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  • garcam commented on the blog post Colorado Begins Accepting Recreational Marijuana Applications

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    Make sure you leave some for me too. They better be careful, they’ll be so many people headed for Colorado that the state might sink!!
    Thank you Good People of Colorado!!!!!!

    Can we airdrop a few pounds over Washington? Maybe the rethugillians can take a few tokes and find their asses with both hands!

  • garcam commented on the blog post CFPB Launches Inquiry Into Overdraft Fees on Bank Accounts

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    Great idea, but until Patriotic Americans pull thes bankers out of their houses and cut their balls off with a rusty knife and shove them into their mouths nothing is going to change!
    America is way OVERDUE for our REVOLUTION and BLOOD IN THE STREETS.
    Only then will these “elite” pieces of shit get the message!
    Oh, but we have to watch the crazy car debates! So we can elect the thieves fuckboy, just like Idol!
    Fucking idiots most of Amerika. Get some balls, own a weapon…the day is approachin fast!

  • My question is how could this moron get elected in the first place?
    It’s a sad commentary on the people of this country that this boob could be elected.

  • That’s why Obama pushed for and signed the free trade agreement with Panama, to make it easier to hide money from the IRS.
    He’s as much a criminal as any of the others.
    Common Americans are deluded and this great nation will be destroyed without a shot fired!

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    Oh, I have a secret to tell….I’m a lesbian too, she is hiding deep inside my testicles! But boy do I love that skank!

  • I guess you equating Rahm to Libya and Syria?
    I couldn’t agree more.
    American Spring is at hand.
    I’d like to see him and others do a Mussolini at the light pole delivered by American Patriots!
    Things are going to take a turn for the betterment of common people!

  • You are so Right.
    Still the Stazi deserves shit in their faces because they are gutless, overfed pigs whose only courage is when they are heavily armed and in their hundreds.
    When the veterans of these insane wars show up to take them on there will be blood and much of it will be theirs, the pigs, and they will be so deserving of it.
    I call for American Spring to root out the overfed pigs of this rotten to the core system of cabal criminals!

  • Detroit will be the fastest growing city in the US is they pass this law.
    I’ll be buying some winter gear!
    Finally throwing off the chains of the pigs!
    Smoke on Brothers!
    God gave us the herb…..and it is good….Na….Great! buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • If any of this paltry money is used for anything other than relief for robbed homeowners, these politicians, governors and attorney generals should be charged with larceny by trick and imprisoned in their private prisons and be some big nig….individuals wives!
    Get em where it probably hurts!

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    Careful, I just read that the FBI is monitoring internet websites to ferret out terrorists who speak out against our government.
    I’m pretty sure they have my name already.
    Nothings going to change until Americans grow some balls and start rioting, burning and shooting EVERY DAY.
    Until the time comes that the Stazi won’t come out of their bunkers unless they have Bradleys and 50 troopers, well armed……

  • Start by not paying any taxes or mortgages. Move under the system and do not use banks at all!

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    This is so criminal that it is repugnant! I for one will never vote for this traitor to America again. I don’t care if Newt the Nut gets the Republidemocrat nomination. This is the final straw for me! I hope it is also for the millions of Americans who have just taken it up the [...]

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    Good for Michigan!
    Keep the pressure on those traitorous assholes!

  • I agree. The Democrats are just as guilty of feathering their own nests against the interests of the common American people as well for the last 60 years or so. In fact they have colluded with the Republicans to strip the wealth out of the middle class and, as such should also be removed, including the current puppet, Obama.
    Occupy Wall Streetera should overwhelm this system by returning to the protest sites every time after they are arrested and overwhelm the justice system and demand trial. Everyone of them should also light joints and blow smoke into the faces of the fascist cops and demand arrest.
    I say the battle is election day 2021 when patriot Americans should occupy and disrupt the polls and prevent the complacent sheep from casting the votes. Disrupt the polls so as to make the results clear that Americans don’t want this charade of a government that only serves the special interests.
    Occupy the Polls!
    I was fooled and voted for this last charlatan. Never again.
    I’m with Jesse Ventura. I have no respect or confidence in what America has become.
    The Founding Fathers knew what was ahead. That’s why the insisted that the citizenry have weapons for just this type of tyranny!

  • Occupy the Polls!

    They are ALL part of the problem.
    America needs a new start. Block the polls and refuse to vote.
    This is the time to take a stand, violently if necessary.
    I’m beginning to see the necessity of 2nd amendment solutions led by America’s ignored war wounded.
    I would support such a revolution.

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    This effert should evolve into Occupy the Polls! All Americans who feel cheated by this rotten political/Baking Criminal Cabal Government we have wound up with should go to the polls en masse and refuse to vote and occupy and disrupt the election and declare that we, America no longer choose ANY of them to represent [...]

  • I suggest that the 99% Occupy the Polls! Americans should turn out en masse on election day and refuse to vote for any of the candidates, Obama included. We know that he is owned lock, stock and barrel by Wall Street and the Military Industrial Complex/Criminal Cabal. Americans should disrupt the elections and demand a [...]

  • I suggest that the 99% Occupy the Polls! Americans should turn out en masse on election day and refuse to vote for any of the candidates, Obama included. We knew that he is owned lock, stock and barrel by Wall Street and the Military Industrial Complex/Criminal Cabal. Americans shout disrupt the election and demand a [...]

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