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    Bull’s eye: in a “two-party” system, bipartisanship = unaccountability.

    Equally bad, it serves as a smokescreen for 1% rule. Witness Mr. Obama’s derailment of progressive change and hope in the name of bipartisanship.

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    Essentially Obama had four options:

    - socialized medicine

    - single payer (e.g., Medicare for All)

    - a public option (e.g., opening Medicare to anyone who wanted in)

    - continuance of private insurance, but for everyone.

    The last, and worst, requires a mandate in order to work, however inefficiently and however bad for the future of health care. It’s a windfall for the 1%. Without a mandate the tendency will be for healthy people to stay out of the system, putting upward pressure on premiums for those in it.

    The first option was “unthinkable.” But the second and third were certainly salable. Obama immediately dumped the second and almost as quickly the third.

    It takes a Rip Van Winkle not to understand the sequence of events.

    Those who’ve been awake over the past three to four decades have noticed: massive upward redistribution of income and wealth; a politically activated 1%; concentration of media ownership; creation of propaganda mills in the guise of think tanks; marketing of neoliberalism; both Democrats and Republicans dependent on private funding in our public elections; legal barriers to alternative parties and candidates; a pro-corporate makeover of the judiciary; debilitation of unionism; et cetera; et cetera.

    Is it any surprise that Obama and his party have undermined what should have been a liberal moment?

    Regardless of what the Supreme Court decides, the next elections will, at best, be choices between bad and worse until fundamental changes occur. These will have to be bottom-up. “Change” and “hope” will not come from the top down.

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