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    I have been encouraging everybody I meet to take their money out of the big banks, and open accounts in small local banks or credit unions. Amazingly at least one of the local banks experienced a dramatic increase in new accounts being opened as a result of people closing their accounts with banks such as [...]

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    Eddie, I have not commented on FDL for quite some time, but I found your observations so touching and truthful that I had to let you know what a wonderful piece you have written. Would that all of the people on this planet wake up and realize the truth, and unite, instead of allowing corporations [...]

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    As far as I can determine the goal of the conservative movement has been to eliminate government. They believe that government is the problem. Excuse me if I’m wrong, but the way I remember it the absence of government is defined as

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    I am beginning to have visions of President Michelle Bachmann or some other hideous creature (I know, I know, I’m sure I’m just being paranoid, but I’m beginning to believe there may be aliens hiding among us after all.) I really have nothing to add except to recommend that we strip all Congress critters of [...]

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    When people are starving, living in the streets, and freezing I don’t believe they will be too worried about whether that is a “European outlook.”

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    I have lost faith in the American people. They will wake up only when, as somebody mentioned, their social security checks stop coming, their Medicare ceases, and the Koch brothers no longer pay for the Tea Party buses, the Tea Party hotels and meals, and the general Tea Party craziness. Then they will look around [...]

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    You’re scaring me, I think I’m going to cry. This reminds me of the planning sessions our DNS forced us to attend where we meticulously plotted out every step and substep of an admit, after which we were forced to shout that only nurses could accomplish anything correctly, and operate in a logical manner. In [...]

  • Gabriele commented on the diary post Did You Just Call Me a Socialist? by David Swanson.

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    I will attempt to make this very short and clear. It does not matter what “flavor” of socialism we are discussing. We don’t even have to call it socialism. I will not need links, quotes or anything else supporting my position, as this is my opinion, based on observation. A civilized society takes care of [...]

  • If by her own admission she is incompetent, and has proven it in the past is there not some kind of recourse. Any employee would be fired, I mean I understand that she is not an employee, but there has to be some way to prevent her from doing whatever she feels like doing, without any consequences.

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    As you are dead set against any type of socialism, why did you carry signs stating you want the government to keep their hands off your Medicare, or did you simply not understand that according to your beliefs health care, and social security should be abolished. Seeing that you despise any type of government interference, [...]

  • It never ceases to amaze me that so many people are eager to bring on the apocalypse, because they believe that it is the only way to get Jesus to come back to earth. Is there some reason they think that God needs their help?

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    I’m not waiting for any orders, I’m going to run like hell!!
    But seriously, is there anybody left who believes anything the government says. What’s that old saying – fool me once, shame on you, but if you’re from the government I already know you’re lying before you open your mouth.

  • It does not matter what the Republicans do to eliminate the middle class, or oppress the poor. They are perceived to be the “moral” party, they are pro-life, and they are evangelical Christians (at least that’s what they say in public), and no self respecting American could vote for these babykilling, godless Democrats. They’ve learned that lesson well.
    Brainwashed since birth, and they appear to be unable to learn that they are hurting themselves, their children, and grandchildren.
    You can speak to them with the tongues of angels and yet they will respond with incredible hatred, if you do not agree with their views, no matter how illogical they may be.f

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    I have written emails to Obama until my fingers are sore, and yet have never received a reply at all. I then started requesting replies, predictably there were no replies. I began stating that I no longer believe that anybody reads any of the emails the citizens send, and to please let me know that [...]

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    We would be well advised to remember that if Hitler had died after his first 6 years in power he would probably be remembered as a great statesman now. He spent this time building up Germany, putting people back to work, all the while assuring the world that his intents were peaceful. He built the [...]

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    marsdragon: This is a very important subject, in view of our present situation, and I would appreciate further exploration. I do want to point out that not all Germans were deceived or intimidated. My maternal grandmother was very opposed to Hitler and the Nazi regime. On occasion my grandfather would speak to my mother and [...]

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    Screwed again: There is no doubt that the German people had to be aware, on some level, what was going on. You cannot hide the Kristallnacht, the burning synagogues, the disappearing neighbours, the SS and SA patrolling the streets, people having to wear stars on their clothing to identify themselves as Jews. This is precisely [...]

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    This prompted me to think about Fyodor Dostoevsky’s novel The Brothers Karamazov, and the parable of The Grand Inquisitor. The Grand Inquisitor tells Jesus that they do not need him any more, that he made a mistake by giving people freedom. According to the Grand Inquisitor people cannot handle freedom and need to be ruled [...]

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    Having been raised in Germany I had opportunity to hear many stories regarding the Nazi regime. Without exception Germans claimed that they had absolutely no knowledge of any of the atrocities committed by the Nazis. According to my father, who had been a soldier for 7 years, and who was later a prisoner of war, [...]

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    I am a little confused, and I sincerely hope not to cause dissension. I personally have strong moral beliefs that do not arise from any type of religion. Am I to understand that morality always and only derives from religion?
    Also have Immanuel Kant’s “Fundamental Principles of the Metaphysics of Morals” somehow been found false?

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