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  • GDC707 commented on the diary post Saturday Art: Bill Mauldin, ‘Willie and Joe’ and beyond by Ruth Calvo.

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    One criticism we used to hear about the WWII Memorial is that it carries an air of grand pretension and almost looked like it could have been designed by an architect in the 3rd Reich. I tend to agree with that, but someone once commented that a bronze statue of Willie and Joe, doing something [...]

  • GDC707 commented on the diary post Losing it… by David Seaton.

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    I was going to address that part but I was hoping to trim my penchant for long windedness. Sure, a few lessers will be allowed. Some law enforcement, but not many since there won’t be that many people to control, and greater #’s of people can be controlled with fewer police through technology and weaponry. [...]

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    Leftists always love to envison the collapse scenario in which the greedy uppers somehow get what’s coming to them, even if it involves the destruction of everybody else too. I think such a vision lacks appreciation of how tightly manipulated the minds of the future will be and how futile any resistance is against a [...]

  • GDC707 commented on the diary post Utah Carbon Bomb: Democracy Now! by wendydavis.

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    This is truly heartbreaking. I too spent many perfect days hiking and backroading in the wilds of Utah, getting into and out of trouble by the skin of my teeth. It is quite possibly the most beautiful and exotic landscape on Earth. Why, why must they always destroy? All the futurist nightmares of our youth [...]

  • GDC707 commented on the diary post Saturday Art: Roz Chast by Elliott.

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    Exaggerations” of family stereotypes? Hardly.

  • GDC707 commented on the diary post TPP and Open Borders Our Gift to the Next Generation by jbade.

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    Well, I agree with you but be prepared to be called a racist, bigot, Nazi and who knows what else by those on this site who are unwittingly playing right into the hands of the corporations turning us all into neo-feudal serfs. Good luck.

  • GDC707 commented on the diary post The High Price of Obamacare and the Probable Erosion of the Democratic Base by Ohio Barbarian.

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    Well, here is some more anecdotal evidence. I know a woman who is the accountant and restauraunt manager for a well known restaurant in Los Angeles. Business is down, quite a bit and they have had to cut employee’s hours (and a few employees) for that reason alone. The owner of the place has been [...]

  • GDC707 commented on the diary post Anticapitalist Meetup: “Separate but Equal” Shuts Down Women’s Health Care by TPau by Anti-Capitalist Meetup.

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    Hi Doc. Thx for the post. I am an x-ray traveller and spent 4 years working in the Humboldt County Medical system. I understand your regret at leaving the area and am sorry that you apparently have no other option. 3rd world Humboldt. So sad and so fixable, but we just can’t seem to get [...]

  • GDC707 commented on the diary post Is Pope Francis a Socialist? Sure Looks That Way Here. How Refreshing! by Ohio Barbarian.

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    Yea, those things you pointed out about Warren make me wary too.

    However, Teddy Roosevelt was a Republican and he railed against Big Business and actually did something about it by trust -busting. He was pretty good on the environment too, with some sad exceptions (RIP Hetch-Hetchy Valley.)

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    “Glenn Greenwald Roasts a “Turkey” For Thanksgiving-” First of all, thanks for that hilarious headline. I love the English, had a lot of fun there many times and almost married one. But this is at least the 2nd time that one of these wanker Brit journalists has sat there and acted as if they were [...]

  • GDC707 commented on the diary post Is Pope Francis a Socialist? Sure Looks That Way Here. How Refreshing! by Ohio Barbarian.

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    Well, so far so good. Hip-hip. Let’s all raise a glass of sacramental wine to the Pope for urging the rich to help out the poor and all that. Bravo! NOW, how about he urge the masses of poor NOT to have 8,9, or 10 kids per family? Seems to me that would be a [...]

  • GDC707 commented on the blog post Secular Stagnation and Social Security

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    Hmm. This sounds a lot like “Don’t tax me, don’t tax thee, tax that guy behind the tree.”

    There should be no cap anywhere, period.

  • GDC707 commented on the diary post I Have Been Acquainted With the Night by Isaiah 88.

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    I miss Rusty1776.

  • GDC707 commented on the diary post Just Signed up for Obamacare by Arthur Fullerton.

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    For me, the tell on this post was “If Obamacare fails we may wait another generation or more for real health reform. Please sign up!” If that doesn’t sound like every Obot I have argued with for the past 4 years I don’t know what does. Now, the statement may be correct but it’s sad [...]

  • GDC707 commented on the diary post My top ten dreams for the new Glenn Greenwald/Pierre Omidyar/Laura Poitras/Jeremy Scahill online paper. by Steelydan3 (Philip Shropshire).

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    It’s not so important that this new venture employ an absolute dream team of writers. Just having it around may improve the game of other sites and also give writers at other outlets a bit more leverage when dealing with the censorial proclivities of their owners. Plus, it probably is not desirable that it vacuums [...]

  • GDC707 commented on the diary post Anti-Russell Brand Talking Points by cassiodorus.

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    Man, does this thread ever remind me of a conversation we had with a hitchiker we picked up out in the desert, by the Badlands, about 38 years ago. And Mike, the hitchiker made an interesting point. Mike believed that the political process was the only way possible to get anything positive accomplished. Many of [...]

  • GDC707 commented on the blog post Democrats Opening The Door On Cuts To Social Security

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    Wow. Fascinating to read all the testimonials about “seeing the light” or ” having my eyes opened” for revelations that came to these people in the 2000′s!

    Maybe if you had been even vaguely listening to Ralph N. back in like what? the late 70′s when he was referring to Washington as “Corporate Occupied Territory” then you would’nt have been so shocked at what happened when O and the Dems had both houses of Congress. But no, it was so much fun to call him a crackpot, spoiler, villain ya da-ya-da. Of course the fact that he was 110% didn’t seem to phase anybody. The fact that he was the ONLY public figure who actually told you the truth only made those he was trying to help hate him even more.

    Apology accepted.

  • GDC707 commented on the blog post The Moment of Truth for Obama

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    Provided courtesy of Jesse Jackson

  • GDC707 commented on the diary post “You Do Know Paul McCartney Is Real, Right?” by rosalind.

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    I have an argument : It may be generous as hell but it does not take precedence over fellow concertgoers’ right to enjoy the show without it being ruined by some clown with a cellphone or Ipad held overhead. If a person wants to record the show then they can move to the side, or [...]

  • GDC707 commented on the diary post “You Do Know Paul McCartney Is Real, Right?” by rosalind.

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    I had to go back and read the post to make sure it was the one so many of these comments were referring to. All Rosalind was saying is that she laments the loss of a direct, focused experience on the performer, the music and (presumably) the unifying, shared crowd experience. Having attended about 200 [...]

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