• The slippery slope is clearly a myth in this case, as pointed out. But, bigotry like this should be met with “What is wrong with letting an adult, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, or religion, marry any and all consenting adults?”

    They try to play to Islamophobia. Women ARE treated poorly in many countries, and the problem is gender inequality and “polygyny only,” not polyamorous marriage. There are ALREADY and always have been homes with three or more adults sharing their lives. It hasn’t been a problem, as long as it is where women have the very same freedoms as men and equal standing before the law. I am against polygyny-only. I think women, like men, should be free to marry a woman, two women, two men, a man and a woman, etc. All of the paperwork issues can be resolved. There’s no reason why we should go on with the current model, which says it is perfectly legal for example, for a woman to live with two men, have children by both of them, but NOT be legally married to both of them at the same time, even though all agree.

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