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    I think the murder of a real-life, living person as a premise for a work of art is evidence of a sick mind(s). When a significant number of people can be ginned into thinking that supporting such is a good idea, it suggests that society is in big trouble.

    It’s not out of fear that I would not go to see The Interview, but out of the firm belief that murder of real-life people is not entertaining or in any way enlightening. It’s just plain sick.

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    So there I was half-listening to CBS This Morning on this Friday about 8:00 a.m. when my attention was captured by their story about Pres. Obama’s presence in New York City causing the shutdown of air traffic in the area for an extended time. The point the story made was: this was a terrible inconvenience [...]

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    I am providing the following details not because I enjoy sharing private details, but because I keep seeing posts across a wide swath of sites which provide extensive complaints and no details. It is impossible to judge the validity of the charges the posters make when there are no details. We’ll share our facts in hopes that others will do the same so that reasoned judgments can be made.

    Registering on the site was very frustrating. We started on October 1st and were unable to complete enrollment until the second week of December. It took another two weeks before we were able to pay the first monthly premium as the insurance company was ill-prepared and had actually outsourced the payment function to a third party which wanted a $10 fee for each payment accepted (for my wife’s plan that would have been an 8.5% increase in the premium.) When the insurance company did accept payment, the rep said they were planning on dumping the third party. We’ll see.

    We only sought coverage for my wife as I am covered by Medicare, using UnitedHealthcare’s MedicareComplete, at a monthly premium of $104.90. My wife is 52. We live in Madison County, Illinois. We found a silver level policy for her that has a $250 deductible and a $2000 out-of–pocket limit. The premium is about $117 per month after deducting the federal subsidy. Our income is about 24K. So, we are paying more than 11% of our income for health insurance, a number which I find high.

  • The real reason is: because their colleagues are running not only the DoJ but much of the remainder of the Federal gov’t.

  • Agreed, I was confining my remarks to this century.

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    I still find three major problems with Linux: 1)the lack of cross-platform apps in many genres, which frequently means an extensive new learning curve to traverse, 2)system administration is not for the non-geek (even finding a file can be a challenge for the new user), 3)timely low-cost support is seldom available (personal experience).

    While the community has made great strides in creating installations that non-geeks can navigate easily and filled almost all software genres with robust apps, instabilities still crop up which are impossible for the non-geek to resolve.

    One final observation, I have not seen a computer that comes with Linux as the only OS that costs the same or less than a comparable Windows box.

  • Agreed, Snowden is a hero. As for the US gov’t: if ya weren’t doing anything wrong, ya wouldn’t have any whistleblowers. No crimes; no secrets worthy of reportage.

    When O finishes his term we’ll have suffered through sixteen years of lyin’ murderin’ monsters as POTUS. That’s a nauseating losing streak which means there is a chance we could see the end of the century without a law-abiding, decent human being holding the office.

  • Pretty much the same as the majority of Republican voters. The only difference I see is in the lies each believes.

  • Yeah… I think they awarded him the prize based on his speeches like we awarded him the Presidency. By their fruits you will know them, not by the CO2 they give off.

  • “I’d like to think I’m not a vindictive person. And a basic tenet of my faith is forgiveness,” says Mr Langone. “The most harm that Eliot Spitzer’s done to me is I’m defying my faith. I can’t forgive him. I should, but I can’t.”

    I’m sure he’d like to think that. Eliot Spitzer made him do it. He’s not responsible for his own behavior. The term “narcissist” comes to mind as does “sick”.

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    Thank you for doing a very difficult job.

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    “The hope is to stoke Democratic turnout in conservative-leaning states where the party’s Senate candidates have been put on the defensive by the mishandled rollout of the Affordable Care Act.”

    Why would candidates for HoR or Senate be put on the defensive for the Obama administration’s gross mismanagement and lies over the implementation of the ACA? This wasn’t a Democratic Party failure. It was a failure of the Obama administration. It could be argued, too, that the Obama administration was never a Democratic administration except in speech. In deed it was always a Republican administration, albeit not a Tea Party administration.

  • Hayden has no credibility with decent people. He is just one face of the demon. Snowden is a hero.

    Throw their argument right back at the government: if you weren’t/aren’t doing anything wrong, you wouldn’t need secrecy/privacy.

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    “I’m very, very happy that Janet Yellen has been given the position, having a Woman is extremely important, but if she doesn’t end this retard austerity nonsense then the economy will collapse”

    I’m all for diversity of genitalia in positions of power, but as you indicate what is of primary importance is deeds. Just the same is the question of red or blue uniforms: uniforms don’t matter; actions/inactions on issues do.

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    “…eventually make the same mistake the same way”

    By making the assumption that the first, best and only solution to any problem is some form of force/violence?

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    Agreed :-) Nothing is scarce until the amount needed/wanted exceeds what is available. And, yes, in many cases, the amount of x available can be manipulated as can desires for or perceived needs for x. Actual needs for x must to some extent be assessable.

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    Yes :-)

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    “Trouble is, resources aren’t scarce. Most of [the] reason empires want to control resources is so that they keep them artificially scarce to keep prices and profits artificially high.”

    Basic resources, those necessary for human life, are in fact declining as the world population and its activities increase. Scarcity is a relative judgment. Relative to necessity and/or desire. I agree that some resources are not scarce, but others like clean air and water are becoming decidedly so.

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