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    Story I heard was that Parker wrote Sunny Randall as a character for Helen Hunt to play. Parker is a good craftsman. All his books are readable and worthwhile, although I feel the last few Spensers were more than a little formulaic.

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    Recently read some of the early and unfinished works of Ms Austen. She certainly had an unsentimental view of human nature and a true eye for the underlying reality of human society. Lady Susan is a thoroughly mercenary manipulator and the quote from Sanditon would probably make Gary Becker and the whaaambulance billionaires go apoplectic:

    _Lady Susan/The Watsons/Sanditon_ by Jane Austen
    NY: Penguin Books, 1974

    Lady Susan
    (90) My dear Alicia, of what a mistake were you guilty in marrying a man of his age! – just old enough to be formal, ungovernable and to have the gout – too old to be agreeable, and too young to die.

    (189) But she [Lady Denham] is very, very mean. – I can see no good in her. – Poor Miss Brereton! – And she makes everybody mean about her. – This poor Sir Edward and his sister, – how far nature meant them to be respectable I cannot tell, – but they are _obliged_ to be mean in their servility to her. – And I am mean too, in giving her my attention, with the appearance of coinciding with her. – Thus it is, when rich people are sordid.

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    A few months ago, I heard Naomi Oreskes say that Keeling thought by the mid-1960s his data had conclusively proven that CO2 was producing climate change.

  • I’d like to participate in an ongoing on and off line brainstorm using Buckminster Fuller’s World Game design criteria, “How can we make the world work for 100 percent of humanity in the shortest possible time through spontaneous cooperation without ecological damage or disadvantage to anyone?” and one of Bill McDonough’s Ecological Design Principles, “Use [...]

  • The second largest utility in Germany, RWE, says, “…we will position ourselves as a project enabler and operator, and system integrator of renewables.” http://www.energypost.eu/index.php/exclusive-rwe-sheds-old-business-model-embraces-energy-transition/ http://www.greentechmedia.com/articles/read/germanys-largest-utility-shifts-strategy-saying-solar-will-threaten-the-com RWE is based in Essen, Germany and provides 50,000 MW of electricity generated from coal, oil, and gas-fired plants to 24 million customers throughout Europe.

    “The guiding principle is ‘from volume [...]

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    “Known for her Coneheads sketches and Weekend Update anchoring, [Jane] Curtin said that the women writers on the show were often unable to contribute their work thanks to sabotage by the show’s men. Especially breakout star John Belushi.

    “‘Their battles were constant. They were working against John, who said women are just fundamentally not funny,’ Curtin said. ‘So you’d go to a table read, and if a woman writer had written a piece for John, he would not read it in his full voice. He felt as though it was his duty to sabotage pieces written by women.’”

    SNL from the very beginning was tough on women. It also has been tough on non-white people.

    Should they have more diversity in their on-air (and backstage) staff. Sure.

    But, fundamentally, they should learn how to be funny. Right now they are playing not even second fiddle but third oboe to Stewart and Colbert.

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    Saw part of “56 Up” on PBS this week and was surprised to hear the vitriol at the Thatcher years. These people are my near contemporaries from across the pond and they clearly feel the ground shifted away from them with Thatcher the way I here in the US felt it move the same way [...]

  • “During the recent decade or more, thousands of the “irate minority” (urban farmers, locavores, small organic farmers, co-op growers, independent organic grocers, local restaurateurs, non-for profits) began challenging the food system in many different ways.”

    “The recent decade or more….” I’ve been personally involved in local agriculture, the urban/rural coalition, community gardening, the resurgence of farmers’ markets since the mid-1970s as have thousands and thousands others. Please, please, please, learn this history. It’s important. Too many great men and women have worked too hard to be forgotten. Here in MA, Ed Cooper, E Forrest Hallett, Bill McElwaine, and others are gone but not forgotten. Mel King, Charlotte Kahn, Greg Watson, and many others are not and still blazing a trail towards a new conception of food and agriculture.

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    The story behind “To Have and Have Not,” a conversation between director Howard Hawks and Ernest Hemingway: “Ernest, you’re a damn fool. You need money, you know. You can’t do all the things you’d like to do. If I make three dollars in a picture, you get one of them. I can make a picture [...]

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    Any discussion of moving from Occupy Sandy into a Solar Civil Defense? Being prepared for climate emergencies like hurricanes and floods can be a continuing step into renewable and restorative methods of bringing power directly to the people: http://youtu.be/u0mjqjgZ64E

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    There used to be an afternoon quiz show called “Queen for a Day” and the contestant, always a woman, with the saddest story would win a year’s supply of Rice-a-Roni and a new washing machine or something like that. This is “Queen for a Day” for the 21st century as is “Secret Millionaire” and even [...]

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    Read Biden report’s “aspirations” as demands and you have the basis for class solidarity.

    I like R Buckminster Fuller’s idea of bare maximum and think that “health and retirement security” would be a good place to start.

  • They learned it from the people who used the car computer trick to cause Michael Hastings’ car accident.

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    Is no one watching that groundbreaking documentary series on CBS, “Person of Interest”? Since 2011, it has devoted an hour of prime time weekly to the machinations of the national security panopticon. Almost everything that that latecomer Edward Snowden supposedly revealed was broadcast a year or two before to millions. Surprised that the producers haven’t been called traitors or arrested yet.

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    Went to see the documentary on sleight of hand artist and magician Ricky Jay, “Deceptive Practice” the other week. First movie in a long while. Much recommended for those who are interested in the subject or likes to see someone who is dedicated completely to what they do.

  • At some point, one of these veterans is going to come forward with names, dates, and incident reports and blow the lid off this decade plus of crap. May it be someone who still has the strength to do it without committing suicide first.

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    What you people don’t realize is that every single one of these people are related to the JFK assassination in some way or another. The cover up continues!!!

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    What is happening in Brazil is related to what is happening in Turkey and is related to what started with the Arab Spring. It is a global movement against inequality, political and economic and social inequality, particularized to each country. Occupy was part of that global wave too but at the tail end of the first crest. In the US, of course, it was portrayed as the beginning of something rather than the lagging edge. Yet, Occupy is continuing around the country in various different ways, under the radar and still there. Turkey and Brazil are the second waves cresting and that will come crashing down here in the US within a year or so and then we’ll see what Occupy has built in the shadows. [NSA alert: you can add that to your fcking data bank]

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    The leader of the very first march on Washington, Jacob Coxey, was arrested in 1894 on the steps of the Capitol for stepping on the grass and carrying a sign, the badge we wore on his lapel. That was Coxey’s Army, an enlightening little piece of US history. They were marching for a stimulus package [...]

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    A couple of years ago, I saw Dorothy Rabinowitz on a panel at Harvard. She inveighed against the Democrats who were so condescending and dismissive of the real America, the middle America. A few minutes later, she was complaining about having to follow Hillary Clinton to upstate NY and some Gawdfersaken town there.

    As for the power of the bicycle lobby, I think she is remembering Albert Pope (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Albert_Augustus_Pope).

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