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    Of equal significance, budget dificits can be managed by growing the economy and further as krugman repeats time and again the deficit the US is carrying is not presently creating high borrowing interest rates and is very manageable.

    Before cuts in SS are even contemplated tax increases in capital gains, in untaxed corporations and ending subsidies to companies are much more targets than is SS.

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    Given the craveness of Obama and the threat he presents it would be suicidal to allow him to continue to decimate the middle class under the assinine notion that curbing deficits require dismantling Social Security.

    It would be just as inconceivable that the American public should countenenace this possibility. If the public does not mobilize to prevent Obama from destroying the benefits people have worked all their life to accumulate then the American public is as docile and weak as people in government assume.

    If this possibility is in the works then people should be prepared as of now to demonstrate and throw Obama out of office as soon as possible even proceeding with impeachment. This bastard has shown himself incapable of wielding the levers of power.

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    Any outcome that entails the defeat of Obama’s proposed tax relief for the top 1% of earners is a good outcome and those in the House who make that happen should be thanked and applauded.

    It is abundantly clear that tax measures to spur the economy are pointless and those to high income earners are doubly pointless. Meanwhile extending unemployment benefits for those out of work makes economic sense.

    The horse trading that is being carried out is basically between a few in the faction that argue for putting money in the hands of middle and low income earners and those in the faction (including Obama) who favor business getting a disproportionate share of tax relief.

    There is absolutely no question as to who Obama favors in this horse trading ritual and he has been clear about this repeatedly, so people should make no excuses for the man when he follows through with his preferences. He has said time and again that he is a free market Capitalist and that, in repeating the words of Calvin Coolige, “the business of the US is business”.

    This even when the business and especially the soul and heart of business, namely the capital and financial sector, has driven the country economically into the ground. Obama should be repudiated for who he is and whom he favors and people should be clear about the man.

    It is no wonder that at every turn the country is having to confront conundrums that Obama raises and that pit the country at large with the business sector. And time after time Obama sides with the business sector he favors and who make out like the bandits they and Obama are.

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    One immediate consequence of the Assange affair deals with an issue that allows people to place their actions where their mouths lie. Namely the unabashed declaration by Visa, Mastercard and Paypal that they are in the words of Assange, tools of American foreign policy. And this in an attempt to silence a man whose putative crime is to expose the repeated lies that are issued by this and other governments before it.

    Not only are the lies from the past well documented and come directly from the horses’ mouths, but they continue on a daily basis now. As one example maybe the government can point to one person that has currently been placed in jeopardy of their life because of the revelations Assange has put into the public domain.

    Also who the fuck do Obama and other government types think they are to be entitled to be the only one’s privy to what they do? Do they by some idiotic belief think that they are more worthy than the rest of us and know better than us what needs to be done in terms of what the country should do around the world? If that is their thinking then they should make that case and see if we agree because I for one sure as hell don’t.

    I know just where my interests lie and they sure don’t lie in having my money given to Israeli Jews in order to kill off Palestinians, or giving them $3 billion in planes to facilitate the task. And so on down the line.

    Come to think of it I have a hard time agreeing with a single fucking decision to come out the government for the past 30 or so years that I have benefitted from or would have decided to pursue. the point is that these fucks deserve no such claim to privacy and Assange should be lionized for his efforts rather than be held in contempt.

    But the government again can’t call a single thing right.

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    Enough with this DADT crap.

    Drop it until something significant happens. Other issues are much more pressing.If people wanted to learn the latest about this topic they could tune in to Rachel Maddow who can’t stop blabbing about this for the last 8 months or so every night.

    We all get it. Enough

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    One characteristic that permits the shrill outcry for vengeance against Assange by the ruling class in this country is the docility of the people. I suppose that even the images of people in other countries standing up for him becuase they see themselves as deserving of unfettered recipients of their governments perfidy is not enough [...]