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    Why do people on this site and other liberal sites continue to defend this horrific health care law, just because you hate Republicans? There is nothing good about the law. It’s mandating health insurance, while providing little in the way of protections, particularly concerning cost. It’s insane for liberals to support this law. Will a Republican alternative be better? No, of course not – I’m not saying that. But the law itself is horrific. It’s leading a good number of Americans to believe that they’re going to get affordable health care coverage when they are not. Stop with this sham and scam of a president and start supporting real liberal candidates in 2012.

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    It’s depressing that the authors and most of the participants on FireDogLake and other liberal sites continue to point the finger at the right for this matter. There are many, many people angry at the government right now, on both ends of the political spectrum, and with very good reason. Read Chris Hedges. Read James Kunstler.

    The quote about the Fed from Mark Potok in the NYT is ridiculous, and a foreboding sign that this incident will cause detrimental effects to our freedoms and privacy, particularly on the Internet. The Fed *is* a private entity. It *isn’t* acting in the best interest of the American citizen.

    Loughner is mentally ill. He’s probably laughing at the idea that he adheres to any political group, and his writings indicate his feelings of superiority over most people. He was angry with Giffords because of a philosophical question, not a political one. His writings are full of bits of philosophy and politics from a wide range of sources, all strung together to support his increasingly distorted view of reality and the world.

    The issue of Jared Loughner is the issue of severally mentally ill people falling through the cracks in our society because we refuse to make mental illness a priority in our health care system. Trying to stifle freedom of speech is not going to solve the problem of future Jared Loughners. I’m saddened that the left is taking up this crusade to blame the right at this time. Fox News disgusts me. Glenn Beck disgusts me. Sarah Palin disgusts me. But, they didn’t cause Loughner’s mental illness or this terrible tragedy.

    As for this “antigovernment” issue, if you’re not angry at our current government, then you have your eyes and ears closed. Most of us here elected a supposedly progressive president who turned out to be nothing but a corporate shill. There is little difference between Republicans and Democrats in this country, and it’s nearly impossible to get third-party candidates (real progressives) elected. The current establishment is using this incident to attempt to further divide us, and it’s working. Continuing to defend the current administration while saying the problems of the land are in the hands of the “right” is blind and foolish.