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    Absolutely fantastic article. Thanks for reporting it. Long time reader, first time poster. We pretend that we are the US of old where (for the most part, not always obviously) we took care of our citizens and did our best to look out for others. Now, it’s a complete joke. Abuse protesters, illegally jail peaceful [...]

  • Religion?

    Obama – Greed, Money, Corporations, Wall Street

    Romney – Yep, the same.

  • I’m sure this is old news, but this confirms everything I believe about the DINO, corporatist, President sell(O)ut……..

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    I’m sure this is old news, but this confirms everything I believe about the DINO, corporatist, President sell(O)ut……..

  • From Yahoo…….

    For the second consecutive month of polling, voters said they would vote for the “Republican Party’s candidate for president” over President Obama, with 47 percent saying they would support the GOP candidate over Obama, who received just 39 percent.

    Not sure what many of the O-bot Apologists get the idea that Prez sell(O)ut is doing well and earning votes with his disingenuous chess game/compromise capitulation/giveaway/sellout and chastising and screwing over his base, but these numbers should be alarming. Guess we’ll see if the tried and true and failed triangulation strategy works.

  • When did it reach the point where you could no longer bear to see or hear the man on TV? I only ask because it was the norm on the left to cringe when Bush talked. For me I’d have to say it was during the summer of ’09 when I couldn’t stand to hear him give a speech anymore.

    Great point and question. Almost exactly around the same time. The betrayal of the public option where he cut backroom deals with insurance, healthcare, and pharmaceutical companies to the “kill the public option,” was the beginning of the end. That was the start and everything else just cascaded from there. As a teacher, his arrogant, elitist, and insulting “Race to the Top Bottom” was the main driving point away for me, because he disrespected, insulted, and downright bullied teachers. As a teacher, his policy is more punitive, more draconian, and more republican than NCLB.

    Many times I feel guilty because I’m “betraying my democratic president,” but the more I read I finally believe in my heart that he betrayed us a long, long time ago.

    We know what to expect from the lunatic, radical, right-wing neo-cons. They make no bones about screwing us over. Prez sell(O)ut and the D’s “pretend” to care about us. Betrayal is worse.

    From the great Michael Scott…….”You expect to get screwed by your company, but you never expect to get screwed by your girlfriend.”

  • Wow, has he got everyone fooled or what? It may go from just punching the hippie all the way to waterboarding the hippie if this is actually true (can’t see that being true though).

    By a wide 59-26 percent, the public sees congressional Republicans as more concerned than Obama with protecting the economic interests of Wall Street financial institutions, a new ABC News/Washington Post poll finds. Americans even more broadly, by 67-24 percent, put the GOP ahead when it comes to looking out for the interests of large business corporations.

    The tables turn – albeit with much narrower margins – on other measures. Obama leads the GOP by 18 points in looking out for middle-class Americans, 53-35 percent. He also has a 10-point advantage, 47-37 percent, as being more concerned with the economic interests of “you and your family.” And he leads by 9 points, 48-39 percent, on protecting small businesses.

    He may think its a winner of a strategy to piss on his base, but remember the reason we all were told that Bush was able to win re-election wasn’t by winning over moderates but by energizing his base. Risky MF’n strategy. But wait, the arrogant elitist knows all right?

  • Couldn’t be said any better.

    Can you imagine Reagan or Bush insulting, harassing, haranguing, bullying, and intimidating their base?

    Not including all the other corporatist sell(O)uts, the language and insults alone that Prez sell(O)ut has hurled led me to being angry with him.

    “professional left”
    “bloggers wearing pajamas”
    describing medicare, medicaid, & SS as “sacred cows”
    telling us to “eat our peas”

    what other insults to the left am I leaving out?

    “eat our peas” from Prez sell(O)ut


    “It’s all right to tell a man to lift himself by his own bootstraps, but it is cruel jest to say to a bootless man that he ought to lift himself by his own bootstraps.”
    — Martin Luther King Jr.

    Speaking of……..what would FDR, Truman, JFK, RFK, LBJ, and MLK think about Obama and his presidency?


  • Hysterical!

