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    Chip, chip, chip. Republicans have figured out the one thing that every one else has not. Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing. That’s why they have been able to pack the courts, pack the media, and build a political infrastructure that wins elections at the local, state, and congressional level. They have a long term vision and plan. They never stray from their path, which is to eliminate the opposition and win every public office, no matter how long it takes. Then they will worry about governing. Winning is the plan for today, tomorrow, and next year. Think about it. They have been at it since the Nixon administration. And they are succeeding. They may not take over the country this election cycle, but they aren’t going to admit they are wrong about everything and change their tune for next season. They just go home, make new plans, hire new people, and go back to work.

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    “Conservatives”, and “Libertarians” yap a lot about free markets, but listen to what they have to say, and it’s obvious that it’s all a cover for what they really believe in, which is monopoly capitalism.

  • But seriously, I can’t think of anyone I have ever seen who fills me with hope for humanity more than Gabby. She’s as close to a living angel as I have ever seen. That smile! It must scare the living crap out of heartless assholes like Glenn Reynolds.

  • Yeah, Gabby Giffords, the bully. If Gabby Giffords is a bully, then Glenn Reynolds really has no balls at all. He’s just terrified of that mean girl, Gabby Giffords. Waaah! Gabby’s looking at me! WaaaaaAAAAAh!

  • These things are a gold mine for law enforcement. The local police bought these and mounted them on the trunks of a few patrol cars. They cruise up and down the main boulevard of their incorporated “city” and make countless u-turns to pull over motorists for expired registrations and inspection stickers. Of course, the usual “mind if I have a look inside your car, sir” searches also bring in tens of thousands of dollars in extra fines and court fees for misdemeanor drug and weapon charges. And, of course, the towing and storage fees while the poor people await bail.

    Law enforcement is big, big business. I have audited the books of a few municipal courts, and the money they bring in is unbelievable.

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    Not giving Jim Lehrer a switch to turn off either candidate’s mic when they won’t shut up was a BIG mistake. Romney just won’t stop talking. I guess it’s natural for him to ignore rules. Obama is winning on facts but losing on style. And style is what people will remember.

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    Jon Stewart nailed it when he said “I could never wrap my head around why the world and the President that Republicans describe, and the world and the President that I see bear so little resemblance to one another. And now I know why — There is a President Obama that only Republicans can see.”

  • Boilerplate fundraising letter. That letter went out to thousands of email addresses. The Right is a commercial enterprise, and they use the latest, most state of the art marketingsoftware to spread their viru-… I mean- message. And soon, because all right wing organizations share email lists, your inbox will be STUFFED with the same spam emails begging for your money.

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    Alyona is one of the best television journalists working today. I am puzzled and disappointed that she would leave RT and go with a tabloid like Huffington AOL Post. I will miss her.

  • Choosing Sarah Palin for running mate was the most blatantly calculated political decision made by a party that makes all of its decisions based on political calculations.

    The Democrats are running a black guy, so we need a _______________ (fill in the blank) to run against him.

    The whole country saw right through it, thank God.

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    There has been a lot of text devoted to why Republicans hate the ACA so much, but it really is simple, and it applies to prety much everything that the GOP opposes.

    These things WORK, and if things like the ACA are allowed to succeed in making people’s lives better, Republicans will be a permanent minority party, and they know it.

    They knew it when the Clinton administration tried to launch a healthcare system overhaul. They knew it would make people’s lives better and prove to America that the country does better under Democratic governance. That had to be stopped at all costs, and look what they spent to stop it.

    Republicans don’t oppose the ACA because they disagree with it. On the component parts of it, they agree with it. They oppose it because it’s a Democratic administration that’s doing it.

  • Sorry, George, but you can’t follow a person, attempt to “apprehend” them, and when they fight back because they think they are being mugged, suddenly “stand your ground” and use deadly force. Not even in an alternate reality such as Florida. Enjoy your life in prison.

  • Another Profile In Courage brought to you by the Political Calculation Committee.

    If they can’t take a stand on something this basic, what good are they? Really, someone, please tell me.

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    Let me start by saying that I am both a mechanic and a car nut. I have had a lot of cars, all of them with stories. 1st car, a 1971 Toyota Corolla two-door wagon. My neighbor, who was a mechanic and car nut, talked me into installing a 5-speed gearbox and some performance tweaks [...]

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    Wealth comes from labor. Wealth does not come from wealth, or tax cuts, or low interest rates.

    People who believe in the tax fairy will never get it.

  • And of course who can forget Florida House Bill HM 685 which had ALEC’s mission statement as the first paragraph.


  • Yes, there was. Commodity trading wasn’t quite limited to traders who could actually take delivery, but it was restricted to parties who had an actual interest in the underlying asset. The Commodity Futures Modernization Act changed all that. Now anyone with a computer and a margin account can buy and sell as much oil or gas or copper that their credit limit will allow. Look at some long term charts for oil, base metals, industrial metals, agricultural commodities, whatever. It’s easy to see when the market was turned into a casino.

  • This unfortunate turn is only going to harm women’s health that much more. Not only will Planned Parenthood suffer, so will the Susan G Komen Foundation, through lost support from people who do not appreciate their pandering to right wing politics.

    Reminds me of what my father used to say. Beware of ideologues – Ideas mean more to them than people.

  • Many Americans tend to see things in absolutes, black and white. Gay, straight.
    I think too much is being made of Cynthia’s comments. Here’s my way of seeing it.
    Cynthia chose happiness. And if being with another woman makes her happy, then good for her. That’s what matters.

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    The way Republicans have been thumbing their noses at the entire country, even their own constituents, makes me wonder if they don’t have something up their sleeve to guarantee their “victory” in the 2012 election. Surely they are reading the same polls, but they are forging ahead with a very unpopular agenda regardless. In a world of free, fair, and open elections, it would be suicide. But this is not that world.

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