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    It wasn’t like the hard working civil servants in Greece were massively overpaid in the first place. Germany’s refusal to see that austerity is exactly the wrong thing to do in an economic crisis has caused a lot of unnecessary pain.

    Where were they when the mostly German banks lent way too much money to the Greek government? The bankers are going to have to take a haircut … why should the Greek people have to pay for the frauds of a government that they have put out of office years ago, and the bankers that bribed the government into buying a whole slew of impossible to pay off loans.

    A lot of this was done secretly, the previous government only found out after they took control.

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    Yeah, the worst part is being treated as annoyance when we are understandably frustrated with Obama’s many capitulations to the right.

    I have been called repeatedly to contribute again to his re-election and I’ve told the volunteer on the other end that I cannot in good conscience give money to someone who has so poorly represented what I believe in. They start on a list of “accomplishments” that and the trump card seems to be the “stimulus” which from my point of view is notable mainly as the first big cave-in to republicans when he converted so much of it to mostly useless tax cuts, and failed to ask for enough in the first place, and quickly painted himself in the corner to not ask for any more while he still had the votes.

    They also suggest that the republican obstructionism was the problem, but why was Obama not making a huge stink about it two weeks into his term instead of the never-ending series of capitulations that went absolutely nowhere, and as this article says, got the Republicans wishing for even more.

    We don’t have anywhere else to go, I’ll hold my nose and vote for him, but Obama in large part has continued some of the worst excesses of the Bush administration and continued to justify and use torture, continued to build up the military and kept our troops involved in useless, bloody, evil wars.

    And his unwillingess to stick up for important moral values when it matters really, realy rankles almost beyond belief. I don’t know who is going to win this election. Obama doesn’t deserve to be re-elected. But the crazy, evil Republicans are so much worse.