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  • But, what about the other states where they’ve been investigated, charged and required to comply with courts direction to disclose or file additional paperwork?
    Because this isn’t the first time, or even the second time. I want to know about the other cases as well. Whats going on with them?

  • From my experiance, its like they bought off the shelf software that parents buy to keep thier kids from surfing the adult end of the internet. Even where I work, which is very GLBT friendly and accepting sometimes accessing the Advocate is an issue.

    When you find an issue, you gotta make a stink otherwise it will never be addressed.

  • If anything, these people are pushing everyone to question the exsistance of god. After all, if god exsists why wasn’t he there? why didn’t he do something? why did no one stop it? why, why, why…

    They’ll point fingers every where but where it should be pointed at.
    A lone person who needed help and didn’t need a gun.
    A socity that has forgotten that guns come with a great responsability. Like Atticus taught Scout and Jem that a gun can kill by shooting a watermelon. But now days we let kids play video games that are so real and so violent I simply call it death porn now.

    We as a socity need to rein in assult weapons, the magazines and the ammunition by taxes, licence and yeah, law. Guns for actual hunting and home defense are needed. But assault weapons? Those are only meant to be used on humans.
    9mm, 10mm, .45ACP, .223, .556 and .50BMG were all round developed with warfare and great injury to humans in mind. They are all lousy hunting rounds. They tear up useable meat of the game because they’re designed to assault the human body. Not kill a deer or a boar. Assault guns are designed to pump out as much ammo as quickly as possible because humans shoot back, but deer? When’s the last time you saw Bambi shoot back?
    Deer are some of the most elusive game. You typicaly have only one shot and they’re gone.
    Home intruders are a lot like deer. One shot and they’re gone.
    In other words, in the real non-war world you only get one shot or maybe two on a really good day.
    Now days the world just seems insane.

  • ….Jason Vorhees, Freddy Kruger and Michael Myers did it better and they did it first.

    SNAP! I just realized they’re taking a page from the 80′s slasher movie playbook! ….um, well according to that playbook you have to cut off the head.

  • WOW, my step mom was telling me about this the other night. She was telling me it gave over all rights to the UN all children with disabilities. Like, you have a disabled kid the UN police show up on your doorstep and haul the kid off for ‘processing’ ….like, in to soylent green or something.

    But, I DO understand the reasoning behind ensuring the right to have the birth registered, the right to a name, the right to nationality, the right to be cared for by parents.

    From personal experience, growing up I wasn’t given a ‘proper name’ by my family until I was 6. Not my christian name, my other name. My mom’s family are a very small no-name Native American tribe. Tradition was not to name children until 6 because so many died young, they didn’t want to grow any attachments to them.

    But, some kids were healthy but at 6 they weren’t quite right. My sister was never given a name, they didn’t consider her …wow, ‘of the people’ or human. (I find it ironic that while my sister wasn’t considered ‘right’ or ‘human’ because of how she was, but it turned out that I’m not considered ‘human’ by people outside the family because I’m IS) {oh and believe me, as I grew up? No, my sister was wrong in so many ways}
    I learned in the old days, someone like her would have been taken to the far woods and ‘let go’. With few resources at hand, raising a child that’s not productive or outright dangerous risked everyone’s survival in a harsh world.

    So, I do understand that in some places a child born with a visible physical issue may not be properly registered as born, they may not be given a name, they may not be considered a citizen and they may be taken from their parents to be ‘taken to the far woods’ all because they’re different.

    The people who are against the UN resolution?
    I don’t think deserve a name.

  • WOW, so the highest visibility case in their docket and they can’t get the facilities reserved for their use? With nearly the entire staff involved being military and on call 24/7/365 with this one major case on their desk and they have sceduling conflicts? This is the kind of crap I expect of E3′s not any officer or senior officer.

    The excuses of trying to keep Manning’s movements to and from the site where the evaluation was being undertaken is pure bull. How many windowless prisoner transport vehicles does the DoD own? I’m thinking more than one and I’ve seen them use up to ten of them transporting prisoners.

    Pretty much, they just made life hellish for Manning hoping he would off himself and they wouldn’t have to deal with the issue.

    All of the officals involved in this fiasco really need to be reprimanded for poor performance in thier duties.

  • The one thing that really endears me is how Mitt canceled all of his workers credit cards. So not only did they lose, he fired his workers and left them high and dry.

    Forget about his whole ‘like to fire someone’. I would never hire someone so inhuman.

  • Why is it these guys always go for the Nazi/Gestapo thing?

    I’m really tempted to start yelling at them “I know what you are but what am I?” ala Pee Wee Herman.

  • ?! Seriously? …..I feel for President Obama. No one should have to hear that garbage about their mom.
    As a redneck, words like that make me wanna go out and get physically confontational with the person who said them.
    The kind of person who makes such statements is low grade trash.

  • Hey Pam, I read your blog and like other said I do care.

    {{{SPEICALHUGS}}} to you Pam. What that means is your gonna need an operation. Its scary and everyone will tell you horror stories and you’ll worry.
    Remain calm. Everything is going to be all right.

    My stepmom has degenerative disk disease, she had issues for years and refused to do anything about it until it just got too bad. Once they went in, they were confronted with 6 vertabral disks that were so deteriorated that ….(Im not going to cherry coat it) they bascialy used a spoon to scoop out the disk and vertebra material it was so far gone, but they fixed her up. It took a few metal rods, some fusing of the bones but she got a lot better.

    One of my close coworkers herniated a disk. Everyone told her not to let anyone try to fix her back, one day she sneezed violently and ended up in the hospital and they HAD to fix it. So they did, she hobbled in to the hospital and walked out. A week later she was in a car accident, her back was fine but it gave her a mild case of whiplash. (she has horrible luck some days) and then she went camping for a week and omg… she blew a disk out and had surgery and was back to being totally normal within a month.

