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  • Hmmm, who does this remind me of? What’s next from the party of small government? Tattoos?

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    We are a goofy species.

    “Should I kill myself, or have a cup of coffee?”
    Albert Camus

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    Its a perfect analogy I think, (similarity in some respects between things that are otherwise dissimilar). When I saw the clip Newt’s team put together I couldn’t wait to hear Limbarf and friends squealing like stuck hogs.

    And its only just begun. In the general election we will hear them squealing again and again. Newt finally figured out he wasn’t, or ever would be, one of /them/. How sweet it is, we finally get some truth out of Newt and its in the lyrics of his Swan song.

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    Dr. Dick wrote:
    “Read some of Ambrose Bierce’s war fiction or Stephen Crane and Dalton Trumbo; “Johnny Got His Gun.” There is also a sizable body of anti-war war fiction and poetry in England, mostly from WW I.”

    I finally got around to reading Nonzero by Robert Wright. As the website suggests, looking at the “whole history of life on earth through the lenses of game theory can change your view of life.”

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    Excellent points. During 08, 09, and 2010 I helped a friend clean up foreclosed properties for a real estate company in the Los Angeles area. Quite a few people felt they got suckered in their mortgages and showed it by trashing their former homes before leaving. The worst were the ones that had equity and got conned into home improvement refinancing with the pitch that the property could “only go up.” They got their homes fixed up just the way they wanted and then were ordered out.

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    “Best analogy yet?”
    I liked the Harlem Globetrotters vs the Washington Generals but at least in that example there is some presumed competition. A better analogy, I think, for what we’ve been enduring for the last few weeks (or years?) is a charade called “good cop/bad cop” with the chief of police (the corporatocracy) getting exactly what he has paid for.

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    Vector 56 wrote: “Sorry, I don’t buy it; I think Obama assumes that the bulk of the American public has no understanding of the facts and is cashing in on their apathy and ignorance to shave back the big 3! Good bye social safety net; hello Wall Street privatizations!” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Good cop, bad cop. Same [...]

  • Projecting:

    (Psychology): To externalize and attribute (in this case a behavior) based on what the /projector/ either fantasizes about doing /or/ has himself done in the past. “Welcome back” to high school.

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    MadDog wrote:
    “I can understand how a man of color making this journey could make a decision not to embrace the “angry Black man” role and instead choose to make accomodation, compromise, and comity his method of politics.”

    Key insight IMO. Can you imagine the reaction if he had gotten overly aggressive with /anything/? Maybe…, he just has one style of management and thinks running a country is not all that different than producing the Harvard Law Review.

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    John Emerson wrote:
    “The American people have been betrayed by government, the political parties, the major media, the major financial instiutions, and by many in academia, especially in economics.”

    In other words, Marx’s predictions were spot on.