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    Libya’s nuclear program was never much of a threat in the first place. But Libya was trying to increase their influence throughout Africa. There was talk of a new Libyan gold based currency to replace the use of the dollar in Africa. And Libya had gotten a lot of Chinese investment in the oil industry, which made it less profitable to Western oil companies.

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    Bearcountry, I agree that Obama’s a war criminal who is trying to destroy Syria in the same way he destroyed Libya. But it’s not clear to me how Obama can possibly expect events in Ukraine to “keep Russia’s attention away from Syria”. If Russia hasn’t already given Syria a better air defence system, it’s only because they didn’t want to offend the West and damage their trading relations. But American sanctions over Ukraine is making that concern increasingly pointless in Russia. America’s aggression in Ukraine makes the idea of Russian intervention in Syria far more plausible than it was last year, when the Russians were, at least according to some reports, threatening to use their Navy to help defend Syria from the Americans.

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    No, Assad is not a maniac. He has massive support within Syria precisely because he’s fighting a war to save his country against foreign backed religious fanatics. And despite DSWright’s comment to the contrary, Assad hasn’t “disenfranchised” the Sunni majority the way the Sunni minority has been disenfranchised in Iraq, either. While Assad is an Alawite, and has given members of that sect a fair amount of power, the Prime Minister of Syria is a Sunni, as is most of the Syrian government’s army. The Baathist ideology on which the Syrian government is based is secular and is opposed to the domination of any single religious group. That’s why Assad has a lot of support from members of every religious group in Syria.

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    The Legal vs Nonlegal immigrant distinction, while not irrelevant, isn’t the only factor that has to be considered here. Why do so many immigrants come to the US in the first place? Part of the problem is that the US has a long history of attacking other countries and overthrowing governments they don’t like. For example, considering the way the US has affected many of the countries in Central America, I don’t think it’s entirely helpful to demonize the people who try to escape from the various hellholes the US has helped to create there as “illegal immigrants”.
    In a larger sense, is it a wise policy to allow the rich to legally move their money to any country in the world they wish, at the speed of a computer mouse click, while placing severe limitations on the ability of workers from every nation to legally move from the country in which they were born? This fundamental legal inequality between capital and labor massively benefits the rich at the expense of everyone else. If multinational corporations are allowed to exist, don’t workers need multinational unions to negotiate with them? Is there any way to avoid having different national governments race each other to the bottom on taxes and regulations for multinationals than by having national governments agree to common, global standards?
    The problems associated with immigration won’t be solved by having more and more drones at the borders trying to kill anyone who tries to cross without authorization by the local corporate oligarchy. If current trends continue, US problems with “illegal” immigration will soon be solved when living standards and political freedoms in the US are as bad or worse as they are in the rest of the world. Then maybe the US can start worrying about illegal emigration, as Americans try to escape. Or maybe we could solve them by focusing on the real problems, and improving conditions throughout the world, including in the US.

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    Do you really think poor immigrants are responsible for the fact that inequality in the US is at an all time high? While immigration has no doubt increased the size of the surplus army of labor in the US, it’s the rich who have created the real problems faced by the middle class. The rich exported millions of manufacturing jobs, opposed unions, opposed government programs like single payer, adopted automation wherever it was cost effective, and yes, encouraged the immigration of people who would work for less. And no doubt the rich are quite happy when different parts of their exploited workforce fight amongst themselves, like blacks vs whites, or immigrants vs native born Americans. But conflicts like the one over immigration won’t prevent the US from becoming a country where a few neofeudal corporate overlords exploit a population of impoverished serfs. The 99% in America have to work together if they wish to avoid that fate. That’s why progressives need to find a compromise on immigration.

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    Yes, it is a horrible job, isn’t it? Can you imagine President Hillary working the window at the White House Policy and Fast Food shop?

    “You want a war with Iran? Do you want fries or a side order of Syria with that?”

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    If you don’t understand why Obama is doing this, you may need to check your assumptions. Perhaps what Obama eventually plans to do on Immigration would so completely alienate parts of the Democratic base that it’s better that they not know what he plans to do before the election. Or perhaps Obama would prefer that certain Democrats with close ties to immigrants not win the election?

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    “Why would Hilary want to go through the exhausting effort required to run for president?”

    Obviously this depends on how much members of the 0.01% are prepared to pay Clinton to “serve” as President. I think she’d demand more than Bill got after he left office, and probably more than Barry will get too. These $300,000 speeches she’s giving now are just job interviews to let her prospective employers get a look at her.

  • Prof. Cole, on the subject of blogs, what do you think of the ways The Vineyard of the Saker is covering the wars in Ukraine and Iraq?