    A close friend was in a one person motorcycle accident. The back tire lost traction and they went off road, bailed from the bike and hit a tree. They were laid up for a few days thinking it was just bruising and ignored the pain. 2 years later they finally had enough of the pain, went in and got a MRI and CAT scan only to find out their back was jacked. Once they went in, they found out that it was far worse than they thought, a fractured vertebra and a disk that had popped out totally and lying against the spine but they still fixed the injury.

    All three say that they’re 90% or better to being back to normal. They are all limited to how much they can lift. So they can only lift a bag of groceries or a small suitcase at 25 pounds. It takes a few months to recover and for the impacted nerves to heal. You may find that even after recovering from the surgery that occasionally you have to take a mild pain reliever to sleep. If you over work yourself, a pain management medication.

    It is scary, but so long as you have a good doctor who’s well practiced doing the surgery you should be fine. (HUGS)

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    I think its sad when ignorant people cite the historical record as proof but only show everyone that they slept through World History of the 20th Century.

    Friggen idiots.

  • OK, as a white southener I can say I don’t like Afro’s…I love them. Yeah relaxed hair is a fashion statement but omg, I miss the 70′s when my friends were rockin’ some serious Fro’s. Hell, I got my metallic red hair perm’d in second grade to have one. [along with some candy stripe hip huggers, tie dyed shirt, some platform shoes... I was stylin!]

    Yes I do love my friends who have ‘Fros, Dreads or shave their heads. I understand that some do feel the need to follow the current fasion of relaxing it, weaving extensions in and so forth.

    I know a few more years and the fashion will change course and flow the other way and the Afro will make a proud comeback.

  • He can’t use the ‘political shinanigans’ because he was arrested in a totally different state than his own. No one there would know who he is, or care.

    The fact that he’s still stomping around the halls of DC just pisses me off. He really should suffer the same fate as everyone else nabbed in those ‘stings’.

  • uh…its Mississippi.If the stereotype fits, well if anything they tend to crank up the old stereotype that southern baptists in the south are bigoted against everybody…and this just kinda proves it.

  • Yeah, they need them 100 round magazines to go hunting cause Bambi is such a badass!

    Seriously, weapons that appear to be based on military versions are NOT hunting fire arms! 100 round mags are not for hunting, in fact most magazine fed hunting arms are restricted to either 3 or 5 rounds as it is deemed UNSPORTSMAN LIKE to have a large capacity magazine. Real sportsmen actually use a single shot gun knowing that if you can’t take it with that first shot, the fourth and fifth aint gonna hit it neither.

    But, what do I know? I’m an ignorant redneck from south Alabama who owns 4 guns, has been a member of the NRA and was in the military for the longest time. Military style arms are for military purposes, which is killing humans not Bambi. Most military arms use ammo that is too powerfull for small game, not powerful enough for major game.

    Also I think if a gun permit in Texas can be used to vote in lieu of a divers license, maybe we need a photo ID similar to a drivers license to go with them guns.

  • Yes, President Obama jumped in to his Presidential Time Machine and went back in time to invent the entire Dark Knight story line with BANE as the Evil Villian.
    Yeah, totally beleiveable. If your wearing a tinfoil hat and have drunk about 3 gallons of white lightening.

    Seriously, these guys need to take their meds as directed.

  • (HUGS) to you Pam, and I love your hair. Its just so you, ya know?

  • um…ok, I’m as white as they come with redish blond hair that has as much body to it as Mit Romney (its totally limp).
    Growing up down south I did get an education in kinky hair in 2nd grade. One of the rights of womanhood was for a young girl of color to be old enough to have her hair straightened. The girls were curious as to our teachers straight hair, so she broght in her hair took kit. Some old irons for flattening, straightening all made of wrought iron….and I’m gonna say it. They smelled of semi-rancid bacon grease and burnt hair. (that smell, once smelled will stay with you a looooong time and I don’t like that smell)
    That year, I actually got ‘fro to ‘fit in, to see how it was, ya know…to dig it. Was cool, was fun and with screaming red hair (at that time, after the permanent grew out later that year, my hair grew in black, red and blond and it drove every one nuts and my grandma insisted that being in that classroom with ‘those people’ was contaminating me)(really just ignore her, she was crazy as they get)
    So, the whole artifical look some women feel that they have to atain? I do have mixed feelings about it, I love my friends no matter what they look like and just so long as they’re not in pain or distress I’m ok with how they want to look like. But their natural hair, to me is just as beautiful.

  • um….ok, if y’all want to do some impeaching, can we look at the justices real bedfellows who work as lobbiests who are directly affected by the SCotUS? or those who are wined and dined incessently by them?
    Because if we’re going to impeach SCotUS Judges lets clean house.

  • Well, if your in the military odds are your not in your voting district to start with. So you have to vote by absentee. We all know that even if we get the ballots on time and return them on time, odds are our votes won’t even be counted unless the votes on the day of voting come close.
    Even then… 20 years in, and trying to vote on something I finally managed to get a ballot. They actually seperate the ballots from regular mail and that one time the bag got lost. When I finally got a REAL address (not a barracks, ship or station) and could vote locally, I knew I wouldn’t be allowed to go to vote so I went in as soon as the doors opened (6am) and voted in uniform. …and got a butt chewing for doing it.

    Mostly though its the whole issue of ‘home of record’ and forcing the lower ranks to vote by mail in ballot. We all know that they only look at ours if its close by usually someone conceeds before the night is even over.

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