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    Having the rethugulians win the election may just wind up to be the catalyst to finally bring common Americans out into the street with weapons ready to remove this criminal enterprise US government, ah-la Egypt. I pray the orientation of the new government won’t be fascist, but it my be military. Until fair elections can [...]

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    I’ve been “homeless” since 2008 when I finished my last real project. I was/am an experienced construction manager. My last project was renovating the first “Black Hospital” in Florida. It was an historical restoration of an old structure that was used to train Black nurses and doctors right after the Civil War. I lived in [...]

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    I was fortunate enough to grab a Royal Mail Ship from Ascension Island in the middle of the Atlantic to St. Helena, where Napoleon was exiled and died and spent a month on a wonderful remote island with wonderful British people and returned by the same ship back. It was the adventure of a lifetime! [...]

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    Obama is starting to look like an uncle tom minion of the powers that be and should be impeached along with the whole congress.
    Guantanamo would be a great place for them all to spend the rest of their days.
    They are all traitors to the American ideal. Jefferson said CLEARLY that Americans have a DUTY to overthrow criminal like this.
    The fact that they want to siez your guns is the primary indicator that they need to be the focus of American weapons.
    Just because you are in power, Obubba doesn’t mean American can’t take you and your lying, thieving piece of shit government down and, in my view, you deserve to be removed from any authority along with the scum police state you have engendered.
    God Damn the Amerika you have brought to millions of patriotic Americans!
    We and our children and our children’s children deserve better than the spew you have evolved by appointing the shiftless whores you have peopled your sorry ass administration with.
    I will regret to my death casting a vote for your sorry ass!

  • I also envision a time when the range of various weapons will be plotted around government building and patriots will send along magazines full of rounds in a warning to the occupants to go underground to get into the pig stys where they think they will rule.
    I believe the criminal congress needs to read the stories of Mussolini and Chouchescu and his wife, that’s what these traitors have coming to them when Americans have finally had enough to their lying, thieving shit. I pray to see the day, although I am non-violent and believe in loving the fuckers to death!

  • America needs constitutional amendments to ban the use of ALL drones in the United States of America as well as red-light cameras!

    These fascists will continue to chip away at our personal freedoms in the name of “security” and soon we will be subjugated and unable to respond.

    I say if you see a drone, shoot it down with your AR-15 if possible using all 30 rounds in your clip. If you can find the operator, ditto, especially empty the clip!

    I predict that terrorism will soon start here in this country when honest citizens band together to kill the terrorists, the ones hiding in the police uniforms.

    Fuck the terrorists! Soon there won’t be any unemployment. Citizens will be too busy laying ambushes for the terrorists!

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    Did I tell the group about a wonderful inexpensive vet in San Luis Rio Colorado, Mexico?

    His office is about 25 miles south of Yuma and a mile across the border.
    He did surgery on my 13 yr old English Setter, Silky and removed several tumors from her. He saved her life! His office was spotless and he spoke perfect English too. He even sent an ambulance to the border to pick us up and take us back.
    His name is Dr. Sergio Moreno. His website is
    his phone is 928-482-7103.

    I need to take her back to him because she is getting 2 more swelling areas on her mammary glands again.
    Any good Samaritans care enough to help us? I’m just less than 90 days away from getting my Social Security. I just don’t have the ability to take her now. I pray it doesn’t get too bad before April.

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    So very well stated for a Barbarian, I must say, but a real impediment to the solution to the problem is that there is a militarized police force in this country that has evolved because of these insane drug laws that have been nothing more than an excuse for the “Law” to stick their noses [...]

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    Porn NEVER has a headache!

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    Geeze, There’s no mystery here!
    This bitch looks like a pig! No wonder she has problems, she probably couldn’t get a blind fence post to fuck her. Unwed mother, no doubt. What did she do? Rob a sperm bank?


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    Your Kidding of course!
    You mean to tell me that Mr. No-Balls-Atall is going to get a backbone?
    I seriously doubt that. This jerk is all about helping the rethuglicans plunder Americans until we are starving and living in cardboard boxes!

    Not a chance he will do anything to help common Americans! Sucking Flug!

  • Watch out America this DINO republican traitor president is going to turn America into a full on 3rd world country.
    Stop paying taxes and hold on to your guns!

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    Is there any chance that that this criminal, incompetent Congress can be sued by the American People for “Larceny by Trick”?

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    Each place holds wonderful memories. I don’t know if I could decide. I’ve been blessed with the ability to travel. I once spent a month on the Island of St. Helena in the South Atlantic, where Napoleon was exiled to and where he died. I have friends there who I could live with. It was [...]

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    Geeze….I’m in that exact position right now! I’m just reaching my social security age and will have some kind of income stream for the rest of my life, hopefully. I currently live in an RV with my dog and I’m trying to decide what to do with myself. I’ve already been all over, having lived [...]

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    Yes, Island fever is a real thing! Been there, dun that, have beer/food stains on the t-shit, now in the rag drawer, but wearable!

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    Tes, Island fever is a real thing! Been there, dun that, have beer/food stains on the t-shit, now in the rag drawer, but wearable!

  • I have a possibly stupid question, but couldn’t the government be compelled to follow the results of National referendums and how can referendums be set in motion.
    It seems to me that Just about all Americans would agree to removing money from politics and having reasonable, enforcable policies on district reshaping.
    I also think that ALL of America would agree to ban predator surveillance in the US as well as traffic cameras. 98%, I’m thinking.
    Maybe public malfeasance could be a death penalty crime.

    Sorry, just dreaming, but what about referendums or the public suing the federal government for gross mismanagement?

    Just askin?

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    Just for the record. The mold that occurs is just unsightly, not toxic.
    Get some science on this for proof, but I believe I’m correct.
    My primary complaint is that this site and many others are only about begging for money. I know that is what makes the wheels go round, but I am so sick of getting bleeding heart pleas for money. I care about those less fortunate than me, but living on the street in an old RV with very little money leads me to depression to see all of these upper crust people running their constant pleas for money. Give it a break all ready.

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    I can speak from experience about the euphoric and sleep inducing qualities of “Ganga Rum” that I encountered many years ago in Negril, Jamacia. A simple folk medicine with a quart of rum stuffed with buds and left to cure! I fell from a cliff while being stoned and stupid and cut my hands and [...]

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