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    Take care, guys.

    I blame Obama.

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    nobody ages better than anyone else, unless you’ve got a daddy thing going.

    Everybody who liked Reagan had a daddy thing going.

    I just pray to whoever will listen that Hillary keeps Big Dog away from making any decisions about her election committee. No need to hamstring her election with a bunch of chowderheads who aren’t any smarter than McMegan. Her team in 2008 was horrid.

  • Have a Coors. Light.


  • Maybe she should run for a house seat instead of the senate. That way when she decides to quit after two years, she wouldn’t have to actually quit.

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    General Mills is based just west of downtown Minneapolis where in a couple months we will all be gay marrying like crazy, so I’m not surprised they went all in for the gay sugar buzz market. They really didn’t even have to change anything – I think they already had the marshmallow rainbows. I’m going to have to see if I can still get one of the pride boxes.

    Lucky Charms are my favorite guilty pleasure cereal. I try to stick with plain Cheerios when I get up early enough to eat breakfast instead of grabbing a couple of donuts when I get to work.

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    I realize I’m very late to the game and this troll has long scurried away, but I just want to say that his name is the best example of unintentionally shooting yourself in the face that I’ve ever seen.

    faschitshateme breaks down into fascist shate me.

    The urban dictionary #3 definition of shate:
    Finely granulated shit in the form of shale which has settled at the bottom of the toilet for a while which has hardened into a form of slate, hence shate. This can be seen in some toilets as it’s known to be unflushable without the help of a toilet brush and some people don’t bother cleaning their toilets so they have shate forming on the bowl.

    The #4 definition: stupid or very retarded, often a drunk or a high person, a state of mind and stupidity.

    He’s pretty much named himself into Santorum territory.

    Carry on…

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    Random from the cloud library that Amazon has provided for me:

    Diabolic Scream – The Hives (that one has never come up before)
    Give Me Some Time – The Nerves
    Alone Again Or – Love
    The Horrors – Blur (random is picking the odd ones today…)
    Talkin’ Hava Negeilah Blues – Bob Dylan (like I said)
    Waitin’ On You – Dave Mason
    Villa Rosie – Blur (I adore the vocal harmonies on this song)
    Looking For A Way Out – Uncle Tupelo
    The Boxer – Emmylou Harris
    Saturday Morning – Eels

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    Don’t own an i-pod but I do have this huge cloud full of music that Amazon keeps dumping there every time I buy a CD (I’m still hopelessly into ownership of physical stuff I can hold that has music on it), so here’s what my cloud player wants to play first:

    Wearin’ That Loved On Look – Elvis Presley
    These Days (Athens Demo) – REM
    Lazy – Deep Purple
    Fall On Me – REM
    15 Steps – Radiohead
    Lord Protect My Child – Bob Dylan
    Walls Of Red Wing – Bob Dylan
    My World Fell Down – Sagittarius (from the original Lenny Kaye-assembled Nuggets collection)
    Straight Ahead – Jimi Hendrix
    Death To The Storm – Joe Henry
    When Someone Wants To Leave – Dolly Parton

    PS: GG can go bite a fart.

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    I wonder if marriage equality in MN has anything to do with it. Marcus may need to move his practice to a state where it’s still ‘bad’ to be gay. The market for conversion therapy has tanked here. I bet they don’t leave a forwarding address with the FBI…

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    Oh, I can see that you’ll be very happy here.

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    I haven’t been to Down In The Valley for years either so I have no idea what they’re like now. The Down In The Valley store in Richfield was where I used to shop every week when people were dumping their LPs to buy CDs in the late 80′s.

    Roadrunner is still around. I stopped there for RSD and the store was pretty crowded. Everything I wanted was gone. The remaining stuff that might have been tempting was way too expensive.

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    Treehouse Records (which used to be Oarfolkjokeopus, the center of all the good 80′s music that was coming out of Minneapolis) and Roadrunner Records are really good South Minneapolis stores. Down In The Valley used to be pretty good too. St. Paul has a brand new vinyl store downtown called Eclipse, right next door to The Amsterdam Restaurant and Hall.

    I’m not a big fan of Cheapo. The owners of that store are total assholes to their employees, and don’t have much love for their customers either.

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    I probably visit my favorite local record (The Electric Fetus in Minneapolis) 50-60 times a year. Going to the store on Record Store Day is like going to Walmart on Black Friday, and everything good is snapped up by the people who’ve been in line since 6:00 am. I’ll keep on supporting my local record stores throughout the year, but Record Store Day is just too fucking nuts to deal with. (Actual Black Friday at the store is a walk in the park compared to Record Store Day).

    Why yes, I am old.

    The best time to buy records was when people were selling off their entire collections and replacing them with CDs. I was buying so much great stuff then. The used bins are starting to become interesting again now that the boomers who first started collecting vinyl are being trotted off to retirement homes. Full original sets of Beatles and Stones LPs are showing up in the bins. It’s made me stop to think that maybe I should be thinking about selling rather than still buying.

    That said, a coworker just turned me on to The Stone Roses last week. I now have three Stone Roses CDs in my collection. Why deny yourself such good shit?

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    It will be fun to watch Tebow fail at football this year, but nobody is going to come up with any kind of quote to top Viking’s punter Chris Kluwe’s letter to Emmett C. Burns Jr.

    I can assure you that gay people getting married will have zero effect on your life. They won’t come into your house and steal your children. They won’t magically turn you into a lustful cockmonster. They won’t even overthrow the government in an orgy of hedonistic debauchery…

    Tebow probably has a sad that he’ll never be able to use the phrase ‘lustful cockmonster’ in public now. He’ll have to keep it in his prayers.

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    I blame Obama.

    Can I also mention that I have a copy of Trax on Wax 4 signed by all the members of Rockpile? I got it from a record industry friend but it’s still cool to have.

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    Too long. Didn’t watch.

    However, your post title rocks.

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    …dropping a penny in a beggars cup and then patting yourself on the back for being so magnanimous

    It the Hollywood executive feel-good movie of the summer.

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    TPaw would bring the singular honor to the Romney campaign in that NObody on that ticket would win any of their home states. MN is completely done with TPaw.

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    It’s always interesting, when reading the comments to any opinion piece at the NYT, to check out the difference between the ‘readers picks’ and the ‘NYT picks’. Nearly every favorite of the readers is telling Douthat that he’s ‘wrong, wrong, desperately wrong!’, while the paper’s picks maintain a proper balance of pros and cons. I don’t have to think twice about which collection I feel is more representative of the general public.

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    For just a few hours on those nights, we enjoy one another’s company — and forget about the having so fucking much money.

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