• I helped pay for this. Let me see what I got for my money.

  • The message to the rest of the cohort at Guantanamo couldn’t be clearer: Don’t make waves, don’t question your orders. All of those orders are totally lawful, you’re not a lawyer, and your “opinion” about legality isn’t a good enough reason to refuse to participate in torture. You’re as fucked as the people we’re torturing, and there’s no exit, no escape.

    Now, say “God Bless America.” Say it!

  • What SHOULD be done? Well, our nation’s default setting is to blow up a lot of things, and kill a lot of people whether they’re involved or not. Oddly enough, it appears that our friends in ISIL are a direct product of that very policy. Seems that when you pick a fight with a billion Muslims like we did under George W. Bush, some of them are likely to respond with a murderous fury that mystifies some people.

    What SHOULD be done? How about instead of sending over weaponry that keeps falling into the wrong hands, we send over civil engineers and a few thousand able-bodied young men and women, along with a bunch of equipment and building materials? Maybe we could re-build some of Iraq’s decimated infrastructure that we destroyed over the last decade. Get the electricity back on. Build some housing. Restore running, potable water. The young people would get a tidy annual income for their work, learn some skills, and come back to the United States and do it here, too. As their presence decreased, we could employ Iraqis to do this as well.

    What SHOULD be done? How about we give this plan seven years, which is less time than we spent destroying the place. I’ll bet it would be cheaper, and we’d have something to show for the effort besides another ISIL group that is a threat to everything we have, and beyond anything we’ve ever seen (presumably including the Soviet Union and Mao’s China – insert eye roll here). Make Iraq a functioning society again, and give the Iraqis something of their own to fight for and protect instead of a bunch of rubble we spent a decade bouncing.

  • Now that the car is plunging over the cliff, what are all you peaceniks gonna do? Huh? We’re in big trouble, and you all just want to hold hands and sing Kumbayah.

    Wait; you told us a decade ago that this was going to happen, didn’t you? Well, now that it’s come to pass, it all you dirty fucking hippies’ fault that you didn’t try harder to stop the madness of war. So we have no choice – No choice at all, I tell you! – but to get them dogs of war back out of the kennel.

  • Wow, so after 11 years of atomizing Iraq and its society, some forces have coalesced around the most bloodthirsty elements, and are committing horrific murders to wave in our faces? Well, perhaps next time we’ll know better before haring off to war. If only someone had warned us ahead of time that this was a possibility. Where were all those bleeding heart peaceniks in 2002 and 2003 when this new product line of invading Iraq was being rolled out and market tested? Libruls, huh.

    But now we can all watch Matt and Tamron look appropriately frowny-faced and express their deepest concern about those awful, horrible terrorist people in Iraq.

  • Gee, everyone thinks that al-Maliki is the sole source of all the trouble in the area. I wonder how the people of Iraq feel about that? After all, they elected him in a free and fair election. Or does their opinion count for anything?

    How would the United States have reacted if, say, a bunch of other countries had demanded the ouster of our elected leader because he was a clueless ersatz cowboy given to invading other countries on flimsy pretexts? Hypothetically speaking, of course.

    Do we really think we have any credibility to spend in the region? Excluding any credibility conferred by having the biggest military on the planet, of course.

  • That’s understandable. After all, how can NBC trust its own video and photos? A very slippery slope, if you ask me. On the other hand, David Gregory can solicit comments from one of his guests for a video the guest couldn’t see that purported (by the Israeli government) to show weapons fire emanating from a Palestinian hospital that Israel was trying to justify bombing. That’s real journalism, as practiced by the National Broadcasting Corporation.

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    Whoa, is that the head of Dr. Demento appearing in that video? My lame claim to fame is that I recognized it! Top that.

  • In case someone in the administration needs to know what courage looks like (and giving Israel a pass on this crime against humanity isn’t courageous), I submit this: “The nursing building was bombed. Seventeen patients who could not be evacuated remained in the building, along with foreign activists who refuse to leave the hospital as long as patients remain there.”

  • “Stand and deliver!” said the highwayman. “Else I shall be forced to shoot you and you will be down as a murderer.”

    The logic of an outlaw.

  • The judge in this case watched the video of the forced feeding, and had trouble sleeping. Yet the folks doing these actions and recording them don’t want them to slip out into the public eye. I wonder why?

    God damn these motherfuckers, and save a little damnation for we taxpayers who are funding these atrocities. Do we think we’re immune to the Iron Law of Blowback? Do we really think we’re that exceptional?

  • Jeez, don’t say that to these knuckleheads! You tell them that it would be “impossible” for them to be more wrong, and they take it as a personal challenge. “Oh, you think I was wrong before? Well, buckle up buttercup, for a whole new wave of wrong that will make my previous wrongs look almost right by comparison!”

    It would be comical to watch except for the consequences that hit the innocent by-standers while these cretins continue to pull their fat paychecks.

  • So the official Republican position is “Get all these scary people out of here, but don’t spend any money!” Other than irrational yammering (faithfully covered by our popular media), are the Republicans offering any non-magical solutions?

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    A simple enough quote: “To spy on your own people is the beginning of totalitarianism.”

    The reaction from our popular media, if any there be, will be akin to a dog watching a card trick.

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    Well, for all the thousands, probably millions, whose lives were made harder, ruined, or ended altogether thanks to Mr. Scaife and his demented ways, the survivors can breathe a tiny sigh of relief. But he checked out sitting on $1.4 billion, so he can take that knowledge into the next life.

  • I suspect that Sgt. Bergdahl will find out that there are worse things than being held captive by the Taliban. One of those is having your release secured by the “wrong” President’s administration. The Republicans’ derangement will, I practically guarantee it, become so extreme that there will be some speculation about whether Berdahl should have left his captors when the exchange was made.

    Confronted with this despicable behavior by the Republicans, the bulldogs of our popular media will slumber on.

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    The yammerers who are currently yammering that the United States needs to “do something” are long on yammering and short on analysis for why their yammering should be heeded, let alone taken seriously. If bombing the shit out of Iraq was the path to freedom, Iraq would be one of the freest countries on the face of the planet.

    But in the land of the High Church of Redemptive Violence, the acolytes are sure that Violence can never fail; it can only be failed by those without the nerve or the requisite faith in Violence to really Do It Right. And it’s always someone else’s responsibility to do that, not the responsibility of the yammerers.

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    Well, I’m sure that after a century of brutal oppression, murderous policies, and lethal neglect, the people of Iraq will let by-gones be by-gones, look forward to the future, and not dwell on the past. At least, we’d better pray to whatever we hold sacred that’s the case, because we’re way overdrawn at the karma [...]

  • Now, now, there’s a kernel of truth in every lie, sort of like a raisin in every spoonful of raisin bran. What Matty is really saying is that once he establishes a state religion in the United States, that church will be bound by the laws of the United States, and he’ll have to gay marry anyone who shows up at the church door.

    As soon as Barber gets rid of that pesky First Amendment, the more than 200 years of religious liberty that have followed the Amendment, and convinces Americans that his High Church of I Hate You is just the denomination the country needs as its state-sponsored church, he’ll be horribly oppressed! And you heartless libruls will deny him the cachet of the coveted mantle of victimhood he will have earned. Don’t you feel just awful? Well, you should.

  • The Hobby Lobby case crossed my mind as I was reading this account. The courts are, apparently, going to flyspeck the Constitution to determine whether a corporation has First Amendment rights to practice religion freely (their employees’ rights would therefore be subordinate), but they can’t hold torturers accountable because of the magic words – “national security.”

    A nation that tortures its citizens shouldn’t be very secure.

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