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    “Stakeholder”. Someone should run one right through it.

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    It’s taken me the best part of a billable hour to locate Section 1401, put on my galoshes and slog through it, but here goes: Since you asked, I’d argue that if you read Section 1401 (specifically, god help me, (b)(2)(A) of the new Section 36B of the IRC), the premium assistance credit is to [...]

  • I didn’t see the show, but how did he dismantle years of hurricane preparation? He’s done so much awful stuff it wouldn’t surprise me, but how?

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    I am appalled at the published opinion I just read. Absolutely appalled. It reminds me of something my Crim Pro professor said back in 1985: “don’t even try to reconcile all these search and seizure cases. You can’t do it anymore. Just remember the rule: if the cops find drugs, the search was lawful.” And [...]

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    It’s hard to tell what is scariest here: is it the private contractor doing the “study” with police cars in the parking lot to give the impression that this is official? Is it wondering what would happen if you *did* tell everyone you didn’t want to participate? (I mean, one result could be a cop [...]

  • There really isn’t any question that Mary Grice didn’t get the money. Her father died in 1960. Social Security paid survivors benefits to his 5 children. According to the Post, “Until the kids turned 18, Sadie Grice got survivor benefits from Social Security to help feed and clothe them.” Actually…no. Survivors benefits are owed and [...]

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    Anybody else hear Obama touting that people had signed up for “private health insurance”?? As if that’s a good thing.

  • Dear God. This is scary. Please tell me it’s really the Onion.

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    If Bill Nye intends to get out of Kentcky without being burned as a witch, he better get going.

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    Both malpractice and the cost of suits are dealt with in a way that reduces incentives for shady lawyers.

    Sorry, no. Without malpracticing doctors there wouldn’t be a need for “shady lawyers”. Eliminating someone’s ability to be compensated for medical negligence wouldn’t eliminate medical negligence itself. It would just let crappy providers skate, while leaving their [...]

  • …After all, that’s what worked for Obama. How odd that now the successful candidate is the one who pisses off the base, not courts it.

    Come what may, and I think there is going to be a lot of anger at Democrats when people have had 2 years of being forced to buy insurance they can’t even afford to use, I’m starting to look forward to January 20, 2017 more than I did to January 20, 2009.

  • Actually when the first of the subpoenaed documents were released by the Assembly committee investigating the matter, there were several newspaper reports referring to “details of the traffic study” that made it sound legit. That’s utterly ridiculous to anybody who actually has a clue how traffic is studied, of course, but they’re not the ones the papers think they’ll fool. Studying traffic by choking it off is like studying a flow of water by putting in a dam.

  • There’s already a federal court class action, filed in the first week in January and widely reported in NJ on January 9 (sorry, I cannot format a link here to save my skin). The plaintiffs are six Bergen County residents who were caught in the jam, including a woman who suffers from panic attacks who became physically ill when she was stuck. The plaintiffs have a really solid lawyer, Rosemarie Arnold, so this is gonna be fun to watch.

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    Beautiful piece, thank you. These are the lives we really live.

  • Yes! The outbreak of spontaneous and identical messages spelled out on sand was absolutely epidemic! And they turned up on TV. Who would have thought.

    This county – yes, as you surmised last week, round Toms River, is hopelessly Republican. About the bridge, lots of people had the “this was his staff, not him, and even if it was him, well, he’s a politician, what do you expect, they all do it” attitude I recall from the watergate era (and which, now that I think, we also heard on occasion about Clinton). That is turning around now. Too many people still haven’t gotten anything from quarters and dollars we were all dropping into the cans being shaken outside the stores for months after the storm. Until now, though, they seemed to think he was doing what he could even though there were reports here and there that this wasn’t really so, especially in Monmouth just to the north. That is eroding. That is what will bring him down in the end. You can yell at schoolteachers and promote violence against elderly women and its just, well, Christie being Christie, blunt and yet loveable, the big mook. Wasting money people desperately need is something else.

  • That would torpedo him forever. Some things the voters can’t ever unsee.

  • Now I am getting some hope this may be for real. The Sandy campaign ads were outrageous. Either everything will come out of the closet now and get whitewashed so that all we’ll hear in 2016 is “it’s all been gone into in detail, move along now, nothing to see here,” or…he goes down for real.

    Finally, a reason to look at the Asbury Park Press!

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    I’m cautiously optimistic, because the only thing you do NOT mess with New Jerseyans about is traffic. We are the densest state in the country and we have had to accommodate some crazy population growth without significant upgrades to our road system. ( What Colorado is to California, New Hampshire is to Massachusetts, New Jersey is to NY: everybody
    moves out here when they can’t afford it anymore.). This isn’t a right-left issue. There are
    no party lines at the toll booth, just hundreds of pissed off people. People are furious at the idea they got stuck for Christie’s petty revenge at perceived insults to his exquisitely tuned sense of anger at anyone who doesn’t bow down.

    All the same I’ll believe he’s toast when the PTB show signs that he’s not useful anymore. So far I don’t see it. The documents were dumped on a Friday.

    It will be interesting to see what happens now with the confirmation of Kevin O’Dowd for attorney general. He is chief of staff, the guy between Christie and the now departed Ms. Kelly. He should not get that job now, and with Weinberg as majority leader, the hearings themselves should be painful for the administration. Like Christie, he has a problem: if he knew he should be in legal trouble, and if he didn’t know he’s incompetent and unqualified for the job.

    Good times.

  • I live on the edge of the Pine Barrens. Not the NJ I thought of when I was growing up in Manhattan. There are lots of beautiful places in New

    It’s a myth that everyone who lives in the ocean communities is rich. Part of the tragedy of Sandy is shore communities full of ordinary working folks whose houses were trashed and can’t be rebuilt because they can’t afford to raise them and can’t afford the flood insurance penalty if they don’t. There are also issues out on the barrier islands, like Ocean Beach, where people owned homes but they were on somebody else’s lot with 99 year land leases. They aren’t coming back. They can’t. Sure, in quaint oceanfront Mantoloking, which lost some staggering percentage of its total housing stock, they just pulled out their check books. You have more normal folks mailing the keys back to the bank.

    All the more for Christies buddies to snap up!

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    I thought the Popsicle thing was funny, actually. I’m sitting bout 8 miles from the Seaside boardwalk right now. A Popsicle is pretty tame for the Boardwalk.

    I hope this gets him impeached. Near the top of my list for why i dislike him was a comment he made a few years back to the effect that someone should “take a bat” to State Senator Loretta Weinberg for collecting a state pension and a legislative salary at the same time. Senator Weinberg is a widow in her late 70′s who lost a lot of money at the hands of Bernie Madoff and had earned that pension over twenty plus years of public service, beginning in her home county of Bergen. He’d never apologize for saying that, of course. But he may regret it deeply now. The Senator’s district includes Fort Lee. Ha ha ha ha.

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