  • Prof. Cole, are there any blogs written in English by Arab or Iranian bloggers that you would especially recommend to people who don’t speak the native languages but want better insight into what the people in these countries are actually thinking?

  • Prof. Cole, the United States and other Western countries have had a profound impact on Arab countries in a variety of ways, ranging from providing a role model, to having supported some dictatorial regimes like Saudi Arabia, to using military force both covertly and overtly to try to overthrow other regimes like Iraq, Libya and Syria. What do you think the US should have done differently than it has? Do you, in hindsight, wish you personally had given any different advice to Western policy makers at the time than you actually did, especially in cases like the US’s wars of aggression against Iraq and Libya?

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    The essential problem is that the US is a failing empire that is desperately trying to use its military to solve the problems caused by its economic and diplomatic decline. The petrodollar is rapidly becoming less of an economic ace in the hole for the US as other countries increasingly stop using the US dollar as a reserve currency. Under Yeltsin, the US was able to loot a lot of the wealth of the Soviet Union. There was a real chance that Russia would completely fall apart, until Putin came to power. The US would like to be able to overthrow Putin and establish a more submissive Russian government. The Ukraine crisis originated in a US attempt to destabilize Russia’s treaties with Ukraine and hopefully create opportunities for pro American change inside Russia.
    So what is Putin’s “game plan”? He doesn’t want to do anything that allows the US empire to crush Russia. That means he wants to stop American attempts to disrupt European trade with Russia and create anti Russian governments, not just in Ukraine but throughout western and central Europe. That’s why he’s ignored US supported provocations from the Kiev regime that tried to force him to publically invade Ukraine. Instead, he’s confined himself to aiding Eastern Ukrainians fighting against the fascists who are using artillery against their cities. (Except in Crimea, which was a special case. for a whole bunch of reasons.) The fact that the Eastern Ukrainians, with minimal Russian support, has been able to defeat the oligarch dominated army of Western Ukraine comes as a real shock to the Americans.

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    Putin really does not “want” the Eastern Ukraine. Russia doesn’t want any part of the Ukraine to have American missiles in it pointed at Russia. As long as the pro Russian Eastern Ukraine is part of the Ukraine, it will be hard for any democratically elected government to be violently anti Russian. That’s why the Americans had to support a bunch of fascists from the Western Ukraine who violently overthrew a President elected on votes from the East in order to get the extreme anti Russian government they wanted.
    And if Russia did annex the Eastern Ukraine, they would have to spend a lot of money trying to fix its economic problems. It’s not like Crimea, which has a lot of value of Russia (Oil and Gas, Tourism, an utterly indispensable military base, the most pro Russian population in any part of Ukraine, etc.)

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    Suppose one wished to argue that the US should support Hamas? Given that the US government supports a hereditary monarchy like Saudi Arabia, neo fascists in Ukraine, Sunni rebels in Syria, I don’t think it’s unthinkable on moral grounds that the US might support Hamas. No matter how bad you think Hamas is, I think [...]

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    Fine then. I shouldn’t have used the word ‘any’. It was too broad a generalization. One can have some understanding of empathy without feeling sympathetic or empathic towards the members of a specific group which a nation you identify with opposes. And in my original post, I acknowledged that some Palestinians might be “angry religious [...]

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    This is a good example of the filter Chomsky talked about. You, standing safely within the ideological consensus of American neoimperialism, are able to dismiss me with a post containing 2 quoted sentences and 2 sentences of your own in which you criticize a single word. Easy, wasn’t it? I, by contrast, if I actually [...]

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    Hi, Oldfatguy. I’m the guy that was just accused of being a bigot toward Zionists, because I said that most of the Zionists I had met lacked an understanding of empathy. I guess I should try to explain my statement. I should have chosen my words more carefully. Have you read Chomsky’s Manufacturing Consent? Chomsky [...]

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    What racist hogwash. Your pathetic attempt to blame the victims of a monstrous campaign of genocidal ethnic cleaning is extremely vile and contemptible. Regarding your little anecdote about your girlfriend’s father, if it’s actually true, you might like to ask yourself why some members of a bitterly oppressed and exploited people might become angry religious [...]

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    “China views the Ukraine Conflict” within the context of the threatened movement of most of the US Navy into the Western Pacific near China. That is what the US is threatening to do with its “pivot to Asia”. I think it’s pretty clear that some US leaders (Hillary Clinton especially?) would like to do to [...]

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    Singapore does not execute people for homosexuality. Male homosexuality (but not female homosexuality) is technically against the law. But Singapore does not actually prosecute anyone for homosexuality. The reason that it’s technically illegal under an old British law but never prosecuted is because that’s the political compromise the government there has chosen to make. The [...]

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