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    Dear justasking, for the sake of argument, lets say the (Latinos)drivers involved in these six terrible incidents are all undocumented immigrants. I am still not sure what conclusion you are reaching. What do you mean to suggest? Are you saying that immigration policies like Operation Steamline should not be relaxed, in order to prevent or [...]

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    Thumbnail The immigration reform debate is once again national front page news. It would seem at present U.S. is on the verge of really tackling the issue and reaching political reform consensus. Yet the nation may just kick the immigration can down the road once again. Which may be the best outcome of the current debate, [...]

  • If only this bipartisan commission was less about making loud noises and more about reforming immigration policy! Some may interpret as a good omen the fact that four Republicans are among the proponents, but we have seen the same guys back down when confronted with opposition from their party’s right wing. And the right wing is in unmistakable opposition to any softening of the immigration policies, amnesty or not.
    The proposed citizenship pathway is to be implemented once the nation agrees that borders have been “secured”; that does not sound so encouraging.
    Lets see how far this develops. Maybe the upcoming Obama immigration proposal will just sweep this under the rug.

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