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    the only way i am watching dressage is if the owners give the horses a happy ending.

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    schilling is the shell cracker of the lobster circuit.

  • The Romney clan will be balls deep in wholesome family entertainment that is for sure. Perhaps a return of the variety show as tv staple. more hee-haw, carol burnett and the mandrell sisters type entertainment. the all jug band might even become a revival act that plays the shed in the middle of nowhere ciircuit. lollapacornmash.

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    ross douthat doesn’t always masturbate, but when he does, he reads sylvia plath while he works his way into it.

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    you have to read the top paragraph in the superstock funny car drag racing na na nationals voice, and the second paragraph in a voice that sounds like what chickens would sound like if they could talk and had received divinity homily training.

    protesting nickelbacks is one of their more least objectionable stunts.

  • Maybe Karen was pro-choice and pro-birth control when it was illegal, but then when it became legal it lost its appeal to her. Maybe she is fighting to make it illegal to make it fun again. Maybe she married ManOdog, because coaxing the jizz out of that closet case was a challenge. Maybe Santormentum and hating gays is trying to put the old-timey fun of possibly being beat up any time you leave a queer bar back in being gay. Maybe its just about adding spice back to life. It could just be that she likes having outsider views and loves pain and humiliation. It would explain why she has 8 santorum-babies.

    Sadomasochism is a hell of a drug.

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    obama is just like rommel!!!

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