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    Kapock–”mother of mercy of course you are right” Was thinking of Cagney in White Heat. Alzheimers?? afraid so lol. Although both Robinson and Cagney played Little Napolean roles very well.

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    “Its like this see??”" Again Chris Christy in the James Cagney role.

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    “”IS THIS THE END OF RICCO??”" Starring Chris Christy in the James Cagney role……

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    When you ain’t got nothing you got nothing to lose……

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    Not so enlightened self interest will cause the one percent to change their ways? Why you say? Because eventually even the gated communities will not protect them from the unkempt masses. Once the very real chance of death at every public moment will make them suddenly see the light. I do not think those times are too far away. A totally sheltered existence as a matter of survival is not much different than its own albeit pampered prison. First up will be the governmental shills who are exposed daily. Think the public meetings will get more and more vocal and then increasingly violent where at some point being a mouth piece for, say the Kochs, becomes life threatening. Only then will public powers suddenly become “for the people”. When the bullshit is not tolerated anymore then and only then will it change.

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    Want to solve the welfare issue in one day?
    Good here it is:
    Unemployment insurance available for 16 weeks (4 months). At start of 17th week if you do have work yet YOU ARE working for the government but you also are getting paid a livable wage ($15 an hour sounds right). If you refuse to work for the gov. thats ok but you are then eligible for Nothing-nada-zip. Reason many do not go off unemployment is that when you are on it you make on average say $250 per week but if you take that great Walmart job at $7.25 an hour you make $290 a week before taxes which nets you out at around $200 a week or $50 a week LESS than if you dont work. It just makes economic sense to not take a job where you put 40 hours in a week to make LESS than doing nothing. Added benefit is that at $15 an hour ($30,000 a year) you suddenly have a huge net in tax collection. Another added benefit is low wage companies like walmart (which averages over $500k per superstore in welafare benefits since the pay they pay is so low many employees are eligible for susbsidies) would be forced to pay a living wage or else NO ONE would work for them.

    Unemployment problem solved in weeks…

    Next apply same theory to welfare and within 6 months only people on welfare are the infirm and chronically mentally ill. if you are able bodied you have to work OR GET NOTHING!! EOS Less

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    Maybe we could coerce jamie to throw some popcorn at some people…..

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    Dimon deserves a boatload of street justice. My wet dream would be for jamie to stumble across the path of one of those idiot “stand your ground” guys who happens to feel threatened that day. The ironic justice of it all…..

  • “The revolution will not be televised” Gil-Scott Heron

  • Have long thought that any true progressive should work to set up a program that not only calls out the right wing but actually does something that works for ALL when it comes to the unemployed. Here is my take:

    1. Have unemployment comp. end for ALL after 16 weeks. The Repubs would be estatic!! No more welfare bums laying around collecting a check (never mind the fact that it makes NO economic sense to pass on your unemployment check for say $250 per week to take that Walmart job at $7.25 an hour which grosses you $290 and nets you around $210 per week after 40 hours of mindless work!)

    2. On the 17th week no more unemployment but you are able to work for the government and set the minimum pay there at say $15 per hour! Now you are making $600 per week instead of $250 unemployment which is well worth the effort!! If you refuse to work well then count on charity cuz thats all you would get!

    3. End result here? You now have people wanting to quit the low end dead end jobs to work for the government and at $15 an hour (Obama can set pay by presidential decree no Congress needed!) you are now making $30,000 per year, you are now paying a real amount in taxes instead of taking money out of fed budget, and the economy is pumped up since money is now flowing to people who will spend it–the nescessary element in any demand economy.

    4. The wonderfull kicker here is with people flocking to the government jobs that pay at least a livable wage the rip offs at the Wamarts etc etc are FORCED to raise their wages IMMENSELY or find themselves with NO WORKERS. Raise minimum wage to $10 an hour?? Fuck that because by running a jobs program like this real wages would quickly find equilibrium in the $14-16 an hour minimum!!!!

    5. The REPUBS would have to endorse the plan because it stops the person who just does not to work, anyone who wants to work would have a job that at least pays a livable wage, the economy booms, the deficit gets reduces with all those new taxpayers, and real wages move up to the $15 range like any civilized country would pay as a base! Whats not to like lets do it before New Years PRES!!!

  • Here You go. From Seeking Alpha 2010 or so:

    We’ve been over the numerous BS excuses that US Dollar destroyer extraordinaire Ben Bernanke has made for QE enough times that today I’d rather simply focus on the REAL reason he continues to funnel TRILLIONS of Dollars into the Wall Street Banks.

    I’ve written this analysis before. But given the enormity of what it entails, it’s worth repeating. The following paragraphs are the REAL reason Bernanke does what he does no matter what any other media outlet, book, investment expert, or guru tell you.

    Bernanke is printing money and funneling it into the Wall Street banks for one reason and one reason only. That reason is: DERIVATIVES.

    According to the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency’s Quarterly Report on Bank Trading and Derivatives Activities for the Second Quarter 2010 (most recent), the notional value of derivatives held by U.S. commercial banks is around $223.4 TRILLION.

    Five banks account for 95% of this. Can you guess which five?

    click to enlarge

    Looks a lot like a list of the banks that Ben Bernanke has focused on bailing out/ backstopping/ funneling cash since the Financial Crisis began, doesn’t it? When you consider the insane level of risk exposure here, you can see why the TRILLIONS he’s funneled into these institutions has failed to bring them even to pre-Lehman bankruptcy levels.

    Ben Bernanke is a stooge and a fraud, but he is at least partially honest in his explanations of why he wants to keep printing money. The reason is to try to keep interest rates low. Granted, he’s failing miserably at this, but at least he understands the goal.

