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    Thanks for everything, Tom.


  • Aw, dude. It’s only been 13 years. What’s your hurry?

    I will miss you, as I still miss Gilly and Billmon, and now Doghouse, too. What a long strange trip it’s been, eh?

    Best wishes to you and Mrs. T and the L&TC and the Boys. May you all enjoy your lives to the fullest.

    Your weird little internet friend,


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    Ah, Mr. Bogg & Commentariat trolling the trolls again, I see.

    *opens picnic basket, sets out little sammiches and cakes, pours tea*

    Carry on!

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  • alan1tx:

    Please, no more comments to me, I’ve caused enough trouble.

    So, pretty much Mission Accomplished, then, eh?

    Oh, wavydavy:

    FACT: Not one single commenter here, including the estimable dsidhe (who can at least address the questioner without profanity or comparing him to Laura Ingraham), has directly and specifically answered the question raised.

    ACTUAL TRUE FACT: Several people “directly and specifically answered the question raised.” Most with some variation of “Why make it easier for the terrorists?” Also, too, another popular answer among commenters (including the estimable dsidhe) was some variation of “Because whatever is done would never be enough to satisfy the Rita Dillers and obsessive picketers.”

    Perhaps you missed that. Perhaps because you were concerned:

    But, I must say that I am truly surprised and disappointed by the tone (I’ll leave it at that) of way too many of those directing a response to alan1tx, which can best be described politely as vituperative.

    Joe Lieberman, is that you?

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    Hey, TBogg, can we have a Ron Paul post next? Don’t forget to not mention that he’s a doctor.

    I think there’s way more chance of a ‘long (and inane) thread’ with the Paulistas, but the Naderites are putting up a pretty good show here, so I’ll be happy to be proved wrong.

    And then maybe a Mac/PC chaser? Just to restore all the good feelings.

    Then, before you know it, it will be time for Thursday Night Bassets!

    And so to bed.

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    ARFUR!!! *rubs Arthur’s velvety ears* LTNS!!!

    As for the Wembley-pod, geez, just rattle the treat box next to those Dumbo-ears and watch him achieve the Basset version of a speedy dismount.

    Annnnnnd, so happy to hear that Angus is healing, Capt.!

    Eeps, must stop now as Ganesh Bengal Cat has entered the room and is looking at monitor with suspicion. Consider all other canine friends asked for and remembered. *quickly opens ICanHazCheezburger tab*

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    Congratulations on the success of your first diary, popeye. An interesting and moving read. I’ve been reading and occasionally commenting at the Lake since its beginning and am proud to be a founding member, but I’ve never had the nerve to write a diary and hardly ever comment any more, mostly because I’ve also been [...]

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    Ed Koch

    Ed Koch is not David Koch’s brother.

  • That was preternaturally bad. Well, the :34 that I listened to, anyway.

    I’ll bet, through my personal connections in the music biz, I could possibly get them an opening gig at a First Nations casino in Canada. For Tony Orlando, maybe. Not for Roy Clark, though. They play too shitty to open for Roy Clark.

  • Just want to second Twain’s welcome to all Blend commenters, as well as Pam and the bloggers. It’s good to have you here!

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    Old46 and that Poncho guy are rat-trolls – they can smell irony a mile away and scuttle over to shit somewhere nasty and scare the wimmen folk.


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    Imma start commenting again all the fucking time if this Ponch creature is gonna stick around. The Duncan Hunter bit was awesome.

    However, leave us not get crazy. We shall not see the likes of Alec Rawls or that minion of Godlstein or Godlstein himself, for that matter, having meltdowns in teh TBogg comment threads, again.

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    Swan Swan Hummingbird–REM
    Love on a Farmboy’s Wages–XTC
    Don’t Know Why (You Stay)–The Essex Green
    I Summon You–Spoon
    All Good Naysayers, Speak Up!…–Sufjan Stevens
    The Other End of the Telescope–Aimee Mann/Elvis Costello
    You Do Something to Me–Paul Weller
    Heretics–Andrew Bird
    The Diver–Gravenhurst

    boNUS: Kaabai Mo–Afzalshoh Shodiev

    Yes, I’m old-fashioned.

    Glad to hear the Beautiful Boy is better. Sorry to hear about the Glowering Boy’s belleh. Hee. Cheesecake. You sucker.

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    Get well soon, handsome boy! Hugs and best wishes to the TBoggs. And Wembley.

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    See Aimai @ 23. It’s chock full of details. (PS – you don’t know me well enough to shorten my acronym. Jackass.)

    +1 on the aimai at 23 reference.

    GW, I will abbreviate anyone I want.

    Can this fucktard possibly be addressing me? Nah. Must be a typo.

    Also. Too. What thingwarbler @51 said.

    Thx for the lulz, looser.