• Keep in mind two things about the VRA and DOMA decisions:

    1. The struck-down clause of VRA (section 4) will force Congress to redefine the formulae used to determine whether pre-clearance of voting law/congressional district changes. It does not remove the requirement to get pre-clearance.

    2. The only part of DOMA that was struck down was the portion dealing with rights and privileges at the federal level (military benefits, income tax, Social Security, etc.). The change does not validate an SSM’s status at the state level in states that do not recognize SSM marriages from other states (the large majority of them right now).

    What we need now is a ruling that forces every state to recognize (at the state level) any marriage that is legal in any state of the union. We can leave the task of legalizing each state’s own SSMs for our future endeavors. The injunction delaying the strike-down of Prop 8 is now lifted, so California becomes Lucky 13th.

  • Whenever I see someone speculate about the consequences of poll results concerning personal sexual matters, I always roll my eyes.

    People, straight or otherwise, don’t generally tell a stranger the truth about sexual matters. As to whether they and their partner are (speaking Savage-ese) “monogamish“, there are mostly likely far more people who seek and gain sex outside the committed relationship, whether or not they have consent from all concerned.

    The bottom line is not whether LGBT marriages follow the traditional one-on-one till-death-do-we-part strictly monogamist path. The bottom line is that all consenting adults should have the option to marry whomever they choose.

    Oh, and Pam? You’ll find that writing is more addictive than heroin. While PHB may cease new works, I feel quite confident that we’ll see your byline elsewhere, health and time permitting.

  • No, there is one more choice they have:

    They can leave.

  • It all boils down to:

    “Black people are skeery!”

  • I’ve got two words for this: Bull. Shit.
    If a man can’t keep it in his pants, he needs counseling.

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