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    The conditions are already set for catastrophic climate change (catastrophic for humans anyway). Whether the keystone XL is built at this point or not is largely irrelevant. Most of our scientists are bound by the desire for future grants to sell a picture of climate change that’s not as scary as it is. When you [...]

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    I always try to remember Robert Higgs’s belief that (and I am paraphrasing):

    “There are no such things as persistently failing policies.”

    If they claim a policy is supposed to accomplish “x” and it never does so but the policy continues, then its true purpose is not really to accomplish “x”.

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    I think the problem is you keep confusing those people you cite attacking Glenn Greenwald as “journalists”. If that is what they were then yes, I could see how it could be confusing. But since they are actually establishment propagandists and attack dogs their behavior is exactly what Greenwald himself predicted it would be when [...]

  • While I get the idea of them going after a foreign bank, I think it would be basically impossible to go after Barclays and not end up having to go after some of the big US banks as well. LIBOR had to have the majority of the banks involved the way they throw out the 8 most out-liar banks scores in generating the LIBOR rating.

    During the prosecution of Barclays other big banks would be dragged into the crosshairs and there is no way a US president is going to do that, election year or not. I bet a US president would see starting another war as a lesser risk than pissing off JP Morgan, Citigroup, or Goldman Sachs, if they were desperate of an election year bump.

  • gnomedigest wrote a new diary post: Do Patriots Remain Silent?

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    Thumbnail When an immigrant becomes a US Citizen in most cases they must take the Oath of Allegiance to the United States. One part of this oath states:

    “that I will support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic”

    When an new US president takes office this [...]

  • I am unclear why there is so much shock that Roberts used his vote to protect the interests of corporations. Its the insurance companies that wanted the mandate. That makes up a key portion of what makes the AHCA the insurance companies bailout.

    This vote is reminiscent of Congress’s left/right Kabuki. It splits down partisan lines with someone breaking ranks to protect the corporate interest. How is this any different?

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    At least 6 were arrested, 4 on the lawn and 2 in the home. The police brought over 30 Raleigh PD and a SWAT team as well to deal with around 20 of us.

    That is what a police state looks like.

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    This is the USS Enterprises last deployment. Then it is decommissioned and they have to go through all the extremely expensive processes of dealing with its nuclear reactors.

    Or if it was just sunk off the coast of Iran in some extremely dramatic made for TV event they would have their war and save themselves the cost of having to decommission the carrier.

    Just saying…

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    Video streaming by Ustream When people are involved in civil disobedience or other direct actions its often hard to know what sort of effect one has had. Protests movements are the sum of countless actions. Occasionally, though, there are actions that in and of themselves can radically change peoples lives for the better. Home defenses are [...]

  • gnomedigest wrote a new diary post: Occupy Raleigh, NC (part 21) Statewide GA

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    Video streaming by Ustream Last weekend Occupy Raleigh hosted a statewide gathering of NC Occupations which included a General Assembly. A small group from Occupy Raleigh spent weeks planning and preparing for this gathering. They made contact with the various occupations. They got permits to use the State Capitol grounds for the main portions of the [...]

  • They did. They used a plane to fly around a banner during the Raleigh, NC Xmas parade to remind us all.

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    I would really like that as well Jane. I have started brainstorming ways FDL may be able to help us further. If there is some way you would prefer I contact you directly you can send me info to my email at Or if the best way is just to use the FDL send [...]

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    This weekend we celebrated our 100th day of Occupation. Occupy Raleigh’s events were on Saturday and Sunday. On Friday there was a nationwide event to Occupy the Courts in recognition of the 2 year anniversary of Citizens United. Occupy Chapel-Hill spearheaded the organization of that in our area with the support of other local occupations. [...]

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    Website is and our location is 11 N West Street, Raleigh, NC, 27603.

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    Thumbnail As I mentioned before, we received a small starter pack of supplies from the Occupy Supply a couple weeks ago. Yesterday we received our first large shipment. It included hats, gloves, fleece jackets and pants, masks, scarves, and blankets. We were immediately impressed by the quality of the clothing. Along with all that, Occupy Supply [...]

  • Saturday became the unofficial shift back toward resistance. We still have a myriad of issues to work out at the occupation site but those are no longer going to distract us from other activities. There were three activities planned for the day I was excited about so it promised to be a long, productive day. The [...]

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    Thumbnail We received a starter kit from the Occusupply at the start of the week. When I arrived the following day at the occupation I quickly spotted the logo on various hats and scarves. The larger order is soon to follow and once we have people decked out in full Occusupply gear we will take some group [...]

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    Thanks for the kind, encouraging words everyone.

  • gnomedigest wrote a new diary post: Occupy Raleigh, NC (Part 16) Hoorah

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    I often wonder how the 1% will expand their crackdowns if the Occupation Movement continues to grow. Police brutality and disruption are just the first step. If that continues to prove ineffective things will escalate. One possible sign is the latest measures passed 93-7 in the Senate that allows the military to indefinitely detain American citizens [...]

  • gnomedigest wrote a new diary post: Occupy Raleigh, NC (Part 15) Work and Play

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    Sunday we had planned a work day to further organize the camp. With increasing numbers of tents, the first order of business was moving them closer together to make room for more. Even after moving a large tent in closer to the others after the porta-pottie had been set up close to it, we still ended [...]

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