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  • Maybe the people of Kentucky are just sick of Obama. Remember, they went heavily for Hillary in the 2008 primary. Obama is increasingly the face of the Dem party. The media, which absurdly coddled him when he first ran, are taking the gloves off now that he’s a lame duck. That has to influence the thinking of voters, no matter which state.

  • I would like to see the plaintiff’s lawyers point out that many of those engaged in the hunger strike (including the plaintiff, I believe) have already been found not guilty and should have been released years ago. They weren’t involved in any war activity before, and to accuse them of resisting forced feeding as “terrorist activity” is positively grotesque and shameful.
    As to the Geneva Convention, either we behave as a member of the civilized world–subject to the judgment of others–or else we have declared ourselves a rogue state.

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    Devastated to hear the news about Karen Lewis. She is an incredibly talented, articulate and inspiring individual.

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    You’re ahead of the curve, DS. Only one other news outlet is reporting this.

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    You know your brand is in trouble when election signs no longer identify what party the candidate belongs to. Where I live, that has been going on for at least the last 10 election cycles (including local), which tells me that both major parties believe they have no credibility with the voting public and are hoping solely for name recognition to be the draw.

  • Let’s see: an authorized student association invites a guest speaker whose ideas may be controversial. Isn’t that what college is about? As Professor Salaita says, who came up with the idea that college is supposed to make students feel comfortable in their thinking? There are many forms of education and many ways to ask people to confront their beliefs. I don’t see anything exceptional here.

  • Very frightening. At least Khan seems to have an attorney who understands the issues and is willing to aggressively defend his client. Must not be a public defender.

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    That was a fascinating transcript. Although that particular story centered on a religiously changing neighborhood–a religious sect that claims to have no use for public services, even though they use many of those services–it’s probably a microcosm of many changed neighborhoods throughout the country. I’m not in a changing neighborhood, but I live in a state with some of the highest real estate taxes in the country–almost all going for so-called education. I could easily relate to the board members who wanted to scrap marching bands and athletic teams, since those have nothing to do with education and simply drive taxes sky high. That’s one reason why our local charter school can devote more money to real education, although it’s still true that the school has absolutely no underprivileged or needy children. Charters are notorious at cherry-picking the local student population.

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    Brandon, I enjoyed the first Real News Network with Phil Donahue, but felt that the second interview showed Donahue was more interested in talking about himself than in addressing the issues brought up by Paul Jay. I’m sorry to say that I think Donahue has become a legend in his own mind.

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    In my area, one of the local school districts has filed suit against our one and only charter school (a small school filled with nothing but wealthy white and Asian kids) claiming that the charter school is unfairly using up valuable state funding since they have no students who are poor or disabled or don’t speak English, and yet they are receiving the same amount of state funding as schools that have more problematic students. The charter school also doesn’t have sports teams or sports facilities, I might add. Personally, I’m thrilled to finally see at least one public school showing some guts on this issue.

  • Very thorough and well constructed analysis, Kevin. If you look at the supporting documentation in the James Bamford article in The Intercept today, it seems that even back when the Church Committee was operating it was clear that gross mismanagement pervaded all the alphabet spy agencies. Just as Chelsea Manning’s revelations showed continuing incompetence in the State Department, we can be sure that whatever secrecy is involved with the CIA records has to do with protecting stupidity rather than real threats to national security.

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    Regarding Juan Cole article: the man is totally out of touch. He talks about how it would be better if everyone simply purchased an electric car and put solar panels on the roofs of their houses than marching for climate change. Apparently he is unaware that one-quarter of the citizens of this country depend on food stamps, and the idea of spending $18,000 for solar panels for a 1500 square foot house, or spending $80,000 for a Tesla, is simply ludicrous for most of us.

  • It’s worth pointing out that Yahoo could only argue its case before the FISA court, whose opinion openly stated the assumption that NSA was obeying the law, and, therefore, Yahoo was obliged to comply. This is why secret courts suck.

  • That’s an unfair remark. Justin Amash and Rand Paul have both been pushing back vigorously against the NSA.

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    Peter, I hope you’re writing this tongue-in-cheek. Why on earth would any country in the world want McDonalds? Has an ipad really improved anyone’s life compared with affordable medicines and scientific research equipment? A large number of Scots are trying to break away from the corruption of capitalism and a growing surveillance state as personified by London and Westminster. Millions in this country can’t find decent paying jobs or enough food to eat, and you maintain we are some sort of model that the Iranians should want to emulate? We need to stop pretending that we know what is best for every other nation.

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    As a graduate of U of I, although not a donor, I think I’ll write to Chancellor Wise to let her know that she is degrading the degree I worked for so hard, and that McCarthyism has no place in our colleges and universities. This reminds me of what happened to Ali Abunimah at the Evanston Library. (I’m still convinced it was the Jewish head of the library board who told the almost brand new head librarian not to allow Abunimah to speak, and that, being new, she felt she had to follow his directive.) Fortunately, there was a huge outcry among Evanstonians, and the library had to retract its cancellation. Abunimah spoke to an overflow crowd.

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    According to a friend of mine who grew up in Holland your observations are correct. He says there has always been an undercurrent of anti-semitism in Europe–nothing openly hostile, but just understood that non-Jews didn’t want to socialize with Jews. Of course, many Dutch protected Jews during WWII, but that, according to my friend, is part of their innate sense of what is right and just, regardless of who is being persecuted. Those instincts are probably what you see with regard to the Palestinians.

  • An example of the difference in costs: Recently, I needed an MRI. I had the procedure performed at an independent facility for $525; the hospital would have charged me $2300. Since Medicare requires a 20% co-pay, that was a very easy decision.

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    Per rules of NATO, no country involved in a war can be considered for membership. I suspect this was spelled out to Porky during the NATO meeting–ergo, a ceasefire.

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    Once they get what they want, there’s no need to keep paying you money. Rahm has always been greedy and short-sighted.

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