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    It’s great that Industry’s attempts to co-opt academe for nefarious ends is being noted, but the petrochemical crowd are a bunch of pikers compared to Pharma.

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    Highly recommend Robert Levine’s prescient book “Free Ride: How Digital Parasites are Destroying The Culture Business, and How the Culture Business Can Fight Back”. It centers on the music industry but touches on film and newspapers as well. This is deeply important stuff. Google IS evil, and a union with the Cass Sunstein wing of the government is dangerous to our democracy.

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    Thank you for continuing to report on this. From where we sit, there is a wild disconnect between the happy talk in the news (housing is up and the economy has rebounded!) and the reality people are experiencing.

    Here in L.A., the recession has hit many industries such as entertainment, finance, real estate, tech and pharma especially hard. Those were the kinds of jobs where high salaries and occasional “bonus” windfalls supported high home prices. Employment has not rebounded, wages have gone down precipitously.

    We are among 7 families (that I know of) at our public school, all upper middle class former homeowners, professionals from different backgrounds and industries, who are now renting in a condo complex at inflated prices, just to stay in the “good” school district (3 divorces, 1 spousal death, 1 illness, 1 layoff, 1 foreclosure). The condo owners are themselves upside down, but are the beneficiaries of a ridiculously overinflated house rental market that is being artificially supported by the banks holding back REOs. Despite the low interest rates nobody we know is looking to buy houses, or anything else for that matter. Everyone is aware the housing “rebound” is fake and nobody wants to be the schmuck that gets in before it all comes down. This is the new version of trickle down economics, I guess, as everyone takes a step down the ladder and tries not to eat their seed corn while they wait for the Hope train to pull into Reality station.

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