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    Australian researchers who looked into the pertussis outbreak there (which coincided with the one in California) showed that there was a new strain responsible for 84% of the cases, which was not a good match for the current vaccine. You are correct that the whole cell vaccine would be more effective against all strains, but [...]

  • Actually my math is wrong. Oscars didn’t move to that new theater until 2002. During the time period in question they were mostly held downtown at the Shrine Auditorium (a building that also houses the Al Malaikah branch of the Shriners from which it gets its name). Not sure if that would be considered a Masonic Temple or not since Shriners are an offshoot. Emmys and other awards also held there. Location-wise, it’s kind of in the middle of nowhere though, in a crappy part of downtown adjacent to USC campus.

  • There are several around the city, but the only one that would be an obvious target is one that’s on Hollywood Blvd., along the Hollywood Walk of Fame and across the street from the Chinese Theater and the theater/mall complex where the Oscars are held. It’s not a working temple; the building is owned by Disney and houses an old-time movie theater and an adjacent entertainment complex where they do special exhibits related to the current Disney releases. It would be a busy area any day; on Oscar day and the week leading up to it the street’s shut down and there are crowded spectator bleachers set up everywhere, and worldwide media attention.

    Funny that this info should come out a few days before Oscars.

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    I’ve been wondering about this for some time. The actuaries don’t seem to have caught on to the fact that the children of this country are far sicker than many adults. 1 in 6 has a developmental disorder. Deadly food allergies, seizure disorders, asthma & GI disease are all up. 1 in 88 with autism, 1 in 54 for boys. In the states that keep track, a majority of those newly diagnosed are on the severe end of the spectrum, not the “quirky, asocial, asperger, high functioning” types. The leading edge of this group are aging out of their parents’ care and the school systems, and into SSDI. There are years-long waitlists for residential placements for them.

    What does it do to the financial models when the youngest generation is as sick as, if not sicker than, the elderly?

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    SCOTUS presumes that FDA is competent and omnipotent, when it comes to drug evaluation; that mistakes can never be made, decisions are always true, failures can never be predicted. (Vioxx, who could have known?!) In reality it functions as a captured agency that all too often kowtows to pharma interests, and allows all manner of [...]

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    Yes, if Saudi Arabia so badly wants regime change, let them do it. It’s a regional problem, with a regional solution. No need for US to do it. From 2007: Saudi Arabia is buying 72 Eurofighter Typhoon jets from the UK in a deal that could be worth more than £6bn. From 2011: “The sale [...]

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    Don’t leave out Dianne Feinstein, she of the vociferous NSA defense and appalling lack of oversight.

    No, no strings on her at all, her mouth moves all by itself…

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    Only Nixon could go to China, and only the first black president/constitutional scholar could cheerfully preside over the unmitigated demolition of constitutional/civil rights.

    How getting Sunstein on board is supposed to appear objective in this scenario is beyond comprehension. Then again, maybe that’s the point; yet another jab at Greenwald letting him know that the fix is in.

    Greenwald and Sunstein debating FISA in 2008:

    Greenwald on Sunstein here:

    And here:

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    My kids start CSTs tomorrow. The curriculum has been hastily crammed in to finish the textbooks before testing, meaning kids who take longer to learn new concepts have fallen behind and will perform worse on the tests rather than better. There will be more than a month of school after testing is done, with burned [...]

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    The report also fails to acknowledge another disturbing trend in disability: Autism now affects 1:50 children born in this country. While the media have chosen to focus on the high-functioning “quirky, socially awkward” side of the autism equation, the fact is that there are substantial numbers of severely disabled, often non-verbal children with autism and [...]

  • The cash purchases do make sense if the profit isn’t coming from the houses themselves, but rather from the collateralization of rental income across huge batches of properties. The losers are the renters and potential buyers who remain priced out of the artificial market thanks to this Ponzi scheme.

  • Not sure if it’s just the server or if that Red State article is in the process of being disappeared, but had to go Wayback to get it; current site pulls up a blank page.

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    It’s a bummer about 37, but it’s pretty awesome that aside from that, all the rich people who dumped money in California(the Mungers, the shadow Koch/Rove groups) didn’t get their way.

  • Not only that, the “Voter Guide” mailers that are probably funded by these groups are showing Obama, Feinstein and other top dems on the cover, but the recommended votes on the proposition are all the NON-democratic ones (i.e. anti 30, pro 32, etc.)

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    The bill may not be the best written in the world, but the LA Times has been abysmal on this issue, issuing a steady drip of pro-GMO articles over the past month. They have failed utterly to present the many very legitimate arguments for why GMOs may be harmful to human health and in need of labeling. Same goes for any issue involving pharma, which in the past year has rammed several ALEC bills through the store-bought legislature. One has to wonder whether Tribune, in bankruptcy, is so beholden to their remaining advertisers — grocery stores and pharma cos — that they are no longer able to report anything but lobbyist press releases.

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    Thanks for this. It’s a critical problem, how science is being corrupted in many disciplines. How many researchers are free to publish unbiased studies critical of pharmaceuticals, oil industry, GM foods? How many key “academic” journals are staffed by editors and peer reviewers with industry ties? Worse, even if they manage to get a meaningful [...]

  • Ditto in L.A. In how many of the Case-Shiller index cities are investors buying up huge chunks of inventory (as in yesterday’s story on Tampa), vs. other non-index cities? Is it a coincidence that they are artificially pushing up the bottom line right in time for these pre-election numbers to come out? Everyone I know feels a profound disconnect between reality and the positive economic spin on the news. It’s as if the banks and their allies are keeping values artificially high until the economy actually bounces back, only there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight to the unemployment, underemployment, layoffs, rising cost of living, and precipitously declining wages.