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  • It’s worth pointing out that Yahoo could only argue its case before the FISA court, whose opinion openly stated the assumption that NSA was obeying the law, and, therefore, Yahoo was obliged to comply. This is why secret courts suck.

  • That’s an unfair remark. Justin Amash and Rand Paul have both been pushing back vigorously against the NSA.

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    Peter, I hope you’re writing this tongue-in-cheek. Why on earth would any country in the world want McDonalds? Has an ipad really improved anyone’s life compared with affordable medicines and scientific research equipment? A large number of Scots are trying to break away from the corruption of capitalism and a growing surveillance state as personified by London and Westminster. Millions in this country can’t find decent paying jobs or enough food to eat, and you maintain we are some sort of model that the Iranians should want to emulate? We need to stop pretending that we know what is best for every other nation.

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    As a graduate of U of I, although not a donor, I think I’ll write to Chancellor Wise to let her know that she is degrading the degree I worked for so hard, and that McCarthyism has no place in our colleges and universities. This reminds me of what happened to Ali Abunimah at the Evanston Library. (I’m still convinced it was the Jewish head of the library board who told the almost brand new head librarian not to allow Abunimah to speak, and that, being new, she felt she had to follow his directive.) Fortunately, there was a huge outcry among Evanstonians, and the library had to retract its cancellation. Abunimah spoke to an overflow crowd.

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    According to a friend of mine who grew up in Holland your observations are correct. He says there has always been an undercurrent of anti-semitism in Europe–nothing openly hostile, but just understood that non-Jews didn’t want to socialize with Jews. Of course, many Dutch protected Jews during WWII, but that, according to my friend, is part of their innate sense of what is right and just, regardless of who is being persecuted. Those instincts are probably what you see with regard to the Palestinians.

  • An example of the difference in costs: Recently, I needed an MRI. I had the procedure performed at an independent facility for $525; the hospital would have charged me $2300. Since Medicare requires a 20% co-pay, that was a very easy decision.

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    Per rules of NATO, no country involved in a war can be considered for membership. I suspect this was spelled out to Porky during the NATO meeting–ergo, a ceasefire.

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    Once they get what they want, there’s no need to keep paying you money. Rahm has always been greedy and short-sighted.

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    California has just passed a law that will make corporations responsible if they hire subcontractors to supply labor who engage in wage theft. In other words, if Walmart subcontracts its trucking to a firm that shortchanges its employees, Walmart will be just as responsible for the wage theft as the subcontractor. All states should require this kind of protection for employees.

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    Good suggestion on trading in equipment for something useful–such as bulletproof vests, perhaps. Bad suggestion regarding training: need for training implies that it is okay to have the equipment so long as the police are trained. To the contrary, it is not okay to have this equipment at all. Local citizens need to shame police and [...]

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    Of those who were interviewed for the surveys, I wonder how many are truly familiar with the facts of the situation. Race continues to be a divisive issue in this country, but the never-ending applause for anything having to do with guns or the military is an equally frightening issue. Nice article, Brandon. Covers points [...]

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    Good selection of links today, Brandon. Also, appreciate having the links open in a new window–much easier to just close window when finished.

    What happened to FDL yesterday? I was able to pull up the site for about 5 minutes at around 2:00 pm CDT. I thought the reason all of us had contributed money was to prevent that from happening again.

  • Gordon claims Gaza officials and leaders are dishonest by nature, claiming “falsehood and deceit is part of the very fabric of who they are and that will never change.”

    Isn’t this exactly what southern slave owners felt about blacks? Pure racial prejudice, seems to me.

  • A slight correction from Electronic Intifada: Ali received an email from the head of Adult Services at EPL the day before the library tweeted that his talk had been cancelled. Still, just barely time to notify him before announcing the decision on Twitter. For those wishing to protest (and that will include me, as someone [...]

  • These are war crimes, Kevin. The minute the NYT publishes the truth, that means the international community–UN, International Tribunal at the Hague–would have to do something, or forever lose all relevancy. Any criticism of Israel will be immediately turned into cries of anti-semitism by the Israelis and their defenders, politicians will lose funding, smear tactics will be employed. We all know the drill. No one with any authority, it seems, is brave enough to stand up in the face of genocide. Where are the churches? Where are the moral arbiters? Cowering under their beds, apparently.

  • Plus, the program equates leaks to the media with espionage.

    In other words, the the security services view the media as the enemy. This has been clear for some time.

  • What I found most remarkable in reading The Intercept piece is that we never even had a list like this before 9-11. Immediately after 9-11, there were only 16 people on the list; today, there are hundreds of thousands on the list. We are truly an ineffective security state gone insane.

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    Outstanding book review, David. Initially, I wondered what we were doing discussing this work given the background, but you make a compelling case for the story. I’d be interested to know what Mr. Fanning believes is the compelling justification for the Tillman Foundation.

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    Jonathon Chait was in diapers when I was marching for the ERA. What he doesn’t know or understand about feminism would fill a book. Meanwhile, since we only have one political party–the corporatist party–Dems and Repubs will play push and pull on emotional issues to attempt to make it seem as though there is a difference. I haven’t bought it for years, and I’m not about to buy it now, regardless who’s shoveling the dirt in my direction.

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    Not especially interested in articles written in Spanish–or German, Dutch or any other language that I don’t speak or read–unless they are in translation. Online translators are a joke. Assume you’re asking for feedback on that one, Brandon.

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