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  • gratuitous commented on the diary post Climate Denier #Fakexpert Willie Soon Runs from Questions of Exxon Money by Connor Gibson.

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    The earth stopped warming 18 years ago? You should inform NOAA, because next month, if the streak continues, will be exactly 30 years of months in which the average temperature was above average.

    I’m not sure how NOAA’s data transmogrifies into “alarmist climate faith,” but I can wait for an explanation.

  • gratuitous commented on the diary post 21st Century Populism: the New “Us” Against the Same Old “Them” by David Seaton.

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    I think this is a positive development. Our society is discouraged from looking too closely at what we’re doing, and the food example is a really good one when it’s broken down in terms that everyone can understand. Changing the terms of our societal conversation and analyzing what we say we want to do versus [...]

  • gratuitous commented on the blog post US Military Lost $400 Million Worth Of Weapons In Yemen

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    Well, this is poor timing. Because right now, we have all kinds of Very Serious Persons agitating for increased military presence in Syria (those lovable “boots on the ground”) as well as pouring more armaments into Ukraine. Yes, these policies have worked oh, so very well in the last 15 years. Let’s push ‘em harder.

  • gratuitous commented on the blog post Andrew Sullivan To Quit Blogging

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    Well, he had a two year run blogging after sucking up all the oxygen in the room at the beginning of 2013. But now Bareback Andy is bored again, so he flounces off to his next adventure, now with the promise of moar deep thinking.

    The world waits with something less than bated breath.

  • gratuitous commented on the blog post Feinstein, McCain Want US Troops Deployed in Yemen

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    Yes, sending in the troops has had such a salutary effect in the region over the last 15 years, why not do it again? How you planning on paying for it, Senators? We put the last two invasions and occupations on the cuff, while emptying the Treasury into the pockets of the overrich. Are we going to raise taxes on the war profiteers, or do their fat campaign contributions continue to insulate them from being tapped to pay for it all? It’s apparent they aren’t putting their own children in harm’s way; what are we asking the wealthy to do in support of your imperial schemes?

  • gratuitous commented on the diary post Science-schmience, Georgia just wants to execute this intellectually disabled man by Jose Cornejo.

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    And the bloody-fingered executioners who murder Warren Hill will head off to church on Feb. 1 and celebrate their ultra-Christian Christianity and all the signs of divine favor they enjoy.

  • No, the opposition isn’t just from labor unions trying to protect American workers (union and non-union alike), but shouldn’t that factor in somewhere, sometime, to all these Master of the Universe power grabs? We’re still waiting for those vaunted side agreements on labor and environmental concerns from NAFTA. Any minute now, I’m sure.

    Tick, tick, tick. I can just feel it in the air.

  • Hmmm, might this have the unexpected and unintended result of having the United States become more involved in the ICC, perhaps even joining it? That would be quite disastrous for any number of people, and I don’t think the power behind the power would allow it. But it might be fun to watch them squirm at the faint prospect of justice.

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    I’m reminded of an Andy Capp strip from many years ago (yeah, I’m old). Andy and his pal Chalky are walking along, and Chalky asks Andy how it went at the pub the night before. Andy says it was terrible, he had to keep changing his seat. Chalky says, “Did someone try to pick a fight with you?” Andy replies, “Eventually.”

  • Two considerations that leap to mind are security concerns, which is closely linked to fear. Putting those aside, though, I’m okay with high government officials from the U.S. giving the march a miss. Reporters from the States would not be able to resist making the story all about the President or the Vice President or whomever: Where he went, who he talked to, who he marched beside, didn’t march with, looked at and smiled, didn’t look at, how much it cost, etc., etc.

    As it is, there’s going to be carping from certain quarters (looking at Fox) no matter what the President does. By not going, at least the reports from Paris will be focused on the march and its meaning, instead of the endless fascination of American reporters for what interests them.

  • President Transparent strikes again. “None of your business, Citizen. We’ve got Top Men diligently working on this.” We really need to trust our leaders and intelligence agencies where mistakes are almost never made. Besides, any blowback from their activities will surely not affect the people carrying out these programs, but citizens far, far away from you and who you probably won’t know personally.

  • It’s a whole new year! Meet the new boss.

    I’m beginning to look at drone warfare as heroin. The moment of the spike feels so good, but each and every other aspect of it is so self-destructive that the only possible explanation for it is addiction. And addicts have ceded control of their autonomy to the drug of choice.

  • gratuitous commented on the blog post “Let’s declare victory and go home”

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    Golly, I’m having more and more trouble not drawing the Forbidden Conclusion: All those young men and women killed in Afghanistan may have died for . . . nothing.

    I better cut it out before I make baby Jesus cry.

  • There’s a part of me that thinks, “What, did they think they could get away with this?” Then another part of me thinks, “Hell, they didn’t think anyone would even notice! ‘Getting away with it’ wasn’t a consideration because they didn’t think they did anything wrong.”

  • gratuitous commented on the blog post To preserve (themselves) and protect (themselves)

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    Wouldn’t now be an opportune time for all the good cops to come out and condemn this sort of behavior? Doesn’t Det. Curd’s way with a grieving witness go against any police department’s policy?

    Or is the Code so strong that even this is written out?

  • gratuitous commented on the blog post Greenpeace Took Things Too Far With the Nazca Lines Stunt

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    At least Greenpeace admitted their mistake, and I’m guessing that there is no permanent damage to the protected area. Now, when are we going to get an apology from, say, a mining company for killing its workers in the name or profit, blowing the tops off mountains, and flooding downstream communities?

    I’ll pencil it in for “never.”

  • gratuitous commented on the blog post Just a “coincidence” I’m sure

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    “Same sex marriage.” Brutha, please! Everyone knows this is all connect to Benghazi! and the IRS scandal. Get your conspiracies right, otherwise you just look like a know-nothing goof.

    On a totally unrelated note, there’s a call holding on Line 2, some producer from Fox whose very interested in your theory that same sex marriage is causing global climate change, which totally doesn’t exist.


  • gratuitous commented on the blog post If there’s one thing that is true

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    Yes, let’s all be calm. I remember counseling calm in the wake of the 9/11 attacks, and you know what I got called for my trouble? Language that would make a drunk sailor blush. No, white people had been killed, some of them quite wealthy! Action must be taken! Drop some nukes in the middle east and glass that whole desert!

    My, but “calm” was not the order of the day or the week or the month or the year after that. It was all fear all the time, and Something Must Be Done lest our enemies perceive us as weak. In our society we have enemies of the citizenry who get to call the shots and run the show. Now it’s supposed to be calm. Those enemies don’t perceive the people in Ferguson as weak; no, they see them as inconsequential if they deign to notice them at all.

    So calm we must be, lest our superiors get jumpy. Since they’re the ones giving the orders, it’s imperative that we make sure they’re calm and comfortable, secure in their wealth, power and privilege.

    Fuck that, says I.

  • President Obama acting more like Candidate Obama at last. Not afraid of the scary Republican Lilliputians in Congress anymore? That would be a very salutary development for the country. Keep it up.

  • gratuitous commented on the blog post Louisiana Senate: Mary Landrieu Way Behind in New Poll

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    Once again, voters are asked to choose between a Republican and a Republican running on the Democratic ticket. Surprise! They’re going to choose the Republican who is at least honest enough to run on the Republican ticket.

    But don’t those Louisiana voters know there’s a big difference between the two parties? Okay, no significant discernible differences in this particular race, but there are differences. Great big wollywocking differences! For reals.

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