• I understand Mr Donald Vance’s suit against the US Government for his ill treatment but not the part about suing Secretary Rumsfeld.

    If he wants to sue a US official then why not just sue President Bush?

  • Oops LGBT.

    Can’t edit these.

  • Whoa!

    You are forgetting the LBGT group. They have been doing exceedingly well under Obama.

  • I really chuckled at this one.

    I sent the heading of this thread to my niece Jodi who is at Computex Taipei 2011 right now. She actually has been all over that area including China for the last 4 or 5 weeks or so working with the emerging tablet technology revolution.

    My own question is would anyone here have believed the Chinese if they said there were no emails?

  • nonpartisanliberal is right.

    The usual number that is accepted by the experts is between 2% and 3%. i.e. 538 gave that number. The 10% originated in an old Kinsey report, and was an estimate that included other issues.

    And now I am going to speak from the point of view of a born and raised Southern Baptist kid that is as straight as a plumb line. Most the “attempted encounters” that were thrown my way, when I was young and before time and life beat me up some, were from aggressive older gays on the prowl, so my thoughts were that there were just TOO MANY of these guys. At least for my comfort level! In some places, I started keeping a close watch out, and just avoided certain types of people or groups as a precaution. As I got older and bigger I had a lot less trouble.

    My oldest son, also straight, has said he had the same problems while living in Atlanta, and I joked to his mother (not him) that I could understand that because of the curls my son had in his hair. I always had a very short haircut and had no curls at all. I fear what would have happened if I had my son’s curly hair and wore it longer. Another point is that certain towns like Atlanta, for sure, seem to have higher percentages of gays.

    Anyway my real point here is that perhaps people think there are many more gay people than they are, because some Gays establish a noticeable presence that bothers straight people who become uncomfortable, so they always assume that there are more than there is.

    On the issue of civil unions and marriages, I go along somewhat with the French notion, that most unions should be “civil” and “marriages” are the provenance of the church. Both have equal standing in the law. I understand that in France the trend is toward civil unions and the percentage of “marriages” is falling below 50%. The young people especially like this state of affairs.

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    Margaret, Bradley has representation. Indeed, I think he has many lawyers and they could detail the reasons that the brig has taken the actions that have upset you. Since they (the lawyers) haven’t been forthcoming about these reasons, I assume that Bradley is o.k. with the brig not disclosing to the public the reasons.

    Bradley is a young man in deep trouble. Give him some privacy.

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    First I will say that I retired from the Navy, though that isn’t that of much relevance here.

    There are occasions when in prisons, including brigs, people’s clothes are taken for a period or they are required to wear a particularly distinctive uniform or colored uniform and in some cases kept in individual lock-down which is Bradly’s case and in other cases billeted with others of like circumstance and separated from the general population.

    This usually comes about because the individual has been caught doing something that the prison rules prohibit.

    I think they are actually preventing further embarrassment for the soldier.