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    Of course I could be wrong (especially since I was so discouraged for a spell that I literally disengaged from all political news), but it appears that the tide is finally turning regarding the true progressive base and how they feel about Prez sell(O)ut, at least in my opinion.

    I know there are still plenty of believers and always will be, but for the longest time I felt that I was the crazy one and how dare I question the democratic president I gave money to, worked for, and cried over when elected. After reading comments of others early on, I figured I would just have to be an outlier or STFU.

    I don’t even read mainstream articles anymore without first checking to see where the article is from and who the author is because these politics are just a game and a sport to them, not literally the lives of us who bust our ass to make ends meet and provide a better future for our children.

    Anyway, with this latest capitulation/sellout/hippie-punch, it seems the tide is finally starting to turn. A better way to frame the debate and argument at this point is ask without any excuses on who’s in power or the difficulties he’s inherited (a favorite sycophant talking point)”what exactly has sell(O)ut done well?” It’s funny to sit back and watch them squirm away trying to defend this fraud.

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    Good point. At least Sanders and Kucinich speak out on behalf of Americans who don’t make over 250k a year. Unlike president @-hole, who doesn’t even pretend anymore.

    Re: Sanders & Kucinich, I guess they thought it was a one-time thing or that it was too early to give up on him. I don’t know.

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    Long time reader, first time poster:

    Just simply unbelievable. How many times can we be punched by our sellout, corporatist president? Can you imagine a republican president going after his bases “sacred cows” (an insult in and of itself)?

    He lost this former volunteer and donor a long time ago, particularly with the HCR betrayal, but I kept my belief that the “lesser of two evils” would still be better, when compared with a nutjob like Palin or Bachmann. I was wrong.

    Just a few…….

    1)His backroom meeting with healthcare, insurance, and pharmaceutical CEO’s to kill the public option and essentially push through a massive giveaway to his corporate pals. If there’s no single-payer or public option, than don’t even bother doing it. That was the beginning of the end for me and O’Douche, as I love to refer to him.

    2)War mongering and escalation in Afghanistan, pretending to end the war in Iraq while still having tons of troops and interaction there, and his unbelievably reckless venture into Libya.

    3)Wall street bailout and giveaways to the crooks who caused the mess in the first place. Tax cuts for the rich (if you make over 250,000 in this country and fall in the 2% of Americans, YOU’RE RICH!). The stimulus that wasn’t anything but more taxes for the rich.

    4) Done nothing on the Home Ownership crisis with money sitting there able to help people.

    5) Coward on the environment.

    6) Two-faced support and betrayal of gay rights.

    7) Taking and adopting the Republican frames and narrative to heart and using them as his own.

    8) “The Great Compromiser” who doesn’t realize that it takes two to compromise, not one side sacrificing everything.

    9) Absolute refusal to prosecute any of the people responsible for the economic disaster committed on our nation and the world. Goldman Sachs is his number campaign contributor after all.

    10) Making more no child left alive more punitive, invasive, and draconian. Tying teachers pay to standardized test scores and flooding the market with charter school silver bullets, something Bush either didn’t get a chance to do or chose not to do. Hiring a corporate secy of education who has never spent ONE SINGLE DAY teaching in a classroom. Refusal to acknowledge what has become of education in our country and the result of his Race to the Bottom initiative has created an absolute, linear result of the cheating scandals of where I live, here in Atlanta, among many others including DC.

    11) As much as anything, his arrogance, his insults, and his unbelievable contempt for his base. As I call it, “smash, trash, bully, harass, harangue, and intimidate” liberals and progressives and crying in frustration when his base “doesn’t just follow blindly.”

    This debt theater nonsense has pushed me over the edge. I’ve voted for the lesser of two evils my entire life (granted its only been 3 elections) and look where its gotten me as a teacher and middle class citizen in our country.

    His all-out assault on the middle class, poor, disabled, elderly, and anyone who isn’t rich has led me to the fact that I will “under no circumstances vote for the sellout POS.”

    Lesser of two evils? There is no lesser and we know what to expect from the Repuglicans, but it hurts when you get screwed this bad by your “own president.”

    Bernie Sanders or Dennis Kucinich are getting my write-in vote.

    Sorry, had to get that anger off my chest. Thanks for listening………

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