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  • geno commented on the diary post What can you do about millionaires and billionaires who are robbing us blind? by Liz Berry.

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    I don’t know what we can do, Liz, but you’re exactly right, and it’s heartbreaking. This country is fundamentally different than was the country I grew up in back in the 50s and 60s. A lifelong Democrat, I now realize that my own party has perpetuated this side by side with Republicans. Watching Inside Job [...]

  • geno commented on the diary post White Americans Say Racism Increasingly Is Turned In Their Direction by RogerShuler.

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    The majority of white Americans would not know what real discrimination is if it walked up and bitch-slapped them in the face. A black guy gets elected president and all of a sudden, some threatened white folks think they’ve got it bad. Well, they do, but not because of racial discrimination against whites. They do [...]

  • Thanks, Jane. It should be obvious to any clear-thinking individual that the vitriol spewing from the mouths of conservatives, and particularly the tea-party nut cases, can inflame the sick, warped and demented among us. Of course, Republicans are quick to denounce the heinous act, just as they denounce the bombing of abortion clinics or the assassination of doctors who perform abortions. However, it is their very rhetoric that spurs to action the marginal elements of society.

    Time and time again, we have heard Rush and Glen and other talking heads say things that cross the bounds of good taste, only to feign surprise when a tragedy occurs and fingers start pointing in their direction. One way or another, this has got to stop.

    All the victims and their families have my deepest sympathies.

  • geno commented on the diary post Being Unemployed Over Fifty by elsabelle.

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    Please try to continue having hope, Elsabelle. It’s easy for us to see how your situation could strip away all your hope, but try not to let that happen to you. Like a good book that can catch one by surprise with a turn of the page, life is unpredictable. You never know what tomorrow [...]

  • geno commented on the diary post Why the “T” is Also Important by Margaret.

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    Margaret, Because of reactionary small mindedness in so much of our population, you entered the world with some obstacles to overcome that most of us cannot imagine. I must say, based upon your letter, you’ve not only survived, but thrived, and I find your story – and your ability to tell it – compelling. I [...]

  • geno commented on the diary post I Can’t Believe We’re Losing To These Guys by Eli.

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    What it says is that today’s Dems are the gang that can’t shoot straight. However, all the disappointed and disaffected Dems who sat on their kiesters on election night deserve some of the blame, too, ’cause here’s the thing – no matter how much Obama and Democrats in Congress have disappointed us over the past [...]

  • geno commented on the blog post US Wage Stagnation Leads to Rampant Inequality

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    Two horrific things about the tax cut extensions: 1) the wealthiest benefit by far the most (the poorest actually pay more), and 2) because of the deficit, conservatives will want to immediately start cutting services and programs that disproportionally help the poor. Which is another way of saying it is the poor and middle class who are paying for the tax cuts on those making $200K or more annually.

    That this is not getting scads more attention from media outlets, apart from MSNBC, etc, is appalling.

    How much money does the elite need??? What could they possibly do with a few more dollars that they cannot do now?

    Yes, America is a banana republic. Viva la Revolution!

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    Exactly so, keagle. The tax cuts have been in place since early in W’s first term, and where are the jobs??? They’re all whores.

  • WTF??? Cutting taxes on those making more than $200K while raising taxes on those making less than $20K – do I have this right, guys? Surely this cannot be right. But it is, and it’s beyond shameless, disgusting and unconscionable – it’s pathetic. Anyone not clear on the fact that there’s a war against the poor right now is beyond help…or hope. (Listening, Obama?)

    And while the tax cut bill may help stimulate the economy in the short run, most analysts say it won’t lower the unemployment rate by that much. Some projections call for a drop of only about 1.5% in 2011, followed by a possible rise in 2012, just around the time the 13-month unemployment compensation extension expires.

    As some have said, politics is too perverse. The rise in the homeless and in foreclosures will be a real demarcation point between the old America and the new, ultra-fucking shitty one. You know, the one that is dismantling – brick by brick – what little social safety net for the poor that we ever had.

  • geno commented on the diary post Mulligan’s Economics Support Race to the Bottom – Not More Employment by Rayne.

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    The chutzpah that is shown by the political (and financial) elite right now is absolutely breathtaking. How can these cretins be so absolutely shameless? They lobby non-stop for boosting the political elite by extending unnecessary tax cuts for the rich while advocating cutting social programs for those most in need in order to pay for [...]

  • geno commented on the diary post America in Decline: the Real-World Costs of Conservative Ideology. by dad in left field.

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    A thoughtful piece, dad in left field, and one that I somewhat agree with, for what that’s worth. We’ve been in decline for some time, but we’re so far down the path toward ruination that it’s impossible to miss anymore. The part that I must take strong exception to, however, is the blame that “hippies” [...]

  • One thing more to add on this. While Dems of late have provoked Jane’s ire, it is not without good reason. Holding clear majorities in the House and the Senate while also holding the executive branch, makes in doubly hard to swallow when we lose a public option in the health care fight, or continue [...]

  • Sorry, Kevin – I meant to add to my comments that your story and defense were great.

  • I doubt if Jane will lose any sleep over Osborne’s characterization of her; she’s dealt with more real problems than most two or three people have, and can obviously take care of herself. Nonetheless, because Jane’s courage and passion recently awakened my own, I owe her a debt of gratitude and must come to her [...]

  • geno commented on the diary post Obama Haters Praise His Tax Policies Because They Believe Those Policies Will Make Him Fail by William Black.

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    Excellent story. The top 1% own an incredible percentage of the total wealth already, and it’s not enough. It has to be about more than money to them. Do they want it all??? Supply-side economics didn’t work under Reagan, nor did it work under Bush. Unless, that is, one’s objective is a massive transfer of [...]

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    Re: “…they can say whatever (their) client wants…” – then they are without principles. They should say what they think is true. And Hess is a pollyanna if he didn’t consider from the start that extending the tax cuts would make them that much harder to do away with when the issue comes up again – right at election time.

    It was a huge mistake to hold the vote AFTER the election. What were those guys thinking? Everyone knew for months that the Republicans would pick up big gains in the House and the Senate.

    No wonder we’re in trouble…

  • geno commented on the blog post Federal Judge Finds Individual Mandate Unconstitutional

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    Ahhhh…but what is the connection between the judge and the big health care sector?

  • geno commented on the blog post More Talk of Severe Budget Cuts to Follow Tax Cut Deal

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    Nice job, David. Thanks for raising my blood pressure. Sure, let’s give those who made out spectacularly well under Bush some more aid in the form of tax cut extensions. Then, we’ll pay for the lost revenue by cutting social programs benefitting those most in need. The oligarchy is without shame; their deeds are unconscionable. And the American public is culpable as they clammer for a sugar pill when medicine is needed. Bon voyage…

  • geno commented on the diary post Good-bye Elizabeth Edwards: Thank You for Lighting the Way by BarbaraCoombsLee.

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    Beautiful and very moving, Barbara. I lost my own mother in 1982 to breast cancer that spread to her brain. The final few weeks were like a trek to hell for us all, and I hated that she could not spend what little time she had remaining in her home, surrounded by loved ones. Once [...]

  • To Mauimom: Try to hang in there. It is easy to get discouraged, and things do look quite bleak at the moment. However, I believe Republicans will overplay their hand in the coming months, and their victory, which was due more to discouraged Dems staying away from the polls than from a belief that Republicans have a better alternative, will hopefully be short-lived. Your heart is in the right place. Let’s hope Obama’s is.

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