t go into Queens, you wouldn’t be able to visit the fantastic Bohemian Beer Garden). The museums are great, my favorites are the Natural History Museum and the Tenement Museum. Carry cash, you’d be surprised how many places don’t take cards. The alleged rudeness of NYers is vastly overstated. The city has its own rhythm, when you find the groove everything will be fine (and you’ll find most people are nice). Become friends with your building’s super — they’re invaluable assets. “Tips” (i.e., a little light grafting) goes a long way. We greased the wheels with our super and got a better apartment. Go to the Strand bookstore at least once a month. Sunday brunch is the most holy time of the week. Don’t go in the ubiquitous electronics stores, they’re scams (go to J&R or Best Buy instead). As some other commenters have said make sure you have a good pair of Wellies and other rain gear (you might want to carry a poncho in your bag). Have a good heavy coat. Within two weeks you’ll be bitching about the annoying tourists. The pigeons and squirrels are not afraid of anything. Finally, those cute little animals you see playing on the subway tracks are rats.

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    I remember that Warren interview, but didn’t know there was such a kerfuffle over it. Good, it was an embarrassment.

    Planet Money has some interesting stories and solid reporting, but the personalities of the hosts/reporters are hard to take, led by Davidson who is the embodiment of the worst aspects of Ira Glass turned up to eleven but minus the charm.

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    Sally Ride, a hero to millions, dies this week with her partner of 27 years at her side. But according to some doddering old fool, her relationship could never be as true as this one.

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    I don’t know much about color, but I think if you favor pink, you don’t want to make your skin a shade between Oompa Loompa and Boehner.

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    I declare it “National If You Agree With Liberals Don’t Say Anything On Your Blog Day”.

  • All three of those dissertations sound interesting to me, especially the one about housing. Does she know that many minorities were pushed into sub-prime loans even though their credit history and financial situations made them qualified for better loans?

    This is so aggravating to me. She says this in her pathetic defense: “If the dissertations in question were written by white people, I’d call them irrelevant and partisan as well.” I’m sure she would since each dissertation considers black people’s roles, which are void ab initio as important topics because nothing is worthwhile unless it is written for and about those great white men who did everything important, full stop. And you have the silliness of her defenders coming out in force today, being totally ignorant (in some cases willfully) about the arguments against her, just as she was pig-ignorant about anything relating to black studies, history or any other subject that doesn’t begin with “Naomi” and end with “Riley”.

    There’s no amount of vitriol that exists that she doesn’t deserve. In 500 words she shit upon hours, days, weeks and years of hard work and research. If she was reviewing anything else — a new car model, an Asian fusion restaurant, the films of Adam Sandler — and admitted to not bothering to engage in any way beyond looking at the name of the thing, she would have been fired and nobody would even defend her. FFS, this whole stupid episode should be entitled, “Naomi Can Read, She Just Doesn’t Wanna: or Why We Need Black Studies More Than Ever.”

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    She didn’t know that the Founders originally had a sixth clause in the First Amendment that protected “talking out of your ass about shit you know nothing about.”

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    If it weren’t for TBogg, Sadly No, Poor Man, etc. I don’t know if I would have stayed sane back in those Bush years (esp. 2002 to 2004). They let me know that, yeah, I wasn’t imagining things — the clowns were running the circus. Thanks for that.

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    Now Easter is ruined for Mark — every time he hears the story of how Jesus’s body was missing from the tomb, he’s just going to think “must have died in a black neighborhood.”

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    May I suggest another tag for these Breitbartian conspiracies: “The Rand Corporation, in conjunction with the Saucer People…”

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    As soon as black people start carrying to protect themselves from these neighborhood groups, you’ll see the law repealed faster than you can say “Mulford Part Two”.

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    Conservatives are going to freak when they find out that Obama’s using WOPR to run analyses of each team.

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    Whenever they’s a black woman to smear, I’ll be there. Whenever they’s a boy setting up a rape scene on a houseboat, I’ll be there … I’ll be in the way the rich yell when they’re slightly less rich an’ — I’ll be in the way conservatives laugh when they see poor people getting the shaft. An’ when our folks take the stuff made by cheap labor an’ bitch about a 15% capital gains tax — why, I’ll be there.”

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    Downplay is what kinky geese do.

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    Oh, now I see the Bush 41 vomiting incident in Japan in a different light. 2 Leaders 1 Lap?

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    I hate reading self-filibusters. It’s like crossing a 19th century academic with a four-year-old telling a story.

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    For Shins fans: NPR has launched a new iPad app for their music site and The Shins will have an in-app concert on March 7th.

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