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  • In 2006, while I was in D.C. I went to the National Folk Festival on the Mall. Along with crafts and music there was a worlds fair class pavillion, multi-media presentation, 18-wheeler rig and lots of well dressed smiling people extolling the virtues of Canada’s shale extraction.
    KXL has been working on this for a long time. Election’s almost over and they are ready for the green light. No matter who wins the election, the planet loses.

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    I suspect there might have been a little too much “hospitality” at lunch.
    Like the Komen flap, people who live in the too rich/too powerful universe are stunningly blind to other possibilities, and like the Komen fiasco, there are now millions more who have become aware of that blindness – But can’t help laughing at the flaming “Behave Yourselves!” order.

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