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  • goldpearl commented on the blog post Edward Snowden, the Washington Post & Whistleblowers

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    this is quite illuminating.

    theres nothing like seeing/hearing a source speak for themselves (especially when being interviewed by greenwald)

  • financial/health circumstances forced me to become a member a couple of years ago so i could get on united healthcare (while holding my nose)

    now i shall use every scrap of paper i receive from them as an opportunity to write back & let them know how i feel about their positions.

    i will also send out an email to my (over 200 person), list suggesting other people do the same….. as well as forward the email to their contacts.

    my guess is the newer AARP members (in their 50′s & 60′s), will take action while the long standing members couldn’t care less. there wasn’t much pushback to AARP from those folks when the bush admin got the donut hole legislation passed.

  • marcy

    i haven’t been to the lake much recently (acute case of political apathy), but never lost my interest in stories pertainng to the deterioration of our constitutional rights begun by the bush admin & (sometimes), upheld by obama’s/holder’s DOJ.

    you & fdl were always my primary source for these stories, so after seeing the 60 minutes interview last night, i knew it was time for a dip at the lake to learn more. so i headed straight here today & pulled up all your posts over the last few months about thomas drake.

    i learned much.

    so grateful for fdl.

    thank you again for (all) your fine work (over the years)


  • you were wonderful last night jane

    i already posted this in a thread last night – but worth repeating….

    so happy you are out there representing me on public (& cable) tv.

    thanks for all you do

    best ~gp

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    for jane

    you were GREAT on the newshour just now!!

    so glad you are out there speaking for me on public televison!!

    best ~ gp

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    2nd & 3rd worst losses of the evening…..john hall & alan grayson.

    thanks for all you did

    thankfully my congressman maurice hinchey & debbie wasserman both held their seats

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    i did what i could to stir up support for feingold here in ny.

    biggest loss of the evening for sure.

    thanks for everything russ