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  • Jane, my spidey-sense (ie my nutcase crazy religious relatives) tells me that the right wing Christians are up to something for 2012. I won’t be surprised to find that they deliberately vote for the worst possible outcome. They *want* a major, catastrophic, economic downturn. No, really. I know it sounds far fetched but in a way, they’re more committed to it than they were a few years ago. The worse the economic predictions get, the more excited they are to egg it on to even greater failure.
    I’m at a loss as to what will deter them. They are zealous, irrational and committed. Making fun of them and pointing out their faulty reasoning will not phase them a bit. It will only energize them. Not only do they think we’re wrong politically, they think we’re bad people in general and they have very little sympathy for us as human beings.
    Maybe there aren’t enough of them to swing an election in a normal year but when Democrats are so disspirited, they could be a huge problem. That is not to say that either party is going to scare me from doing the right thing but if I were the Democrats, I’d be very, very worried with the ticket they have now.

  • Well, it didn’t start out as one of those blogs but there were plenty of refugees from FDL in 2008 when the lunatics in the comment threads started taking over the asylum.
    I’m happy to see that normalcy is beginning to return.

  • In the soviet union, I believe monitors would accompany guests to make sure no one stepped out of line. Some of them may even believe the drivel about Hillary.
    You are not alone.