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  • We’re Not Very Good at Bombing Countries into Peace and Prosperity

    But we’re spending over a trillion a year to make us “safe”*. Somebodies getting rich, follow the money.

    * Only a completely deluded idiot thinks what we’re doing makes us more “safe”. If we spent even half of that a year on our own country, fixing infrastructure, schools, roads, bridges, dams, solar/wind energy, real Medicare for all, we would change the world’s perception of our country for the better. Now that’s some irony, isn’t it?

  • I would be curious to see the results of the following question given to all the industrialized nations of the world:

    Would you rather have the US healthcare insurance system or keep what you got?

  • I wonder how they took this poll since I find it shocking that 57% of the people are satisfied with their healthcare costs.

    Was it:

    would you rather be dead or spend the money?
    Was getting that broken arm fixed worth it?
    Were you able to select the most cost effective ER during your heart attack?

    Or was it:

    Are you happy with the quality of service you received given what it cost?

    Somehow I’m guessing it was the latter which I find, well, ludicrous doesn’t really do it justice.

  • “The Bad Design of Health Care Exchanges Will Cost People Billions”

    Bad design? How can you possibly call this bad design? It’s doing exactly what it is supposed to do – make “insurance companies/ultra-rich people” billions from human misery. Not a flaw, but a feature as they say.

  • The nerve! Even questioning if Rahm broke the law!

    Of course that POS did. Why do we even debate it at all.

    The real question is why a reporter doesn’t ask him how he became such a douche bag at his next press conference.

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    Well, this Linux distribution is supported by Fermi and CERN: I suspect that this version of Linux supports the requirements of these labs extremely well, but I also suspect, given the nature of their work, that they are writing their own software to support their equipment and experiments. The rest of us do not [...]

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    The bigger questions is why pay so much money for cable or satellite?

    We canceled ours years ago.

    If they want to cram this crap down our throats at least dump your service and force them to provide it for free.

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    The irony is that this attempt by Timmy to re-write history will become required reading on how to create and then compound a financial crisis which wrecked the world economy. Taking the long view, one could argue that it was this event that brought down the one remaining superpower and ended the post WWII phase [...]

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    I hope it works in the long run but tend to think it will fail for exactly the reason you state:

    “The Affordable Care Act was mainly just an expansion of our broken system.”

    As for Medicaid expansion, that for better or worse, will have more of an impact. The further asset stripping from the poor and middle class is reprehensible and should be dropped. But the continued effort to squeeze the last drop of blood out of the 99% seems to be an ongoing plan by the 1%.

    Somebody should be pointing out to the Republicans stating that the ACA will not work is a condemnation of the American Health Care Insurance.

    I would guess that’s not an argument the Democrats can make.

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    A lot.

    Everybody’s got to have a hobby, this one is mine.

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    They left me too.

    Staying registered still lets you vote for whoever you want, but allows you to f&*k with the party during the primaries.

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    First off, don’t leave the Democratic Party. You want to stay in so you can participate in the primaries, including all the meetings. Show up and raise hell. Make it clear to them that they will only get your vote when they represent your principles – no more voting for the lesser of two evils. Beware of lying sacks of shit like Obama. Vote for the most far left person running in ALL the races.

    It is likely that we will not get our candidates on the ballet because that is how the party is controlled. We only get the Wall St/DC/big money/corporate toady approved dickheads on the ballot.

    So when it comes time for the general election, vote for the candidate the best represents your views, be that Green or Socialist, or Democratic (or even Republican if that’s the case). Never vote for the lesser of two evils. Make it clear that if they want your vote, they know where they have to stand on the issues.

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    I am so, so tired of this crap. So SS will run into problems in 2033. Gee, that’s horrible. Too bad we couldn’t wait till 2033 for the 2007 economic crash. In one short year we spent MORE than the country had spent for the proceeding 206 years: And you know how much SS [...]

  • The current administration is just a bunch of suck-up lackeys.

    History will not be kind to them.

  • Here’s a new twist on this theme:

    Lay off 2000 engineers in Puget Sound, re-hire in “Right to Slave Labor” states. The company figures most of the older workers will quit/retire and maybe the younger workers will move. So boom, you get immeasurable amounts of technical expertise in your industry walking out the door, all beause they’re older (more expensive) and union.

    This follows the out right extortion ploy where the Machinist union gave up their pensions:

    Why is all this happening ? The company is profitable. I know Boeing is not a popular company due to it’s military side of the company, and it’s ability to pay negative tax rates despite making a profit, but now the company leaders have decided to wreck the middle class jobs the company once provided. All in the name of short term profits.

    This is another classic example of IBGYBG. The CEO and board are literally running this company into the ground. Despite all the nice press, the last airplane launch was a disaster, and nobody in company leadership has paid the price, so what incentive is there to actually deliver the right airplane, at the right price on time?

    It will take a while to crush this company because it is large and may end up being “too large to fail”, but it is also 40% of the US exports so having it slowly go under is just another stake in the heart of US manufacturing.

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    Sometimes irony goes over one’s head.

    We are paying to clean up from Sandy, Katrina, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, oil spills, etc. All created “green” jobs.

    These things don’t clean themselves up for free.

    TANSTAAFL indeed.

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    Boy, after Citizens United, and the upcoming win for Hobby Lobby, I would strongly urge everybody to incorporate and put Inc after their name so that we can have enjoy the rights of corporate personhood (which now exceed the rights of individuals) without the responsibility of being a person (after all, we don’t send corporations to jail).

    What a complete f^&king farce.

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    Don’t worry. Obama will create lots of “green” jobs when we have to clean up after Keystone XL pipeline spills, sandbag flooding coastlines, clean up after hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, mudslides, not to mention dealing with prolonged droughts, lack of croplands, water, food, and a failing infrastructure being underfunded to collapse. All so rich people can [...]

  • Michelle over in China lecturing on human rights must be a bit of a hoot for them. We have more people in prison, we have invaded a bunch of countries with disastrous results, we have unfolding revelations on how the NSA is breaking the law and spying on Americans. And to top it all off, our banks managed to crash the world economy, and we’ve done nothing about it.

    Polling around the world puts the USA as the most likely nation to screw up world peace.

    Of course Obama has to clamp down on the free press, if more Americans find out just how f&*ked up our country has become, we, the people, might actually do something about it.

  • Either Wall St bankers bailed out by me, the tax payer, when they should have gone under (and the rest of the time they gamble our money at the Wall St casino), or a mythical person that does not exist.

    people on unemployment, or Medicaid, or any other assistance are much more regulated than the bandits on Wall St.

    What are you really worries about, the non-existent poor that wrecked the world economy? Our the people that really wrecked the world economy?

    Get your priorities straight if you’re really concerned about the government going broke:

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