    Of course, Bernanke tells the public and Congress that the reason we need low interest rates is to support housing prices. He doesn’t mention that $188 TRILLION of the $223 TRILLION in notional value of derivatives sitting on the Big Banks’ balance sheets is related to interest rates.

    Yes, $188 TRILLION. That’s thirteen times the US’ entire GDP, and nearly four times WORLD GDP.

    Now, of course, not ALL of this money is “at risk,” since the same derivatives can be traded/spread out dozens of ways by different banks as a means of dispersing risk.

    However, given the amount of money at stake, if even 4% of this money is “at risk” and 10% of that 4% goes wrong, you’ve wiped out ALL of the equity at the top five banks.

    Put another way, Bank of America (BAC), JP Morgan (JPM), Goldman (GS), and Citibank (C) would CEASE to exist.

    If you think that I’m making this up or that Bernanke doesn’t know about this, consider that his predecessor, Alan Greenspan, knew as early as 1999 that the derivative market, if forced into the open and through a public clearing house, would “implode” the market. This is DOCUMENTED. And you better believe Greenspan told Bernanke this.

    In this light, all of Bernanke’s monetary policies and efforts are focused on doing one thing and one thing only: trying to shore up the overleveraged, derivative-riddled balance sheets of the Too Big to Fails, or Too Bloated to Exist, as I like to call them.

    The fact that the bank executives taking this money and using it to pay themselves and their employees record bonuses only confirms that these folks have NO interest in taking care of shareholders or their businesses. They’re just going to take the money and run for as long as this scheme works.

    I don’t know when this will come unraveled. But it WILL. At some point the $600+ TRILLION behemoth that is the derivatives market will implode again. When it does, no amount of money printing will save the Too Bloated To Exist banks’ balance sheets.

    At that point, it’s game over for Wall Street and the Fed.

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    At this point if the Tea Party can help tank a Grand Bargain then progressives should welcome their help. It also says something that the program has such widespread popularity even among the ultra conservatives. People see these programs as improving their lives despite the “socialism” aspect

    Yes progressives should tap into Tea Party to tank Grand Bargain AND to change foreign policy to an anti-militaristic one. The group that not only wins elections but makes actual positve change for the average American will be the one who puts a strange collective of libertarian and progressives together united in seting up a workable safety net and massive cutsw to military. By workable safety net I mean Medicare for all and fully funded Social Security thru caps off and tax base in.

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    Done right we MIGHT WANT the SS and medicare discusion because it will be the only time when we get true airtime to really push out the true alternatives. SS is funded FOREVER if we do two small things.

    1. Take the cap totally off on earnings (no doughnut hole)

    2. Tax ALL earnings for SS and Medicare not just working side of income. How about a hedge fund manager putting their share of say 5 billion in earning per year into SS and medicare. Yes dividends and capital gains and carried forward interest all should be taxed as ORDINARY income for federal tax and FICA.

    You do those two things and SS is not only funded FOREVER but you could have FULL retirement at age 62 (opening tons of jobs for todays youth). We should be pushing for full retirement earlier not later.

    By the way why not have 10% of all income be taxed for SS and medicare instead of current 7.9%? Of course once again have that 10% on all income not just “ordinary” income. Result with that? Why Medicare for all from birth to death is now fully funded. 95% of the American public would happily allow 10% of their income to be used for a medicare for all system (getting rid of the idiotic employer based system) along with a SS system that give you full retirement pay at age 62.

    The US has plenty of money. we just spend it in the worst ways possible.

    Lastly do not discount a far left/libertarian alliance of some sort in coming elections. They totally mix on the two key areas we face–foreign policy (both very isolationist as it should be)and entitlement programs.

  • You can just see in his expressions that AXELROD knows what he is touting is incrediable bullshit and he is shocked to have someone call him out on it. Next thing you know the big O and David will ONLY appear on FIX NEWS!!

    Full SS at age 60 paid for by no cap on earnings pay in and by having cap gains and dividends count as full FICA contributors. Income from investments pay in on SS and Medicare and we have enough money for full retirement at age 60 (opening up millions of jobs for the young) and full Medicare for all (as long as medicare able to cut medicare D and negotiate reduced costs on drug benefits as it should).

  • Now this is an OBAMA appointment that richly deserves to fail. Dems should not kiss Obamas butt when he plays corporatist stooge and reject this POS pick….

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    cwalt-ain’t that the sad truth.

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    Was shocked Bernie voted for it-probably the exuse will be unemployment extension. Hopefully when the cavalry rides in we start to hold firm.

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    The markets were totally reacting to the idea that cap gains would be taxed properly and if we had gone off the curb the repugnuts would have negotiated anything away to keep that from reverting to full rate. Could have gotten it easly to 25-30% with cap off social security earning and cap. gains and dividends COUNTED for SS if the Dems only had a pair. But alas we know that there are no balls in the democratic party. Funny but the first real set might come forward from a pair of women coming in-LIZ WARREN abd TAMMY BALDWIN. Its time the DEMS had a real agenda and pursued it. You know, a democratic wing of the democratic party so to speak. If we don’t it will come to violence in the streets on a wide scale. My take–in 10 years either the Repug party is a footnote in history or we will be living under a dictatorship (more than we are now).

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    The big ripoff was not whether the cut off was 250k or 400k (my take was it should have been 100k) but the totally screwing the American people got by Wall Street again where cap gains and dividends were only raised from 15% to 20% where if we went off the clif it would have reverted to regular income rates meaning the top enders would have paid 39.6% on capital gains and dividends with little to hide it which would have resulted in TRILLIONS of additional revenue. Yet lamestream hardly mentions it. All along keeping this little wealth separator was the KEY to averting the fiscal bunny slope. Got to kep Romney and the boys at that under 20% overall rate after all.. All else was window dressing…..

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